DailyMile and when to replace your sneakers!

Hey everybody,
Day three without coffee. Yesterday was terrible, but today is bearable because I slept in a little =P Yes, I feel quite chipper!!


I’ve been looking for a good way to keep track of my workouts and runs and also sneaker mileage; I’ve been using Google Docs as a simple but inelegant solution. I also tried using Nike+, but it’s difficult to sync with my Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS watch, and it isn’t easy to add workouts I’ve done on the treadmill (the app is meant to record your workout as you do it – with either your phone or one of Nike+’s products).

But yesterday I came across DailyMile, which seems to do exactly what I want: it syncs easily with my Garmin and I can enter in my treadmill workouts through a simple form as well:


I also like that you can enter in whatever “gear” you used – in my case, I track sneakers – so you can easily keep track of its mileage. I do this so I know when to start thinking about retiring my sneakers. These are the sneakers that I currently run with:

Brooks Glycerin 8
Brooks Glycerin 8 (my first pair of Glycerins)

Brooks Glycerin 10
Brooks Glycerin 10 (in a half size larger for longer runs/ hot weather)

Saucony Cortana
Saucony Cortana (these were expensive, but sooo comfortable)

I use the Saucony Cortanas for my shorter runs and either of the Brook Glycerins for my long runs. I spent all day yesterday importing my workouts from April of last year so I could find out their mileage! Seriously, I looked up all my running spreadsheets and spent a good few hours logging all my workouts one by one. I’d make an AWESOME accountant.

So when should you retire a shoe? I’ve seen numbers anywhere from 250-550 miles on various websites, but I think it’s time to retire a sneaker when it doesn’t protect you anymore; i.e. you start experiencing regular shin pain or knee pain after a run. My Cortanas will probably last me a while because I run almost exclusively on the treadmill with these shoes, whereas I had knee pain after a 5 mile run with my Brook Glycerin 10s yesterday. I’m going to wait till my orthotics come in and see if that helps, since I don’t think these shoes have enough miles to retire already! retirement-cartoon

Strangely enough, my Glycerin 8s, with more miles, still feel fine. Maybe the 8 was just a better shoe? I really loved the 8s. I think that counts as a solid sneaker review =P

So here’s what I think of DailyMile!

dailymile pros and cons

I opted to upgrade my account to Pro, which gives you the ability to see your workouts in a calendar layout, and also add planned workouts for the future. If I like it, I might stop keeping a Google Doc all together (gasp)! The drawback to going Pro is the price; it’s about $50 a year and $10 a month. So far, the added features I see aren’t worth the steep price, but I’ll give it a shot for a month and then decide whether to keep it or not! The other major drawback for me is that most parts of the Pro site are so “flashy” that they don’t work on Internet Explorer 8. Who still has IE8, you ask? My work place =/

In other news…it’s supposed to rain all weekend here, which makes me worry about my long run a little bit, as I have no rain gear!

weather 14Mar13

Time for a visit to Zappos??


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