February Favorites! and a miss

My biggest purchase this month was a yoga bag to carry my mat to and from class, since I’d like to explore some of the studios around DC this year :) I did a lot of research on websites to figure out what styles were out there, and I decided I wanted a big bag for a change of clothes, towel, water bottle and other shtuff (I’m always carrying a TON of stuff), with the mat attached to the side of the bag, as opposed to the top (then I can’t get my stuff out) or the bottom (how do I set that down on the metro?).  I got the North Face Talia Tote from Zappos because it had the two features above and I liked the bonuses of a laptop compartment and a soft small pocket on the outside of the bag (good for sunglasses or phones).  Plus, doesn’t the bright color make you feel happy? A nice change from my usual black bag!

So far, I love this bag.   The material is durable, and the mat doesn’t slip out of the two loops, which was my one concern.  It is really big, so if that’s not your thing, don’t get it!

gear 2 gear 3 gear 4

I got mine from Zappos (free next business day shipping – I have a VIP Zappos account) for $70 in the Ion Blue/ Asphalt Grey color. It’s also on sale right now for $48.93 at REI-Outlet (colors available: Black and Vibrant Blue) and $46.99 on 6pm.com (Razzle Pink and Vibrant Blue).

I recently discovered City Sport stores and their awesome sale sections! There’s a bunch of them in the DMV area (DC/Maryland/Virginia), and in my opinion, they kick butt over Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods, which are the only other general sports stores I’ve been to.  They have a clean layout organized by the type of sport and while they aren’t overwhelmingly big, they have a lot of great products.  Also, if you join their Insider Rewards program, you get 5% of your purchases back as a rewards certificate :) Anyway, I always stop inside when I’m passing a store.  You never know what deals you’re going to find! On my first visit, I bought a Prana Quinn Top on sale (originally $52, on sale for $29!) and my first Sweaty Band headband.

First, the yoga top: I’ve never bought anything by Prana before, but I tried this one out on a whim since it was on sale, and found that it made my torso look long and super thin and um, $29 is a small price to pay for that kind of self-esteem :P  I wish I could wear this top all the time!! It’s also very comfortable, and although I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t think this will ride up during yoga.  I hate it when my blindingly white belly blinds everyone in class during the occasional exposure during downward dog split.

gear 6

I’ve been searching for a good headband, because my bands are slowly growing out and are at the awkward stage right now where they’re long enough to be in my eyes but not long enough to tie back.  These scunci no-slip grip headbands are a total miss for me; they’re very tight so (1) they hurt, and (2) they start slipping off my egg-shaped noggin as soon as I start any activity.  They have rubber lining on the inside, which pulls at my hair, also not good.  Too bad, because they come in such cute colors!

gear 1

So I was intrigued when I found the Sweaty Band headband display.  They claimed to be no-slip, but it’s a velvet backing, instead of a rubber one so this wasn’t tight on my head at all, and it doesn’t pull on my scalp or hair – always a bonus.  And it definitely stays on my head unless I’m moving my head around a lot while lying down.  Okay, that sounds weird…  I’m talking yoga/ pilates poses!  It looks similar to the ever popular Bic Bands, so I think I might give those a try too!  My Sweaty Band was $15 from City Sports.

gear 5

In case you missed it, here’s the recap:

North Face Talia Tote: keeper!

Prana Quinn Yoga Top: keeper!

Sweaty Band Headband: keeper!

Scunci No-Slip Grip Headband: miss


3 thoughts on “February Favorites! and a miss

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  2. I feel your pain about bad headbands. I bought my first BicBand in March – didn’t want to spend $12 for one, but I did. I LOVE it! I’ve worn it running and in kickboxing and it never moves out of place. I got the thin one – like 2 cm wide, but they also have a wider one available.

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks for the tip! I’m planning to order a Halo headband and Bic band and see if either of those work for me! I’m glad you love your BicBand :)

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