Saturday: Week of Eats #2

week of eats

Hello! I’m a little late with my second “Week of Eats” post – I had hoped to post it last night but got distracted when hubby started watching Iron Man 2 on the TV :) Have you seen it? Are you looking forward to Iron Man 3 coming out in a few months? I know I am!

Let’s get right to it – here’s a typical meal I ate this week!


*you might notice that my calorie counts above differ from the calorie counts given on the recipe’s website sometimes; I do that when I know I’m eating less than a serving


I’ve been loving the Heritage Crunch Cereal I picked up a few weeks ago on sale at the supermarket!


It has more protein and less sugar than our usual Special K Red Berries Cereal per serving (6 grams and 6 grams, compared to 2 grams and 9 grams), but it’s also higher in calorie count, FYI.  Funny story, when I first poured it out, I thought the cereal had MOLD! The flakes had little white specks on it, maybe you can see them:


But then I peered more closely at the box, and realized they were supposed to look that way =)

I’ve also been enjoying the Stonyfield Greek yogurt, same as last week.  Sometimes I eat the plain flavor and mix in some frozen berries and a squirt of honey – I’m sure that cuts some sugar out of my diet, and it’s delicious! I mix it all together the day before in a Tupperware container and put it in the fridge, and the next morning, the berry flavor really permeates the yogurt.

And the chai tea is because I’ve been coffee-free since Tuesday :)


I already reviewed Gina’s Eggplant Panini with Pesto in last week’s post, but I upped it to 5 stars because the recipe is SOO GOOD that it made an eggplant hater eat eggplant for two weeks straight.  That’s pretty darn good.

Below are pics of the pesto! I made a tiny amount each week, b/c Harris Teeter sells these tiny packets of basil.

017 019 020


Loaded Baked Sweet Potato: This was a guest post from Anjali on the Skinnytaste blog, and as soon as we tried this recipe for the first time, I added The Picky Eater to my blog list :) Um, there is no way this recipe could have been easier or tastier.  I’ve never made potatoes/ sweet potatoes in the microwave before, but that little tip saved me about an hour.  And Greek yogurt mixed with taco seasoning to mimic sour cream? Genius, and tasty.  The hubby agreed; we would make this recipe again in a heartbeat!! It was also really easy to assemble/ cook all the stuff on Sunday, and just heat up the sweet potatoes and the toppings on weeknights (took about 8 min flat).  The bad part was that we ate dinner SUPER early (I ate at 4:45 one afternoon lol) because we looked forward to eating it so much.  That’s a rave review, I think!  5 stars: don’t come between me and this dish, because I might eat you too.


Cooking the main topping (red peppers, onions, and later black beans)


Everything in Tupperware for easy weeknight assembly! The bottom container is the main topping, the middle are the sliced scallions (we don’t do cilantro in this house), and the top is the Greek yogurt mixed with taco seasoning.


The final DELICIOUS product!


Skinny Frozen Hot Chocolate: This was another guest post on the Skinnytaste blog.  Unfortunately, I didn’t love it.  The flavor was fine, but I didn’t think it was thick enough.  In all fairness, I’ve never had frozen hot chocolate before, so maybe this is an excellent recipe and I just don’t like frozen hot chocolate.  In the future, I’ll be skipping the ice and making this regular hot chocolate (which I DO know I like!) or maybe thickening it with xanthan gum.  If you love frozen hot chocolate, give this a try!  3.5 stars – wasn’t very thick, but the flavor was all there.

The ingredients…


The final frothy result (served in my favorite Crate and Barrel winter mug! I bought a pair on sale in California a few years ago)!


I’ve also been LOVING the Annie’s Honey Bunny Graham crackers that were on sale at Harris Teeter last week.  These are very addicting, and probably have almost no nutritional value.  Ah, I spoke too soon – My Fitness Pal confirms they have 20% DV calcium! Cute Superfood.  That sounds like a great name for a blog, actually.  Credit me if you use it =P


Crack Somewhat healthy snack!


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