Running with intention

I am currently training for a half-marathon, and since the running schedule is considerably lighter than the training I was doing last year for the full, I wanted to try mixing up my runs to include tempo training and interval training on a regular basis. As I adjusted my Hal Higdon Novice 2 training program to include tempo and interval training during the 3 mile runs on Tuesday and Thursdays, the words frequently spoken at the beginning of yoga practice came to mind: “Set an intention for your practice today”. What I take that to mean is, what is my goal for that day’s workout? To try the more challenging versions of balance poses? To get deeper into the twists? To relax?

I like the idea of going into a running workout with the same question. What is the goal of my run today? May it’s to increase my lactate threshold, or push myself to run longer at my lactate threshold to increase endurance, or to build up my leg strength by running hills, or just to mix things up and have fun. I find that going into a workout with an intention helps me to enjoy it more and get more out of the run!

What about you? Do you set an intention for your run? If not, try it!


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