Easiest Way to Make Popcorn Ever and my Crappy Run

My crappy run story: I had a pretty sad run this morning.  After a great tempo run yesterday (I got up to 6.7 for 2 miles, which beat my usual 6.5 speed on the treadmill), I was all excited to go for a 5 mile run this morning.  And then…my body wouldn’t cooperate.  First,  the outside tendons of my feet hurt.  So I walked a little before trying to run again.  Then my right hip flexor started to ache.  So I walked again and when I started running, I kept my speed slow.  I finished the run, but it took me a good 55 minutes to finish, which is the slowest I’ve been in a while.  I felt really encouraged by Theodora’s post (she blogs at Losing Weight In the City) though; she too had a crappy run a week before her half marathon, and then she ended up getting a PR! I think the important thing is knowing when to take it slowly so you don’t injure your body (or tire yourself out too much before a key race).  Hopefully my body will be rested and fast for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile two weeks from now!

But anyway, onto the fun part of this post! Guys, I’ve found the easiest possible way to make fresh popcorn, and I’m posting about it just in case I’m not actually the last person on the planet to find out about this.

I’m kind of a popcorn fanatic. I eat popcorn about 4 times a week (it used to be once a day).  I started out eating the bags of microwave popcorn because they were so convenient, but I started to get concerned about the potential harmful chemicals in the bags (just google “microwave popcorn bad for you” to see what I’m talking about).  I believe that everything is fine in moderation, but at the rate I ate popcorn, I decided it was probably time to find a healthier way to get my fix.  Also, buying 2-3 boxes of popcorn a week adds up, guys.

So then I started making my popcorn in a pot using this method! It’s very easy, takes almost the same amount of time as popping a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and the popcorn it produces is really delicious.


The downside is that you have an extra pot to wash, and if you’re a multi-tasker like me, you’ll be doing the dishes and folding the laundry and what-not waiting for the popcorn to pop, and before you know it, the popcorn’s burning (sorry for the fiasco on Superbowl Sunday, Mike) and now you have a mess to clean up.  BTW Barkeeper’s Friend has saved my stainless steel pot from the trash like 20 times now.

Enter: microwave popcorn in a brown paper bag! If you love popcorn, you HAVE to try this.  I already had brown paper lunch bags and popcorn kernels, so as soon as I read Lindsay’s post on her The Lean Green Bean blog, I ran into the kitchen, where I did this:

Empty paper bag and unpopped corn kernels
Quarter cup of kernels into the bag! Ignore the cat litter in the background, lol
Just press the popcorn button (or a few minutes) – listen carefully and shut it off when the popping slows down!
Beautifully popped popcorn!!

A few tips: you want to watch the popcorn in the microwave occasionally because you don’t want the bag to fall over and kernels fall out.  If you see kernels fall out, I would stop the microwave.  Also, if you wait too long after the popping slows down, you’ll end up burning some of your popcorn a little bit.  Just make it a few times and you’ll find that sweet spot, where you pop most of your kernels but don’t burn the popcorn.

Afterwards, I usually give the popped popcorn a few spritzes of olive oil, sprinkle on my favorite seasoning and shake the bag over the sink! What seasonings, you say? Our current rotation includes these:
Kettle Corn seasoning (from William Sonoma Outlet), Truffle Salt (from Cheesetique, a local cheese/ specialty foods shop), and nutritional yeast (from an organic health foods store).

But we like plain salt or salt and pepper popcorn too! Give it a shot :) I think I have to try out this new (to me) method making in a microwaveable bowl next! I still make my popcorn in the stove, and still eat the occasional microwave popcorn bag because hey, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to live forever and it won’t be microwave popcorn that does me in (probably) =P

Have you had a crappy run recently? Did you quit, or did you finish the run?

Have you tried making popcorn in a brown paper bag in the microwave? Share any tips you have!

What is your favorite popcorn seasoning/ flavor?


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