Second Trimester Faves

With second trimester nearly behind me, I wanted to share a couple of favorites that helped make the last couple of months a little easier!

Snoogle – Ah yes, the ubiquitious snoogle.  To be honest, I bought this during my first trimester when I was having difficulty sleeping and didn’t end up using it at all because I found it too hot and uncomfortable.  But in the last month or so as my belly got bigger, I pulled it out again and it is MAGICAL.  It improves my hip alignment, prevents my arms from falling asleep (if I don’t have it, one arm is usually tucked under me), and helps me sleep on my side vs. back.  It’s replaced the wedge pillow I slept with all first trimester, and I think Mike is eyeing it for after my pregnancy’s over…

BellaBands – another first trimester purchase that’s getting a lot of use now that I’m wearing pants! I bought two in black and white on Poshmark and use them everyday with my Banana Republic Sloan pants during the work week and jeans on the weekends.  It looks like a layered cami if you can even see it and feels really comfortable over the bump (although the button from my jeans do start to dig into my skin after a couple of hours of wear).  I’m wearing the black band with my black jeans in the picture below.

Amazing Grass – I have experienced a little bit of constipation during second trimester, but it really hasn’t been that bad and I’m giving this green powder the credit.  I drink it almost every morning and it helps me hydrate, gives me some vitamins/ minerals, and keeps me fairly regular ;)

My chiropractor – Mike and I have been regularly going to The Joint Chiropractic chain for a while, and the chiropractor at the Fairfax location we started going to is awesome! He always does a great job cracking my back and neck, even with the pregnancy modified positions I need to use, and he’s also started massaging my round ligaments to forestall future pain.  I think weekly chiro visits has really helped keep my spine healthy and prevent back pain so far.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume – I think I mentioned this in an earlier post, but the skin on my back and chest was really damaged after all the chemicals I used to treat my acne.  I picked this lotion up in France with low expectations, but within days of use, my skin was completely healed! I’m using a much gentler salicylic acid lotion now during the day, and I apply this at night to ensure my skin stays healthy.

Mamas, what were some favorites that helped you get through your pregnancy?


Baby Piglet: Weeks 21-24

And just like that, we’re solidly in month 6. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been pregnant for a really long time, and other times I can’t believe I’m going to meeting Piglet in a few months. I have a feeling that November and December at least are going to fly by!

The Belly


The pic above is from the start of week 24 – my belly has definitely gotten big enough that strangers ask when I’m due.  Surprisingly, I don’t mind the few occasions where people touch my belly – I think I understand the impulse to connect with the new life inside.  Weight-wise, I’m up 15 pounds as of last week.  According to the app, Piglet is over a foot long and weighs nearly two pounds – wow!


The good period continues! My acne is somewhat under control, and my face/ chest/ back are continuing to heal. I do occasionally get the weirdest pimples – I got one behind my ear and one inside my nose over the last two weeks…why Piglet, why? Towards the end of week 24, I started to feel tired during the day, but I’m not sure if that’s related to a couple of nights of poor sleep or close-to-third trimester fatigue.  I’ve started to experience tailbone pain over the last couple of weeks as well (sitting for long periods of time is really hard), so I’m using a donut pillow and alternating between sitting and standing at work.

On the fun side, I’m definitely feeling more movement from Piglet, particularly when I’m stationary for a while or leaning against something.  She kicks a lot when I lie down in bed; I think she’s trying to get comfortable too ;)


I haven’t posted much about workouts during pregnancy, but I’ve been working out regularly during second trimester – about 4-5 days a week. I typically go to BodyPump twice and cycle/ other cardio the other 2-3 days. Lifting still feels great and I haven’t decreased the weight very much (e.g., my previous squat weight was about 40 lbs and now I use ~35-38), but I take more breaks when I need them.

Eats/ Sleep

Still no strong aversions or cravings second trimester. My appetite has definitely increased but my stomach space has shrunk, so I’m eating more frequently throughout the day. I try to make sure I’m getting at least a little protein during my main meals, and typically eat yogurt w/ granola or fruit for snacks.  My love for seafood continues – this seafood paella from a recent party was bomb.


On the sleep front, I was getting 6-8 hours a night and have no trouble falling asleep for the most part, but about two weeks ago I started waking up every once in a while around 1 or 2 and being unable to fall asleep again.  I thought it might be because my body was uncomfortable, so I pulled out the snoogle I bought during first trimester and gave it another shot.  LIFE. CHANGING.  Good sleep is back!

Pregnancy-Related Purchases

Ha, I’m definitely nesting now.  I’ve spent the last two weeks getting my registry together and scouring Facebook Marketplace for baby items.  I’m trying to buy as much used stuff as possible since I figure the baby won’t be using most items for very long.  We’ve picked up a crib, pack ‘n play, some baby books (came free), and a combo scale/ changing pad.  I also picked up some blackout curtains and pictures for the nursery, as well as a few Halo swaddles in newborn and slightly larger sizes.

For me, I bought a few more maternity items on poshmark/ thredup – a nice dress for the holiday parties coming soon, warm leggings, and a few tops.  My work uniform consists of a sweater and my usual Banana Republic Sloan pants with a belly band every day, so I haven’t had to buy much for work yet.  Hopefully my sweaters are long enough that they’ll cover the belly through third trimester! I also picked up the donut pillow I mentioned before to help with my tailbone pain.

I did end up buying a bunch of skincare items in France to help with my back acne situation; I’m using Avene Cleanance (body wash), La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume (lotion), and hexomedine transcutanee (spot treatment) regularly, and the combo seems to be working.  The cicaplast in particular has been amazing – my skin was pretty damaged after all the strong chemicals I used before to try to treat the acne, and the lotion healed my skin in less than a week, and may have helped a little with the acne as well.  I also love using Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre for my face during the day as a winter primer under my BB cream.


Thoughts/ Stories

Week 21 was our babymoon to Paris and London! The trip was absolutely amazing, and the only thing I’d change about it was the weather – Paris was much hotter than we were expecting with highs in the 70s and low 80s every day.  We had packed for much cooler weather with sweaters and long sleeve shirts, so we took lots of walking breaks and tried to spend time indoors during 3-5 PM, when the sun was the hottest.  This was also the week I started living in bellybands, which are an amazing invention for wearing normal pants while pregnant.  I’m not sure I ever want to button my pants again.

Week 22 was a lot of travel for me; we got back home from Paris around 11 PM on Monday, and I was out the door by 5 AM the next day to catch a plane to Tampa for work.  Thankfully, the work trip wasn’t too arduous, and we ended meetings on the early side so I could go back to the hotel and crash.  On Saturday, we went to a seafood fest held at a church member’s house to raise money for missions.  The food and decor were amazing and it was such a fun night! The baby also kicked Mike’s belly this week – he was giving me a hug, and she kicked my belly so hard that he felt it.

Week 23 was another doctor’s visit – no ultrasound this time, just the doppler for the heartbeat.  Our doctor mentioned that Piglet may be sensitive to loud sounds, as she kept running away from the sound of the doppler.  This wouldn’t surprise me, as both Mike and I were *ahem* sensitive babies that didn’t eat or sleep well :”(

We spent Saturday at the church helping out with fall festival by helping with setup, manning the bouncy slide, and handing out candy during the trunk or treat.  The weather was chilly but a lot of church and neighborhood families came out and had fun.

image1 (1)

Week 24 was my baby shower! I had thought about throwing a housewarming party at our new place, and some of the small group girls offered to combine it with a baby shower.  It was so nice – just a bunch of close friends and small group girls, and Sister J flew down from Boston as well.  Alexa and Andrew timed their visit around this weekend too, which was really special – thanks guys!!

I wish I had gotten a picture of the group, but I totally forgot.  We had delicious brunch-style food and played fun games like a baby food taste test and decorating cupcakes to look like pigs.  My example is in the corner above and looked horrendous but tasted delicious ;) I felt so loved on by this group of ladies!

Baby Piglet: Weeks 17-20

Well, so much for weekly posts ;) We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks closing on our condo and moving into a new townhouse, which is bigger and in a great location – my new commute is only about 25 minutes! The move comes just in time as my previous commute was starting to challenge the limits of my compressed bladder.

The Belly

Pics above are from weeks 20, 19, and 17 (in that order) – my belly is definitely getting more and more noticeable, even under clothing.  I’ve gained about 11-12 pounds since the start of my pregnancy – we’re only getting started :)


Ahh, Piglet has started kicking!! I think I started feeling the kicks a few weeks ago, when they started as small flutters and I couldn’t quite tell whether it was just gas or the baby moving.  But as the weeks went on, the movements have gotten stronger and stronger and Mike can easily feel them.  Most other symptoms are related to Piglet starting to grow – I find myself needing to catch my breath after a couple flights of stairs or a quick walk, and it takes me a little longer to get out of bed or off the couch.  My body acne is still awful – I’ve tried everything to make it go away. We’re heading to France for a babymoon this month, and I’m hoping to find some miracle products there.


I think my cravings/ aversions are completely normal now – basically the same as pre-pregnancy.  Ooo, red onions might be the one exception.  I had some sprinkled on a salad last week and felt awful afterwards – maybe it caused some heartburn? I’m a little more careful about raw onions now.  After weeks of instant/ take out foods while we were in the process of staging our house and moving, I’ve been a big cooking kick in our new kitchen – this roast chicken from last week was easy and amazing! Ina Garten for the win.img_20181004_180401


I had a week of rough sleep in the new house, but after installing blackout curtains and a flurry of cleaning/ tidying, my sleep got much better.  I’m sleeping about 7 hours most nights and I have plenty of energy when I wake up.

Pregnancy-Related Purchases


Hm, not too many baby-related purchases over the last couple of weeks – mostly home related stuff.  I did buy some belly butter to use at night, and because my skin has been really dry, I use that along with hand cream and a thick smear of lip balm (usually vaseline) before going to bed.  The brand I bought is Earth Mama, which has a slight citrusy smell that was odd to me at first, but quickly grew on me.

I also bought a great nursing chair/ ottoman, which was a great deal on Facebook Marketplace (basically craigslist).  And my only other purchases have been to try to calm down my body acne – I’ve tried everything including a salicylic acid spray, clean and clear lotion, differin, acne body wash, and a scrub (pictured above).  Right now I’m using differin, which appears to be helping a little bit, but not much.  Aside from the aesthetics (I can’t wear anything that exposes any skin on my back), it’s also painful at times – the bumps get so big that I can feel them when my back is against a chair or the bed :(

Thoughts/ Stories

In week 18, I had another doctor’s visit for a blood test – this time for alpha fetoprotein (AFP) screening, which is used to test for spina bifida and other potential fetal issues.  Thankfully, the test came back normal.  I also asked my doctor for a quick ultrasound; before I could feel the baby kicking, this was my only way of really knowing Piglet was okay in there.

Week 19 – we moved to our new townhouse and closed on our place! I didn’t sleep well this whole week because I was too excited about the move.  I think people fall into two categories – people who love moving (me) and people who hate moving (my husband), lol.  I don’t love the process necessarily, but I do love change and exploring somewhere new.  One of the perks of our new place is that it has lots of stairs (three floors), so I feel like I’m more active throughout the day.

Week 20 – we had our anatomy ultrasound this week, which was a detailed ultrasound conducted by a specialized technician, rather than my OB.  She took probably 45 minutes getting pictures of everything she could find for the doctors to examine.  I was a little nervous going into this one, because my thyroid medication that I was on during first trimester can affect fetal development, but all signs point to normal right now! Praise God.  It was so amazing to see her in detail – we could see all her fingers and toes, and she was trying to suck her thumb while thumping her feet against me ;) I can’t believe we’re at the halfway mark already.


First Trimester Faves

I’m popping in today to share some of my faves from first trimester!

Maternity/ Nursing Bras – my regular bras felt really tight right away, so I bought these pretty early in my pregnancy and have been using them ever since.  They’re super soft, easy to wash, and provide great coverage and support with no underwire.

Crystal Light Drink Mix – I had a really hard time drinking plain water for a while, and the lemonade drink mix made hydrating a lot easier. I think the sourness also helped with my mild nausea.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Exfoliating Liquid – I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had the WORST acne in my first trimester.  I tried a lot of different remedies, but a combo of this exfoliating liquid all over my face at night and benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment really helped to clear my skin up.  I think the BHA also helped to fade some of the acne scars too!

Loose clothing – Around 4 weeks of pregnancy, I couldn’t bear tight clothing, particularly around my belly.  During first trimester, I lived in loose dresses from my own wardrobe and loaned from friends.  My friend Julie lent me this halter-style Lucky Brand dress and it was one of my favorite pieces for its soft comfort and style.

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA – I’ve been taking a prenatal with DHA for a while since we were planning to start a family soon, but my usual pill was extremely fishy and impossible to swallow once my nausea kicked in.  After some research, I switched to Nordic Naturals and they’re amazing! Despite containing fish oil, there’s no smell, taste or fishy burp.


Baby Piglet: Weeks 11-16

Ha, it’s been a while! We’ve been busy with travel and putting our place on the market.  I’m going to try weekly updates from now on, although 2nd trimester may be boring in comparison to 1st and I’m okay with that :)

The Belly

The belly is definitely growing! The right picture is from around Week 12 and the left from week 16.  If I wear flow-y clothes, I can still disguise the belly but anyone that knows what they’re looking for can easily spot the belly now.

Weight Gained

I’m up about 9 pounds! I gained about 6 pounds total during 1st trimester, so I’m gaining the recommended pound or so each week I think.


Wow, second trimester is so much better than first.  My first trimester really wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t realize the low level of crappiness I felt every day until I turned the corner into second and woke up feeling much more like myself! My breasts feel less sore, I don’t feel nauseous at all, and headaches have gotten better although I still get them from time (much better when I hydrate properly).  I also had some spotting at the end of week 12, which definitely scared me, but apparently that’s not unusual.


These days, my favorites are consistently fruit and seafood – I think we ate seafood every single day the week we visited California.  Chocolate, ice cream still don’t appeal to me, but our fruit drawer is full and I’m eating 3-5 servings every day.  Salad is fine again, although it’s still not my first choice.  I ate it for lunch last week and got through it with  lots of rice on top and some fruit on the side ;)img_20180907_113152


I’ve been sleeping great the last few weeks, praise God.  I fall asleep around 9:30 every night and wake up around 5:30 or 6 feeling refreshed.  I went off the methimazole completely (on my doctor’s recommendation) a few days ago and have still been sleeping great!

Pregnancy-Related Purchases

The BEST pregnancy purchase I made during the last couple of weeks was a wedge pillow.  I started sleeping on my back in the beginning of the pregnancy and couldn’t sleep on my side, which is so important in late second and third trimester to make sure the baby doesn’t cut off my blood flow.  When I mentioned this to my doc, she told me to try a wedge pillow, which would allow me to sleep on my back safely throughout the pregnancy.  I think it also helps with acid reflux, which can act up during pregnancy.  I was also waking up with neck pain nearly every day with my old pillow, and this pillow eliminated that!614IJq-iLWL._SL1500_I bought some loose dresses and a maternity top from Loft, which I think I’ll start wearing this fall, and a couple of maternity sweaters second hand from a lady nearby.  We also picked up an Ergobaby carrier and infant insert (second hand again) upon the recommendation of our friends.  We’re trying not to buy too much stuff till we move later this fall!

Thoughts/ Stories

In week 14, we had our first ultrasound of the second trimester! It was so amazing to see Piglet’s face, hands and spine for the first time.  Although to be honest, her face was a little freaky – she was staring at us the whole time and her skin was very translucent at this point in the pregnancy, lol.  Hopefully she looks a little less like Chucky next time.

In week 15, we got to meet our new niece (Mike’s brother’s baby) for the first time! She was only about a week old and so tiny.  I think it’s still not real to me that we’ll have one of our own in several months…

Week 16 was really exciting because we locked down where we wanted to live and started to make plans to move by next Saturday.  Unfortunately, our buyer cancelled the contract due to financial issues and we’re still trying to figure out what to do next.  I’ve been praying a lot this week and just asking God for peace and understanding that He has a plan for us.  We’ll see what happens!

Workouts and Adventures (Pregnancy Weeks 4-10)


Week 4: I got in four workouts this week: a Pump class, OTF, a heavy lifting session, and a four mile run on the weekend.  I’m definitely staying a little lighter on the weights, and the start of every run is uncomfortable (my poor boobs), but otherwise it feels good to work up a sweat.  I had to skip a few workouts due to poor sleep :(

Week 5: I slept terribly this week and only got in three workouts as a result: a Pump class, Kazaxe, and OTF.

Week 6: I started to sleep a little better this week and got in a couple of high quality workouts: Pump, Kazaxe, and OTF – plus close to 20 miles of walking around NYC with Jamie over the weekend!

Week 7: This was a great week and I managed four workouts: Pump, OTF, a barre class at LavaBarre, and a 40 min stairmaster session.

Week 8: No workouts this week – I felt terrible.  I think it was because we adjusted my methimazole medication again and I slept really poorly.

Week 9: Three workouts this week – Pump, and two OTF classes! I really have to finish up my OTF package soon…I can’t imagine rowing as my belly gets bigger.

Week 10: Work was super busy this week, and we were getting our house ready for the market so I only managed a Body Pump workout this week.  I got a lot of sleep though :)

I hope to get back up to 4-5 workouts a week, with a mix of strength training, running and OTF for the rest of the first trimester.


I’ve been determined to do something fun each weekend while I have the energy so that I have some stories to tell Piglet when he/ she is born!

Week 4: I went to the Frederick Lavender Festival with Anne and Kathleen from small group! There actually wasn’t that much lavender and it was so hot outside, but it was nice to spend some time with friends.


Week 5: I took Mon and Tues off this week to volunteer at VBS, and despite my exhaustion, it was the best.  The kids were so excited and I enjoyed leading Snack station on Monday and Bible station on Tuesday.  We had planned to go hiking on Saturday, but the forecast called for thunderstorms so I ended up going to a World Cup viewing party at Yong and Soyong’s house instead! I brought Duck Donuts at the kids’ request :)img_20180623_110003

Week 6: On Friday, I went up to NYC to meet up with Jamie! It was a super hot weekend, but we managed to wander and eat all over Manhattan.  Some highlights from the weekend – watching the Incredibles, Ikinari (Japanese steak), Juice Generation (my smoothie was AMAZING), and froyo (so glad my sweet tooth is back).  Oh, and telling Jamie/ Tim about piglet!

Week 7: This was a great weekend! My mom came into town and Mike got free tickets through work for a screening of Harry Potter with the NSO playing the score at the Wolf Trap.  The weather was thankfully cool(er), so we got a group of friends together and had a picnic before the show, where we told our friends about Piglet.  We had box seats, which had a great view of the screen and orchestra.

We also started packing up the house to get it ready to go on the market.img_20180707_151104

Week 8: This was a big house stuff weekend! We spent all day Saturday moving the boxes (see above) and furniture into a storage unit.  The following Monday, our contractors came to paint, carpet, and fix our wood floor.  Here’s how we lived for four days:img_20180716_175124

Week 9: We had an amazing time on Saturday at Mike’s coworker’s house – he had planned to hold a BBQ, but it was pouring and we ended up spending the afternoon and evening inside his beautiful house instead.  The food was awesome, and with two moms there, they had plenty of great advice to disperse about things to buy and avoid.

Week 10: I spent all of Saturday working and taking the final for my summer class (I haven’t really paid attention all summer…fingers crossed for a B ;).  On Sunday, we had to get out of the house for the afternoon because we had our open house – so we went to a happy hour in Shirlington (lemonade for me) followed by a showing of Ant-Man and the Wasp.  It was a low-key and fun weekend!

Baby Piglet: Weeks 4-10

And the pregnancy posts begin! I’ve started from four weeks, which is approximately when we found out I was pregnant.  I’ll be doing these posts weekly or bi-weekly for the rest of the pregnancy.

The Belly

Not much of a belly yet (I’m still flat in the morning), but in the evening after I’ve eaten dinner, my belly definitely sticks out a bit.  For comparison with future posts, here’s a pic from six weeks:img_20180619_131209

Weight Gained

I’ve gained about 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight so far. Since you’re only supposed to gain 1-5 pounds in the first trimester, my goal is not to gain any more weight for the next couple of weeks :)


During the first couple of weeks, I had symptoms right away, including very sore breasts (even walking hurt), acne (everywhere – even my butt), frequent peeing, cramps, and insomnia.  By week 5, a lot of the symptoms started to abate and were replaced with some fatigue and a little nausea, particularly in the mornings.  It honestly hasn’t been that bad though – I imagine my overactive thyroid has been compensating for the fatigue, and I’m eating frequently, which probably helps with the light nausea.  My boobs have remained really sore though – I picked up bigger regular bras and very supportive sports bras in week 7.


So far, I’ve definitely preferred salty/ spicy foods over anything sweet.  Some favorites from week to week have included olives, spicy pickles, sour patch kids, jalapenos, and asian noodle soups.  My previously mostly healthy diet has now gotten decidedly unhealthy, and I’m trying to find healthier substitutes for my cravings.  Oddly enough, I have a hard time eating creamy foods like avocados.  Here’s what’s been good week by week:

Week 7 faves included cereal, cookies, and ice cream (the sweet tooth lives!).  Siggi’s drinkable yogurt was a huge hit this week – I went through 5-6 small bottles.img_20180706_174617

Week 8 faves included grilled cheese and tomato soup, cherries, costco fried rice with an over-hard egg on top (miss runny eggs!!).  Aside from the cheese in my grilled cheese, I’ve had a hard time eating dairy this week – I’ve been avoiding the boxes of cereal I bought last week, the last Siggi’s is sitting untouched in the fridge, and I’ve cooled on the ice cream.img_20180710_174335

Week 9 was allll about the fruit.  I must have gone through two bags of cherries and two containers of strawberries! Strangely, I have no desire to eat chocolate or ice cream, so I think it’s the sour factor enticing me.  I also ate a plate of celery at Mike’s coworker’s house and it was the best thing ever – probably the first time in this pregnancy that I wanted to eat raw veggies.img_20180728_185726

Week 10 faves were mango juice, smoothies, soy yogurt (regular yogurt bothers my stomach), and salty noodle soups (udon, pho, ramen, etc).  Fruits and veggies are still pretty good too!img_20180726_113501


Oof, this has been rough.  During weeks 3-6 or so, I slept about 4-5 hours on average, alternating a good night’s sleep with one or two nights of next to no sleep.  During week 7, my doctor put me back on the methimazole at 2.5 mg and my sleep improved quite a bit.  It got worse in week 8, but improved the week after.  Now in week 10, I’ve been sleeping fine and napping every once in a while too.

Pregnancy-Related Purchases

Ha, I have been shopping quite a lot.  Week 4 purchases included acne exfoliating pads (these are awesome), a snoogle (hard to sleep on my side because my breasts hurt, but I’m actually not using it yet), and sleep aids (didn’t help).


In week 5, I bought some pant/ skirt extenders (work clothes are already uncomfortable) and a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting (honestly, I read two chapters and haven’t picked it up since – there’s way more information online).  We also bought a bunch of stuff to announce the birth to our family members.

In week 6, I bought a whole bunch of loose dresses on Poshmark (mostly Madewell and Express shirtdresses) for work/ casual wear.  My summer work wardrobe consisted of sheath dresses and pencil skirts, none of which are comfortable even this early in the pregnancy.  I think the looser clothing also helps with preventing nausea for me.

In week 7, I made the best purchase ever – two Victoria’s Secret maximum support sports bras.  Holy cow, these let me run again, after two or three weeks of being unable to run in Orangetheory! I tried a bunch of bras before getting to these, including a Champion max support bra and several models of Brooks/ Oiselle bras at REI.  The VS bras work the best for me – I think it’s a combo of the crossback straps, thick fabric, and the underwire.  I got the lightweight max bra; the front close max support bra is even better, but the lightweight max has more room for me to expand.  I can still use my old bras for non-running workouts.

Week 8, I bought two more loose dresses from Poshmark and Gap as well as some Tummy Drops from Amazon.

Week 9, I actually bought a stroller.  Yup, and a car seat.  I was researching things for the baby registry, and found a good deal on eBay and sprung for it.  Yes, I recognize that no one buys baby stuff this early, but I couldn’t help myself.  I also borrowed a bunch of casual and work dresses from friends – they’ve been lifesavers in extending my wardrobe!

Week 10, I bought some belly bands from Poshmark! I’m planning to start using them to wear pants again as the weather gets cooler.

Thoughts/ Stories

Week 4: I’m so, so excited to be pregnant and finally starting a family.  It’s made me less anxious in some ways – I don’t stress as much about work and I’m surprisingly calm about the decision to buy a house (basically left it up to Mike) – but I have to fight hard against thoughts about the baby’s health.  It isn’t great that I’m on methimazole during the first trimester for my thyroid, but I really just have to trust God at this point. We can’t wait to tell our family and friends, which we’ll do starting Week 8!

Week 5: The disappearance of some of my symptoms made me nervous, as did the fact that my resting heart rate went back down to my normal resting (~58 bpm, after rising to nearly 70 last week).  I’m hoping that’s because my uterus is expanding and the watch isn’t sensitive enough to pick up the baby’s heart beat.  I also came off methimazole, praise God!

Week 6: We saw the doctor for the first time this week, and she was able to find the baby and see the heart rate! We were so excited after the visit that we ended up telling Mike’s family through Google Hangout; we held up a onesie that said, “Cousins Make the Best Friends” because Mike’s brother and sister are expecting! It took a minute for it to sink in and then Mike’s mom yelled, “are you serious?” and then there was screaming and crying, lol.  We told my mom next with a card that said “Only the Best Moms Get Promoted to Grandma” and she was so excited as well.  I waited to tell my sister in NYC with a shirt that said “Best Aunt Ever”, and we called my brother afterwards to show him the shirt.  Obviously, I had a little too much fun on Etsy ;) We’re waiting to tell extended family till the next visit, when the doctor can confirm the due date.

Week 7: Ha, so I have a funny story this week.  I came home from work and called for Kitty as I entered the condo.  She didn’t show up right away, so I checked her hiding places – but there was no sign of Kitty.  I started shaking her food, and got really alarmed when she didn’t come out of hiding – when I didn’t find her on the balcony, I thought that she must have escaped into the hallway when Mike went to the gym.  So I ran up and down the hallways looking for her, even checking in the trash room.  No cat.  I came back into the condo and started to cry, thinking that she must have gone into the elevator or someone had taken her.  I finally had the depressing thought that maybe she was dead under the bed, so I checked one last time, shaking the food close to the bed…and she came out! Mike came home to find me sobbing while feeding her treat after treat, lol.  Pregnancy hormones, I guess?

Week 8: I went back on methimazole last week, but couldn’t sleep more than an hour or two every night with Mike gone on a work trip.  The lack of sleep really stressed me out, as did the methimazole, and I worried a lot about Piglet this week.  We also decided to put the condo on the market, which probably added to my stress.

Week 9: This week was AWESOME because we had another doctor’s appointment, where we saw Piglet (much larger than six weeks!) and its heartbeat – strong at 147 bpm.  Our doc said the baby looked great, and was actually moving around, which is unusual for nine weeks and indicates the brain is developing great.  We gave our parents the thumbs up to start telling extended family and friends after this visit.

Week 10: I decided to tell my boss and coworkers this week, especially since we’re starting to make plans for 2019.  Everyone was very excited! Al was really thrilled and said that he was becoming a grandpa for the second time :) I had some bad cramps this week, which worried me, but apparently it’s completely normal and due to my growing uterus.  My belly also started sticking out in the evenings – some nights I really look pregnant, and then in the mornings my belly is flat again.  I can’t imagine my belly growing even more, although it certainly will…