But But But…this is a running blog!

Morning Workout:
– spin bike – 20 min interval workout
– upper body circuit (this one here)

This morning’s workout ended up not being exactly what I planned – a 30 min interval run.  But unfortunately I had some ankle issues thanks to a shtoopid idea I had yesterday to put arch support in a shoe that absolutely didn’t need it.  Yea, my feet are kinda delicate.  But no worries, I hopped on a spin bike for a great workout!


Most everybody knows that cycling is a great cross-training activity.  The day after a long run, I hop on a bike and go at an easy pace for thirty minutes to an hour, and it helps my muscles recover faster.  But I also use it to sub out running workouts when I know I can’t run (but don’t have a muscle injury).  Like today.  You can do a workout similar to the run you planned – interval, endurance, tempo, etc.  When I’m cycling instead of spinning, I do a much harder workout than when I’m using it for just recovery.  LoL, this quote just popped into my head: “And I wouldn’t just sit (lie) there, if that’s what you’re thinking!” Arrested Development, anyone?

Want the word of a pro? “Cycling lets you add another high-intensity workout to your week without running’s impact, thus reducing stress on the joints, risk of injury, and the cumulative fatigue of high mileage.” Runner’s World Wheel Benefits Article

Never done spin? Here’s a few simple workouts that I like:

Speed interval workout – Warm up at a steady pace for 5 min.  Then increase resistance to a moderate level and maintain a fast speed (110 rpm) for 2.5 min.  Maintain resistance and decrease speed to a comfortable pace for 2.5 min.  Repeat 5x.
Building endurance (hill workout) – Start with a 5 min warm up.  Increase resistance every 2-3 min for 6 segments, building till you feel like you’re on a steep hill.  Back down the resistance in the same way you went up (decrease every 2-3 min).
To the music! – Put songs of alternate bpms (beats per minute) on your ipod, and then match your cadence (speed) to the beat of each song.  You can find lists of songs by bpm here or here.
Beat yourself! – Keep track of how far you went on your last ride, and try to beat it in the same amount of time.

There’s an endless number of workouts you can create on the bike – try varying speeds, or resistances, or heart rate (if your bike has a monitor or you have one yourself).  If you’re on a spin bike, you can also alternate between standing and sitting!

Other cycling workout ideas:
Quick Cycling Workouts for Power and Endurance from
Bicycling Magazine
4 Great One-Hour Bike Workouts from Active.com

DC Local Deal Alert! I think you all know by now how much I love frozen yogurt.  I blog about it probably once a week.  So I got super excited when I saw the Living Social deals for Yogiberry ($5 for $10) and sweetFrog ($10 for $20) yesterday.  Go check it out! Yep, I got two.


Drool…now I need to find some froyo.


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