It’s Happening Again: my blog re-formatting obsession

Whenever I start a blog, I start with great intentions about posting regularly and generating content…and then I start thinking about how I want the blog to look. Cant_stop_thinking_cartoonWhat I want the color theme to be. “Does my blog have a coherent theme??” “Does my title match the theme??” “Does the theme, title, color theme, organization accurately reflect my personality and all that I am as a person??” You get the picture – I start to go a little crazy and actually posting content goes by the wayside. And then my beautifully formatted blog dies a quick death because I’ve exhausted my blogging energy by worrying about all the above.

This time around, it’s even worse, because I’ve been reading so many darn amazing blogs that I have SO many ideas (“I’ll be a cooking, photographing, overall fitness guru, weight-lifting runner training for the Olympics! And I’ll blog about all my adventures and everything I eat! And about my cats’ moving weight-loss journey! And I’ll review makeup products and paint my nails a funky color every Friday and call it funky Friday!”)… So this time, I’m setting some goals to control myself this time:

Goal #1: Get to 200 published posts to earn (buy) the CSS Custom Design package, which I want so I can change colors, font types, etc to my heart’s desire =)

Goal #2: Get to six months of blogging to earn re-branding the blog (i.e. re-naming, significantly changing the theme).  I have so many ideas at this point…hopefully six months will also help me to narrow it down and let my blog find its personality (as opposed to multiple personalities…)

Clearly I learned a lot of life lessons from Chuck E. Cheese. I do this sort of thing a lot – try a yoga studio 3 times before signing up for a package, run for two months to earn buying new sneakers – and it more or less works for me! It also helps me to make sure I’m actually committed to an activity before making a significant time or $$ investment. Question for readers: Have you tried setting goals with a reward/ prize at the end? Has that strategy worked for you?


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