NYC 13.1 Training: Week 11 and a dailymile rant

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you remembered to wear green today…my husband pinched me all day (and I pinched him back).  I can’t believe my race is coming up so soon – it’s this Saturday! I feel ready though, especially after a great week of training.  Injury free so far! And hoping to keep it that way till the race ;) Here’s what I did this week:



I posted about my record-breaking 8K (personal record) in my St. Patrick’s Day 8K post – if you live in the DC area, I highly recommend the Pacers races! They’re very well organized and lots of fun to run.  I’ve done three already, lol.

I tried to run outside more this week in preparation for my race – all you treadmill junkies, there’s nothing like training on the road! At the very least, add an incline to your treadmill to compensate for the lack of wind resistance.  Otherwise, you might find you’re not as fast as you think you are =P


My 12 mile run on Saturday went great too – if I can run at a 9:27 pace on Saturday’s race, I’ll beat my goal pace by 28 seconds and shave over 6 minutes off my overall goal time! We’ll see…maybe the race will turn out to be hillier that I’ve trained for?

In other news…dailymile PRO account problems!

I think I mentioned that I’ve been tracking my mileage and workouts through dailymile and even upgraded to a PRO account.  I have to tell you, I’ve discovered so many bugs present on the PRO site that are not issues on the regular site (there’s an option to switch views back and forth, so I can compare), or features available on the regular site that aren’t on the PRO! To name a few:

  • Sometimes when I import a workout from my Garmin site, the date is wrong (i.e. Tuesday instead of Wednesday).  No big deal, there’s an option to go in and change it.  But when I make the change, it doesn’t change anything on the PRO site – the wrong date still displays.  But on the regular site, the workout is displayed with the correct date! Peeved…
  • Durations of workouts on the PRO site display in seconds.  Um, who measures their workouts in seconds?? Not useful.  The regular site displays in hours:minutes:seconds.
  • The schedule feature on the PRO site isn’t great for integrating workouts you’ve done with the workouts you plan to do.  For one thing, you can’t delete workouts that you planned to do but didn’t get around to.  And it won’t add in workouts that you did do, but didn’t plan to do.  I dunno, I don’t find this feature useful the way it is.
  • I really like the feature to filter your workouts by the keywords you tagged them with (i.e. treadmill, interval, outside, etc) to see your stats – what was the longest I ran outside? Or fastest I ran during a pace workout? But this feature is completely missing from the PRO site.
  • One last gripe – while the regular site works fine on Internet Explorer 8, most of the PRO site doesn’t display at all because I guess the script isn’t written for IE8.  I know, not an issue for 99.999% of the world…but I don’t have the option to upgrade browsers at work =( #firstworldproblems

So what’s better about the PRO site? I guess the fact that it does have the schedule feature:DM1.png


and there’s better graphics on the Analytics page:


Regular Site


PRO Site

But honestly, that’s not enough to justify the ~$10 a month or $50 a year for a PRO account.  And after I saw all the bugs on the PRO site, it was an easy decision to cancel my PRO account (I signed up for one month).  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll keep using dailymile, and if the PRO site moves out of the beta stage (wow I sound geeky like I know what I’m talking about), I’ll be the first to get an account again!


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