MOM’s Organic Market and My First Time: Tempeh!

Morning Workout:

– Attempted to run 8 miles outside…stopped after 2.5 due to left foot pain

Guys, I have no idea what I did to my left foot, but the part near the big bone in the heel (calcaneus?) hurt to the point that I was limping during my run.  Always a good sign that I should stop…oh well, I’ll rest it for a day and see how it feels tomorrow.  So sad – I was all ready to get a good long run in with the beautiful weather today!


After puttering about the house and doing a little cleaning, I finally got my shopping list together and went food shopping.  First stop was the organic market, and I wanted to post some pictures because I love MOM’s Organic Market! I do all my regular shopping at Harris Teeter, but every once in a while, I’ll want some specialty product that I’ve read about, and I’ll head over to MOM’s to browse and buy.  It’s located in a not-yet-up-and-coming part of town, but they’ve definitely distinguished themselves from the neighboring stores:


The painted part of the building is MOM’s, of course!


Part of the bulk bins


I’ve never even heard of these types of rice!! LoL, being Korean, I thought there was only one kind of rice growing up…


Sister J, they have lots of different kinds of yogurt here! You’d love it :)


I discovered this corner for the first time today…um free coffee and tea?? Yes please! I remembered at the last moment that I only drink tea and decaf coffee now…that decaf coffee was goooood.


They have free samples throughout the store – I ate some dark chocolate, bread, hummus with chips, sausage – pretty much could have called it lunch!


It was a beautiful day here in DC.  So nice to get some sun! So, after wandering around in the store for the better part of an hour, what did I buy?


Some coconut flakes for oatmeal and protein balls, tempeh (more on that later), coconut flour for future baking experiments, kalamata hummus (this stuff was DELICIOUS in store), Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter, and regular quinoa (they had like 6 varieties in the bulk bins – I chose the cheapest one lol).

It isn’t cheap shopping at MOM’s, but I like trying new things so I treat it as an adventure and pick a few things that I’ve never had before! Case in point…tempeh!


What is tempeh? It is a soy-based product that originates from Indonesia, which is unique because most other soy-based products (soy milk, soybean pastes, tofu, etc) were invented in China/Korea/Japan.  It comes in a solid patty-like form, and it has a great nutritional profile, so it’s commonly used as a meat replacement by vegetarians and vegans.

What does it taste like? To me, it tastes relatively flavorless – sort of like tofu but a little more nutty.  The texture is crumbly and dense.

How do I use it? Tempeh tastes great when it’s marinated and then fried.  This website gives five ways to prepare tempeh!

I was eager to try tempeh after seeing a recipe for Orange Marmalade Glazed Tempeh on Kath Eats Real Food.  I love sweet and salty marinades, so I knew I had to try this! I’m sure it would work well with chicken, beef or any other protein.  I pan-fried the tempeh with a little oil (helps get it crispy), and then added a mixture of marmalade, soy sauce, and garlic in somewhat similar proportions to the recipe.  I put together a salad with whatever I had in my fridge – greens, some beets, avocado, and sunflower seeds – and topped it with the tempeh and some balsamic vinaigrette!


Pretty tasty looking, no?

Have you tried tempeh? How did you like it? Any favorite recipes? I’d love some new ideas!

Do you like to try new foods?


3 thoughts on “MOM’s Organic Market and My First Time: Tempeh!

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