Three Mile Slog

insomnia-cartoon-4I didn’t want to run this morning. My phone alarm went off (BTW if you’re looking for gentler alarms to wake up to, try the Relaxation Ringtone app!) at 6 am, and I hadn’t slept the whole night thanks to the recent resurgence of my insomnia. And it was raining outside. So I really didn’t want to run, but I reminded myself with my inner drill sergeant voice that I have “LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TILL THE RACE, CUPCAKE”, and I dragged my butt to the gym.

I modified my workout slightly today, since I didn’t want a repeat of last week (I pushed myself too hard and couldn’t run for a few days afterwards). Instead of my tempo run, I decided to do an easy recovery run instead, which to me means keep moving, but not at any kind of strenuous pace; the goal is just to get the miles logged. I also reduced my incline from my usual 1.5 to 1.0, and I started and ended at a 5.8 pace, which translates to about a 10:12 with the 1% incline. I just found this awesome chart that converts treadmill pace to actual pace per mile, and takes incline into account as well- bye bye calculator! I finished the three miles, but was pretty darn tired by the end.

In other news, I decided to stop drinking coffee again. I was a solid “1 cup a day”-er from the time I first started work to about a year ago…and then I found myself adding a second cup, and then maybe some green tea around lunchtime. Coffee + chronic insomnia = vicious cycle. So after several month of rotating sleeping pills with little success, I tried cutting out coffee for the month of December last year and sticking to 1 cup of green or black tea in the morning instead. I have never slept so well, and I skipped the sleeping pill most nights! I started drinking coffee again in the beginning of this year because it’s the crunch period at work, but we turned in our major product yesterday, so it’s back to tea!! I picked black tea today to ease myself into it, but I suspect I’ll still be super sleepy by the afternoon…takes a while to get used to the lower level of caffeine. Hopefully I’ll sleep like a cat tonight.


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