My new Saucony Cortanas! And my winner face.

I re-designed my blog last night. Again. What do you guys think? I like it =) Also, note my 2013 race schedule in the right sidebar! I figured out how to code a little to add links and colors :) #sortanerdy #latetotheparty Let me know if you’re running any of those races and want to meet up!

Today’s Workout:
Morning: 5 miles on T/M, 6.1 average pace, 1.5 incline
Evening: didn’t make it to yoga as intended

I’ve been getting up at 5:45 AM nearly every weekday for my workouts.  And I witnessed a near riot at the gym this morning. Even though my gym is open 24/7, sometimes there aren’t any clean towels first thing in the morning.  Which brings me to this math equation: Sweaty ppl + no towels = an angry mob O.o I just grabbed a few paper towels to mop my face as I ran.

I ran with my Garmin footpod again today, but I think I need to re-calibrate it again; my pace was much closer to being right, but the distance was still off by near 1/10 of a mile.  I don’t think it’ll ever be 100% accurate for the treadmill (probably better for an indoor track?), but it’s still good for having some sort of electronic record of my workouts!

It’s really easy to snap the pod onto my shoelaces, and it’s very secure once it’s on!
I also ran with my new pink Saucony Cortanas (another generous bday gift from Mike, my in-laws and sister J!)! I love these shoes.  They’re on sale all over the place now since the Cortana 2s are out, which is good because the regular price will set you back 150 buckaroos.  You can get your own pair of the original Cortanas here and here.

I didn’t mean to match my sneakers to my water bottle…or socks…lol

I’m working on a “sneaker review” type of post that will compare the shoes I’ve run in (Saucony Cortanas, Brooks Glycerins 8/10, Brooks Adrenaline) and how I picked my sneakers.  Hopefully to be published later this week!

Guys, the NY 13.1 Marathon photos came out last week, and I discovered my new favorite picture of me:13.1 from marathonfoto

The 13.1 NY Marathon photos are out, and I loved this one.  That’s me in the pink jacket with my intense winner face.  Yea, I’m all business at the finish line =) That’s also the face I make when Mike asks me if I want to get froyo.  Or adopt another cat.  And I might be making that face right now because…

We’re Going to Miami Atlanta!

I’m so excited for our vacation in a few weeks! When we started thinking about going somewhere close by for a mini-vacation after a crazy few months at work, I immediately picked Atlanta!  I fell in love with Atlanta when we visited a year ago for the wedding of two close friends.  I loved the (cheap!) food, the wide highways, and the fact that they had a Korean spa.   Lol, yup I have some interesting priorities.

Anyway, we didn’t have time to see all the fun attractions the city has to offer, so this time around, we got the Atlanta Citypass and we’re going to see the zoo, acquarium, World of Coca-Cola and everything! I’m so excited!! But you know what I’m most excited about??


You know you’re a fitness addict when…you find out there’s a FlyWheel at your vacation location and nearly wet your pants with excitement.  Also, the first class is free :) There aren’t any FlyWheels in DC, and my cycle-loving hubby was obviously on board, so this is happening!

Also, this came in the mail today…I can’t wait to try it in smoothies and oatmeal!


Has anyone been to a FlyWheel class? Did you like it?

Any suggestions on what to do/ eat in Atlanta? We’re looking for a good Southern BBQ place (b/c IMHO, Northern Virginia isn’t exactly Southern)!

Are you a PB2 fan? How do you like use it?


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