maintaining a blog

I’ve started following a number of fitness and food blogs to gain inspiration for my own life and blog, and something I’m realizing is that I need to post more often. Once a month doesn’t cut it for a blog! So my new mission will be to post two entries a week, and they can be about anything related to the themes of my blog, which I think are running, God, working out, eating healthy, and related or random posts… maybe I should consider focusing my blog sometime in the future.

But in the meantime! I want to write about zinc. A week ago, I posted about how I wasn’t feeling very well and I learned not to work out so much when sick. Well, I’ve had this cold for over two weeks now, and while it isn’t interfering much with my working out (I went to cycle and hot yoga on Saturday, and ran 10 miles on the treadmill on Sunday), my perpetually runny nose is really starting to irritate me. On my sister’s advice, I picked up a bottle of zinc ($2 with a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond! Love that store). And I’ve been taking one a day for a few days now, but today, my stomach was really killing me at work. I don’t know if it was the Skinny Taste eggplant panini recipe I’m trying out – I hope not, because this is delicious! and I hate eggplant! – or the zinc. My initial internet research seems to indicate it could be the zinc :( I’m going to try not taking it tomorrow to see if my stomach feels okay.

On a happier note, I discovered this awesome list of motivational Bible verses for marathon runners! I loved some of the verses so much, they went straight into my Favorite Bible verses tab. These verses remind me that the endurance training I do physically needs to be mirrored in my spiritual life as well; that even when I want to stop devotionals or feel exhausted, there’s a prize to be won by pressing forward, and such training strengthens and shapes my walk with God.  That’s why I named the blog “Running with Endurance” – although I feel a name change coming up soon… I don’t find the name very catchy right now.  Maybe it needs to be shorter?


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