NYC 13.1 Training: Week 10 Log – Lots of Treadmill Time

I got a lot of quality treadmill time this week! It wasn’t intentional; I try to run outside for my long runs, but Sunday (March 3) was about 20 degrees with 20 mph winds. I had signed up for one of the Snowball Series DCRR races that day, but ended up flaking out =P With a sign-up fee of $5 for the race, I didn’t feel TOO much remorse. I hope to run a DCRR race sometime in the future and post a review! They’re low-key, no-frill, super-affordable races that exist to support the local running community:

I try to change up my runs on the treadmill by varying speeds and inclines. This helps keep me from getting bored (I also bring my ipad and watch korean dramas lol) and helps me incorporate some speedwork and occasionally, hill training. I’ll start posting some of my treadmill workouts, in case you’re looking for a format to follow.

Here’s what I did this week!
workout log 1
I think I slightly over-trained earlier this week, because I had some severe hip pain after Thursday’s workout. Confession time: I knew that I didn’t feel great running on Thursday, but during my last week’s interval workout, I got up to 8.1 as my max speed, so I wanted to at least match that this week. So I pushed myself through the pain and stiffness…and as a result, I could barely walk the next day, much less run. Yup, I’m super smart.

I was concerned that I now had trochanteric bursitis since the pain was worst along the outside of the hip and that I’d be writing yet ANOTHER “Injury” post! So much for being young and hardy… Anyway, I iced my sides, took a few aspirin to reduce the pain and swelling and took Friday and Saturday completely off in hopes that I would recover an 8K race on Sunday. Which I did, thank God :) Post on the race coming soon! Spoiler alert: I broke my 8K record!! (Before you get too impressed, I’ve only run one 8K before.)

I also started incorporating some strength training after being inspired by Peanut Butter Fingers’ Superset Workout! I highly recommend Julie’s strength training routines; she has a variety of workouts for total body or targeted muscle groups, and many of them can be done in 30 min or so. Try tackling one after a shorter run as an easy way to incorporate some strength training into your week!

In other news…my PB2 order arrived! PB2 is powdered peanut butter, made from all natural ingredients. It’s only 45 calories for 2 tbsp, which makes it a great substitute for regular peanut butter in smoothies, sauces and other stuff. I’ll post a review soon after we get a chance to try it!


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