my date in DC and my first hot yoga class

Yesterday I took myself on a date to DC! I’ve been wanting to explore the different neighborhoods/ metro stops in the city, a yen that Mike doesn’t happen to share, so while he played in a golf tournament in 20 degree weather, I decided to “date” myself for the day and go around town :) After a heart-pumping cycling class at the gym, I showered and set out for Chinatown.  First stop: food of course! I chose a sushi place close to the metro stop, since it was a very cold, windy day and I didn’t feel like walking very far.


At 11:30, I was the only customer at Momiji, which might not make the place sound great, but they had some reasonably priced lunch specials – bento boxes and the like.  I ordered 3 rolls – dragon roll, spider roll, and spicy tuna roll, and was surprised at their size when they came out! The spider roll was easily among the best I’ve had – nicely fried, and paired with large pieces of avocado and cucumber on the inside.  The spicy tuna roll and dragon roll were tasty as well, and at $12 for 3 rolls ($13 as the spider roll was $1 extra) and miso soup, I felt it was a bargain.


The chefs at work (and the empty restaurant lol)


My lunch!

 One weird note about the place – the bathroom had two toilets inside…but no stalls?? Just two toilets next to each other.  Not sure who would be comfortable sharing a bathroom like that.  But they had the cutest sushi clock on the wall! So of course I had to take a picture :)

cute sushi clock

After lunch, I headed over to City Sports (one of my favorite physical stores to shop in – as opposed to shopping online) to pick up sticky socks for my first barre class in a few weeks.  I also ended up getting my first Sweatyband, which actually does stay on my head! and a yoga top on sale.

I assume that says City Sports in Chinese
I assume that says City Sports in Chinese

And then it was off to the movies! I forgot how much nicer the Chinatown Regal Cinema is than the Potomac Yards one, which is kind of a dump.  The aisles are nice and wide and the seats are comfortable.  I decided to watch Silver Linings Playbook, based on all the great reviews and the fact that Jennifer Lawrence’s performance won her an Oscar.  I really enjoyed the movie, but to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy watching it all by myself.  However, the benefit of watching a movie that’s been in theaters a while in the early afternoon is that you can get a whole row to yourself :) Only popcorn would have made it better, but I was still too full from lunch.

The next stop on my date was with a friend! Courtney and I signed up for a hot vinyasa class together at The Studio DC.  It was my first hot yoga class, so I did a lot of research to figure out what to wear, what to bring, how to be prepared for the heat.  I ended up buying a yoga bag – the North Face Talia Tote (see my review here)- to carry my yoga mat and clothes around town.

I was wondering if I should buy a yoga towel as well, but settled for bringing my beach towel for my first class.  I decided to wear capris and a normal yoga top (and sports bra); I figured out I could strip down to my sports bra if that’s what everyone else was wearing.  I’m glad I brought a top…everyone was wearing one…at least all the women were, so it would have felt a little awkward if I was the only one not wearing a shirt!  Anyway, enough about what I wore – now the studio.

I chose The Studio DC because while their classes are normally $17 each, they have community classes for $10 at certain time slots to make yoga accessible for everyone.  So we signed up for a $10 vinyasa yoga slot, and I showed up 45 min early to make sure we got spots, since I was told the studio gets super crowded during those classes.  Sure enough, my yoga mat was touching other yoga mats to my left and right, and I accidentally kicked someone in the head during downward dog split (he was super nice about it!).  The studio was easy to find, and the girls working the desk were nice as well.  They had cubbies for shoes in the front, a clean bathroom, and a lounge area to hang out before class.  I also liked that they had filtered water (I definitely filled up my bottle before class), and oreos at the desk! Biggest downsides were the lack of showers and the fairly small main studio.

Courtney and I set up our mats and chatted quietly before class, and the room began to heat up quickly, which was nice considering how cold it was outside! They had nice heavy yoga blocks and yoga straps as well.  Like I said earlier, the studio got crowded really quickly, but everyone was really nice about trying not to hit people and staggering during poses like crow.  The instructor was really nice, and she got us going right away and moved us through vinyasa poses VERY quickly.  I was sweating so much that my eyes stung from my sunscreen, and next time, I will definitely bring a small towel.  I was uncomfortable because of the heat, but I think it’ll help prepare me for summer running again, and it definitely helped me get deeper into my twists.  The class was an hour and fifteen minutes, and I was SOO ready for shavasana – I’ve never been so happy to see the lights start to dim, indicating that class is almost over!

The worst part though, about doing hot yoga in the winter, is that you don’t want to change back into normal clothes because you’re so sweaty, and even putting on socks and boots felt very uncomfortable to me.  But since I was sweaty and wet, as we walked around outside and I headed to the metro, I got very cold.  I’m not sure how to fix this since there isn’t a shower in the studio.  Maybe baby wipes and then change into regular clothes? I’ll try that next time.  Overall, considering how relaxed I felt afterwards, and that it was a great workout, I think I’ll be back for another hot yoga adventure, either at this studio or another! I’ll try to post reviews of the different specialty gyms and studios I visit on my future DC explorations :)

Hot yoga packing list:
– yoga mat and beach towel
– small towel for wiping sweat
– water bottle (a must!)
– baby wipes
– yoga clothes


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