My last half-marathon training run– in which I am disappointed by the lack of rain…

It was supposed to rain all this weekend, so I made a quick (online) trip to Zappos on Thursday to get a rain jacket for my final long run on Saturday (12 miles).  After much research, I ordered the Brooks Nightlife L.S.D Lite Jacket III in pink! Friday afternoon greeted me with this happy sight:


Woohoo! And inside…


The jacket! I’ll do a full review another time, but it’s super light and comfortable.

This morning, I was greeted with an unfortunate sight: no rain.  That’s probably the last time I’ll type that sentence, ever.  I ‘m not a fan of running in the rain (my favorite running conditions are overcast and about 60 degrees), but I had been looking forward to seeing how well the jacket performed in the rain.  No matter, I decided to wear it anyway because I love wearing new stuff it was windy, and the jacket is windproof.

My pre-run meal consisted of a banana and a cup of plain Greek yogurt mixed with 2 tablespoons of PB2 and 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed.  LoL, I’ve been eating all my flaxseed whole, but apparently you get very little of the nutritional benefits that way. So I finally ground up my flaxseed (which expired in 2011, according to the bag, but whatevs – it smelled fine) in my small food processor:


And now I have the added stress in my life of finishing the ground flaxseed (refrigerated) within a month.

After an hour and a half, before I started getting hungry again lol, I set out for my run! I dressed for rain (just in case) with a cap and my rain jacket :)


My super cool runner pose – I’m going to pose for ALL my pictures like this from now on.

I tend to plan out my long runs so I don’t get bored, so for my 12 mile, my plan went something like this:

12 Mile Plan (speed, water, fuel, music)

Miles 1-4: Run at a moderate speed, not too fast (~9:30).  Drink water after 2 miles, drink water and take a gel after 4 miles

Miles 5-8: Run at a slightly faster speed (~9:25).  Drink water after 2 miles, drink water and take a gel after 4 miles.  Turn music on!

Miles 9-12: Run at whatever speed I can manage, drink water after 2 miles, and STRETCH at end!

I felt pretty good this morning, and was tempted to skip my water break after Mile 10, but the arch of my feet started to ache, so I took it down to a walk and drank a sip of water.  When I started running again less than a minute later, my feet no longer hurt, and felt fine for the rest of the run! I think that walking can help stretch out the feet and maybe either prevent injury and/or foot pain.  If you find your feet cramping up a lot, try walking it out and seeing if that helps you too!

My total time: 1:54, a personal 12 mile best!

I came back and quickly mixed up a chocolate milk before stretching.  Chocolate milk is a magical food for runners.


Mike was SUPER hungry when he got back from the gym, so we quickly washed up and went to our favorite Peruvian chicken restaurant – Edy’s Chicken and Steak! If you haven’t had Peruvian chicken before, it’s delicious rotisserie style chicken that comes in various sizes like 1/4 chicken, 1/2 chicken, etc with sides.


Tons of newspapers inside the restaurant; I’m not exactly sure why…

I got a quarter chicken with fried yuca and fried zucchini as my sides.  The chicken was amazing, as usual, and the fried zucchini with the sweet chili sauce was also delicious.  The yuca today was a little dry =\


The zucchini  fries droool

I ate my yuca and chicken with ketchup and tabasco, because I dislike both the green sauce (I don’t eat cilantro) and the white sauce (I’m not a fan of mayo).  But I LOVE ketchup and tabasco!


After running some errands, Mike decided it was time for my first golf lesson, but as we drove out of the garage, we were greeted by this:


It finally rained! Soooo…we went to a new froyo place instead =P sweetFrog is the cutest place on earth! Look at the cups!


I know, I’m such a girl sometimes.  I got a caramel/ chocolate mix with all sorts of unhealthy toppings.  I still like the froyo at Yogiberry in Shirlington better because I like their flavor selection and the froyo isn’t too sweet, but sweetFrog’s froyo was also good and they had these VERY tasty strawberry crunchies (the pink bits below).


Happy Dawn :)

It also bears mentioning that sweetFrog is owned by Christians! Frog stands for “Fully Rely On God”, and they have a verse on their cup:


Philippians 4:6 – Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

It was a very good day, despite the non-rain/ rain =)

Places we went to:

Edy’s Chicken and Steak – our favorite Peruvian chicken place in the VA area

sweetFrog – good froyo, great toppings.  Cute atmosphere!

Question: Have you tried Peruvian chicken before? Do you like the green sauce, white sauce, neither or both?


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