NY Half Marathon Packing List

Good morning, I’m blogging quite late today! I had intended to post this yesterday evening, but was tired after a day of long travel.

Yesterday’s morning workout:
3.5 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace
Quick weight circuit (arms and back)

It felt great to get my workout done in the morning, knowing I would be sitting and traveling for the rest of the day! After my workout, I enjoyed my Strawberry PB Oatmeal with some flax stirred in for staying power and also because I need to use it up.

I finished packing, and decided to take some pictures along the way to provide a simple race packing list! So here it is:

1. Running Clothes and Sneakers: My advice here is to be prepared for the weather to be colder than you expect (for a cold weather race), and warmer than you expect (for a hot weather race).  I packed some layers for my cold weather race – thermal long sleeve shirt and pants, my warm beanie, and a wind-proof jacket.  If there’s a chance for rain, prepare for that too (wide brimmed running hat, water-resistant jacket, quick drying pants and socks.  Also a good idea to pack your sneakers in a plastic bag, because otherwise the rest of your bag will smell like feet.


2. Racing Essentials This will be different for everyone, but I prefer to bring the Gu I trained with instead of relying on whatever gels/ energy snacks provided at the race aid stations.  I’m bringing my Nathan’s water bottle belt with me to store gels and tissues (to blow my nose and in case the port-a-potties don’t have tissue paper…hey, it happens and you don’t want to be in that situation, that’s all).  I’ll probably run without the bottles.  I also like music to pump me up in the second half of the race.  And of course my Garmin watch (and charger) to see my splits.  None of these are necessary, that’s just how this girl rolls.

But I do suggest bringing pins for your bib and sunscreen is a must since who wants skin cancer?


2. Travel Documents: Print out all your travel documents and race registration and put them into a folder or somewhere safe.  This is a good time to figure out your transportation to the start line as well!


4. Pre-Race and Post-Race Essentials: It’s not just the race that you want to prepare for.  Before my race, I’m preparing to be standing in the cold, so I’m bringing a warm winter jacket to wear and give to my hubby/AMAZINGly supportive sister J before the race starts.  Food-wise, I’ll be making a trip to Starbucks the day before for a banana and muffin!

It’s wise to have some sort of post-race bag prepared.  Mine has an extra change of clothes and socks, comfortable shoes, and wipes.  I think I’ll have a chance to shower before lunch, but just in case…I don’t want to scare away all the patrons of the restaurant =P I may be tossing an aspirin packet in there too.


5. Medications: I always bring some ibuprofen/Excedrin and Bengay or something similar for after the race, just in case I did something stupid to myself while running.  I also pack medical tape, because after my last black toenail, I am more informed about the dark side of marathon running.  If you’re staying in a hotel or unfamiliar house, it doesn’t hurt to bring earplugs and a sleeping mask, and whatever you need to (hopefully) get some rest before the race.  For my insomniac self, I packed an anvil  Ambien.  I really hate how woozy it makes me, but it usually gets the job done.


And how about something to read while traveling to get you pumped for the race?


After packing, I called the cab and began to heat up my chicken panini for lunch…but the taxi driver about 2 minutes after the call and my panini was less warm and toasty than slightly greasy, lol.  I still enjoyed it as I waited for my train at Union Station!


Can anyone relate to being completely confused at an Amtrak station? I’ve taken it once before, but at a much smaller train station; I just waited out by the right track and got on the train.  But here, it was kind of like an airport, with check-in counters and gates.  So headed to the check-in counter, ticket in hand and asked to check in my bag.  The very nice man explained that there wasn’t any check-in for my train, and explained that while a gate hadn’t been assigned yet for my train, one would appear on the board soon.  I then went to my gate, where people were either sitting around or standing in line…I figured I should stand in line, but when the doors opened, it was a mad rush for the train anyway! Well, I’ll be the experienced Amtrak rider the next time around :)


When I got on the train, I was pleasantly surprised at how large and comfortable the seats were! Much better than the commuter trains in NY.


I’ll update the packing list later with anything I WISH I had remembered to bring… I already asked mike to bring my camera battery charger when he comes on Friday :)


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