Hanson Marathon Method

Happy Monday everyone! This morning my commute was a full 15 min longer than usual because of a few snowflakes. I’m not exaggerating – to call this a flurry would have been over-reaching. DC traffic tends to react adversely to any change in the weather or road =P

hanson marathon method

I’ve been researching the Hanson Marathon Method for my next marathon. I like the idea of running more and running more often (and it doesn’t hurt that the longest run on the plan is “only” 16 miles =P). I calculated it out and it would be a full 150 miles of extra running over the 18 weeks compared to the Hal Higdon plan I used (Novice 1). Probably a little ambitious, but I’m feeling pretty strong right now and really enjoying running this year. We’ll see if I change my tune after 10 weeks in the plan…6 days of running each week does seem like a lot! Have any other new runners tried the Hanson Marathon Method? Any advice/ warnings?

I’ve also been semi-frantically researching a new RSS reader… I’ve been having issues signing up for just about any reader to replace my beloved Google Reader (shutting down July 1st). I’m looking for a web-based reader that works with IE8. Any suggestions on a new RSS reader?

BTW I love this twist on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster:

Cute and creative :)

A few links around the running/fitness blogging world today – go read some!
SkinnyRunner’s recap of the LA Marathon and a code for 40% off Pro Compression Marathon gear!
Meghann from Meals and Miles reviewed the Sarasota Half Marathon – I gotta wonder, how does she take so many pictures during the race?? Mine would be super blurry if I tried…
Sarah from The Blonde Bostonian talks about her experience at a Boston Wine School class – I love the pic of the “Spectrum of Wine”!
Yo Momma took 1st place for women on the Citrus Trail Marathon! Congrats, that must have felt awesome! Man, everyone ran a race this weekend…
DC Rainmaker’s continuing adventures living in Paris! How does he take such beautiful pictures while riding a bike?? I feel like there’s a secret to racing with a camera that I’m missing…

Have an awesome week, everyone! I’m looking forward to tapering before my half-marathon this weekend :)


2 thoughts on “Hanson Marathon Method

  1. Doug

    The Hanson Method works, follow it. Don’t over do it, follow the pace charts religiously and you will be successful. Good luck

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