Barre, Pre-Race Carbing at Toki Underground

Hey guys! I had a full but fun day today in DC.  First, my workout log this week (taper leading up to my race tomorrow):

workout log

I have no idea what my workout schedule will look like after the race, since I don’t start marathon training until June! I might focus on more cross training and weight lifting…or just keep running lol.

This morning, I had planned to sleep in, but I got a courtesy wakeup call from my personal Meow Squad:


Lucy, AKA Fat Thief (not so fat anymore, thanks to her strict diet)


Kitty, AKA Smelly Cat.  Self explanatory.  We don’t know what it is.

After feeding them breakfast, I whipped up some Peanut Butter Frosting – I’ve been dying to try this since seeing it on STUFT Mama’s website! She puts it on everything, and I can see why! It only involves 3 ingredients (PB2, maple syrup and milk) and it’s super tasty and low cal.


I whipped it up in 1 min and used it to top the last of my frozen muffins.


Yum.  Can’t wait to slather that stuff on everything.

Then I bummed around a while and slowly got ready for my first barre class at B.Fit barre.  My friend Christina and I had been planning a barre date for months, and had finally managed to get our schedules to work this weekend! The day before my race, of course.  But how hard could barre be?  I thought.  Yea…read on, friends. 


My barre outfit – Athleta top, Champion capri pants…


And grippy toesox! These were awesome for the wooden floors in class!

I had a ton of time before class, so I experimented with a sock bun.  This didn’t stay all neat very long.  Next time, I’ll stick with a plain ponytail!


Then it was off to the studio! I’m so glad that I read up on B. Fit on DC Fit Crasher’s blog, because otherwise I would have never seen the sign for the studio!


The studio is on the third floor of the building, and thank goodness it was warm inside.  Although the weather looked beautiful before I left this morning, I quickly found out that it was colder than it looked! I got buzzed into the building, and immediately had to take pictures:


Big mirror on the first floor of the building, I couldn’t resist!


Convenient cubbies


Beautiful studio with hardwood floors and plenty of natural light.


Warming up at the bar! Actually, this was after class.

Class got full really quickly, although not as full as my yoga class at Studio DC.  Not gonna lie guys, I thought my legs were strong, but they were burning after 2 mins at the bar.  Those leg lifts were intense! And I could feel my IT bands aching.  I think this will be good cross training for running, and we’ll be back because our second class is free as part of the new students deal! I’ll push myself a little harder next time – I took it easy with the exercises today to save my legs for tomorrow.

Afterwards, we hung out at Caribou Coffee, and I got my usual decaf coffee with soy milk.


I took pictures because it had a nice lodge kind of feel.  See the stone fireplace?

After we chatted a little, we went our separate ways.  I had my race packet to pick up! Packet pickup and expo was inside the National Building Museum.  This place was beautiful; look at the columns!

075.jpg 076.jpg

The pickup was really easy and fast, contrary to my fears that I’d have to wait in line.  The key was having your bib number from the confirmation email.  I had been all excited to see my first race expo, but there weren’t any amazing deals there.  Although I may have put my name down on the mailing lists for a few more races, lol.  I need to find a September half marathon!

Afterwards, I came home and quickly changed for dinner.  I’d been really excited all week because Mike was taking me to my absolute favorite ramen restaurant, maybe favorite restaurant PERIOD in DC – Toki Underground! Two things at this place are phenomenal – the ramen, and the lines outside the door.  So we showed up at 4:45 PM, 15 minutes before opening, to wait in line.  We thought we wouldn’t get seated in the first wave because there were 30 people in front of us, but one was a big party of like six or seven that couldn’t be seated all at score!!


Toki’s symbol – there’s no sign for this restaurant because it doesn’t really need one.  Just look for the line on the sidewalk.

081.jpg 079.jpg 080.jpg


The restaurant has a lot of neat details all around, like the little dolls in the picture above, and lots of wood and skateboards incorporated into the design.  Gives it a really fun feel.  But the best part is the food, of course! We ordered the cold tofu appetizer, and we both got the Toki Classic ramen.  I added some karaage (fried chicken) on the side.

086.jpg 091.jpg 090.jpg

Also, I’m not much of a drinker, but the bartender at Toki is fantastic, and I always get something to drink here.  I opted for the Blackened Gold, and Mike got the Little Clouds.  Both were delicious! This is the only place where I can finish a whole drink by myself.

083.jpg 082.jpg

Little Clouds


My Blackened Gold – delightful and sweet!

We came home happy and full, and finished off the night with stove-popped truffle popcorn and The Man with the Iron Fists – an over the top parody of Kung Fu movies by Quentin Tarantino.  Very funny!


And now I’m off to bed so I can get some sleep before my 5:30 AM wakeup tomorrow.  LoL the things we do for the stuff we love….  Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be back with a post on my race on Monday Smile  Sundays will be blog-free for me for a while.  I’ll explain soon.


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