Training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and Sushi Taro!

I packed up my winter coat this weekend! Spring is finally here (with 21 mph winds today in DC, lol).

Guys, I tried Overnight Oats for the first time this morning and my first thought was wow, the oats do absorb the liquid over night. And my second thought was this is delicious!! Why didn’t I try these earlier? The bowl of oats filled me up so much that I didn’t think about eating a snack until 11 (I’m usually starting to munch around 9:30, lol). I used Kath’s recipe for Basic Overnight Oats, if you’re interested. I’ll post a longer review with tips and pics at the end of the week!

I’m currently training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – I’m really looking forward to this race because it’s kind of an iconic DC race (this and the Marine Corps Marathon), and I think it’ll be really nice to run so close to the monuments and of course, cherry blossoms.  I volunteered at the race last year, which got me guaranteed entry this year! Hopefully the weather will be warmer and drier this year! So here’s how I worked out this week:

workout log 3

I wanted to run a lot more this week – I had planned to run 8 miles on Saturday but had to abort the run due to some foot pain.  Lesson learned: don’t try any new orthotics or shoe inserts in the weeks leading up to a race, particularly when your feet were feeling fine to begin with! I rested my feet this weekend and I’ll take a rest day today, so hopefully I’ll be back up and running (literally) on Tuesday!

So here’s a question for you: What do you look for when you’re picking a race? I’ve been seeing all sorts of coupon codes for races for next year, so I’ve started researching races for 2014 already! LoL I’m quite the planner.  I go by a few criteria: (1) price; (2) do I have friends nearby? then I can combine a race with visiting friends and make double use of traveling lol (3) no travel required is also good, i.e. DC or VA races (4) not too expensive to travel there from DC is also good, i.e. NY or other close-by states (5) or run a race in a place i’ve always wanted to visit and make it a vacation! (6) what’s the size of the race? I tend to prefer mid-sized races, maybe 1000-5000 runners.

I really like running races because it gives me something to train for and I’m sort of a hoarder collector when it comes to things like medals lol.  But I have a limited travel budget, so I try to run most races close to home and run only one race where I’ll need plane tickets, hotel, the whole shebang.  Oh, and before I sign up, I usually tell Mike so he can decide if he’d want to come or not.

Okay, here’s the drool-worthy section of this post.  Mike and I finally had our long-awaited date to Sushi Taro‘s Omakase Counter! I combined our anniversary, Mike’s birthday, and Mike’s Christmas gift to take him here :) We’re big on combining gifts in the H household. Omakase means “I’ll leave it to you”, so the evening’s meal was entirely chosen by our chef Masa Kitayama.  It was an amazing experience. I took pictures of our favorite courses (not all -there were 20+!).

Super excited for sushi!
The neighborhood shot. It took us 40 min longer to get to the restaurant than Google calculated due to construction in DC. Good thing Mike was hungry and pushed me out the door an hour early :)
007 008
Bar well stocked with sakes and the like
We opted for the Sushi Taro sake, imported from Japan with the restaurant’s own label. Our chef had us select whatever sake cup we wanted from a tray, and the sake was served over ice in a beautiful glass teapot (well, sakepot I guess)!
The Omakase Counter in the back of the restaurant. They seat only 4 customers a night, something like 3 nights a week. We sat next to a fun couple – the husband knew all the right questions to ask the chef about the sushi and food, so we learned a lot!
The first course was a fantastic tofu – crispy on the outside, like marshmallow on the inside.
Many different parts of a very fresh flounder! We learned that it needed to be sliced very thin because very fresh flounder is actually quite chewy.
This was Mike’s favorite dish of the night. Kobe beef wrapped around sea urchin, topped with winter truffle.
I tried firefly squid! I had to eat Mike’s too (he doesn’t eat squid or octopus, unless it’s like triple deep fried, lol)
The first of the sashimi boxes. The salmon roe was the best I’ve ever had – so sweet and fresh!
Some more sashimi. Did you know that tuna needs to be “aged” before being made into sashimi/sushi? It significantly improves the taste, as we learned from our chef!
We really liked this course until we went home and found out what it was. The chef presented it as “fish milk” (at the time, I thought, do fish produce milk?)… Shirako is actually fish sperm. Yikes.
The shabu shabu was my least favorite course of the night- the seaweed and fish just wasn’t to my taste. But isn’t the shabu shabu pot amazing?
I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and I was really looking forward to dessert. This roasted green tea pudding? To die for.
Mike’s sesame ice cream was also pretty fantastic. He generously let me scarf down half of it. This is why I married him.
We finished our meal with the cutest fruit jelly. I may or may not have squealed like a little girl when I saw this.
We ended our meal pleasantly stuffed nearly three hours later, lol. What a fun experience!

DC locals – what’s your favorite sushi place in the DC/MD/VA area? Other folks can weigh in too! We’re always looking for great restaurants when we travel.

In other news, I signed up for my first barre class on Saturday! Christina and I have had a barre date on our radar since she filled me in on barre on Superbowl Sunday, and now (two months later, lol) we’re making it happen! I’ll let you all know how it goes…I’ve never done any kind of dance before and am probably the least graceful person on the planet.


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