Tendonitis Part 2: In which I visit the podiatrist again

Yesterday, I visited Dr. Beiser in DC again to see him about getting myself a pair of fancy  orthotics for my fancy feet.  I noticed that my tendonitis was starting to act up again when I wore my Brooks Glycerins (maybe because I wear a larger size to give my feet room, maybe because these are the shoes I usually wear for longer distances), so I decided to take action and get orthotics for those sneakers.  I have to say, posters in doctor’s offices always turn me into a bit of a hypochondriac (“I probably have shortened uterine tubes too!!” “I bet I’m prone to appendicitis, in fact I can feel it ready to burst now…”)
doc office 1
It didn’t help that I saw this scary looking torture tool (I have no idea what it’s for, someone want to enlighten me?):
doc office 2
But anyway, the doctor agreed that orthotics could help, and he wheeled in a machine to perform a 3D scan of my foot to send to the great orthotics-making-factory.  It basically works like a scanner; he turned the lights off, held my foot against the glass, and the laser scanned down the glass to produce the 3D image file.  Pretty cool, no? Of course, I asked him about a hundred questions, like how the machine could produce a 3D image when the scanning surface was 2D (turns out there are multiple sites behind the glass that capture the scan depth at various angles).
doc office 3
doc office 4
The orthotics take about 3 weeks to come in, so I’ll do another post to review how they feel and affect my run!

After the visit to the doc, I somehow found myself in City Sports, my new favorite physical sports store (as opposed to online shopping).  So naturally I wandered around and found about fifty things I wanted to buy! I ended up buying just two: a water bottle and cycling shoe attachments for the hubby (to go with his Shimano shoes that I got him for Valentine’s Day):
doc office 5
Yup, I’m an awesome wife :P


6 thoughts on “Tendonitis Part 2: In which I visit the podiatrist again

    1. Dawn H.

      My tendonitis fully went away after about 4 weeks, thanks for asking! It hasn’t come back so far. I had my orthotics made by Ian Beiser, a podiatrist in DC. They came out really well, but I haven’t needed them so far (and I’m hoping not to need them, since they do add a little weight to the shoe). Have you had tendonitis before?

  1. Glad to hear that you’re doing good now… I had tendonitis too (I’m addicted to Tennis) and had my left arm injured in 2009. I ignored it for several months, thinking that it will get better and be healed… but it didn’t… as a matter of fact, it got worst. I was scheduled for 3 months physical therapy, but it was unsuccessful, so I switched to stem cell therapy. That was my second round of stem cell treatment with Dr Grossman (an orthopedic surgeon from Stem MD). The first time I had it was in 2008 for my plantar fasciitis.. it was successful, so I scheduled an appointment again with the same doctor for my tendonitis… I am not sure why other people give negative feedback or comments for stem cell treatment, when it effectively worked for me 3 months after I had the session…

    1. Dawn H.

      I’m so glad to hear it worked well for you. I have a friend who’s planning to get the procedure done for his foot, so I’ll pass on your positive review! Are both the plantar fasciitis and tendonitis issues completely gone?

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