Cherry Blossom 10 Mile: Racing in Compression Socks is the Best

Hey guys! I had such an awesome time at the race yesterday.

I woke up at 5:20 AM and quickly got dressed in the clothes I laid out the night before.  I always figure out what to bring and what to wear the day before the race, because in the morning, my brain is on auto-pilot.  Or just off.  Apparently I was awake enough to take pictures though!

011 012

The weather was supposed to be sunny, but about 40 degrees and slightly windy in the morning so I opted for a long sleeve Nike shirt, black capris, and my new PRO Compression marathon socks! Are you liking all the pink? I’m not usually so matchy matchy…

I had picked up a Nathan’s Gel Waist Pack the day before, so I loaded that up with two Chocolate Outrage Gu Gels (my absolute favorite) and clipped that on too.  This belt can hold a lot! I fit in my smartphone and seven gels with room to spare (to test the capacity, not for the actual race lol).  It was nice not having to run with the bottle holders on my other belt.


I debated between wearing my tried and true Brooks Glycerin 10s or my new Saucony Cortanas, but the Cortanas won because well…they matched my outfit.  Sometimes, I’m such a girl.


Sadly, it was no contest.

My Cortanas and PRO Compression socks were birthday gifts from my amazing husband, sister, and parents-in-law! Obviously, my family really gets me Smile Thanks everyone!!

I try to eat about 1.5 to 2 hours before a race, and the race started at 7:30, so I scarfed down some Double Chocolate Coconut Granola Bars with some PB2 frosting (STUFT Mama’s recipe) and half a bottle of water, and was all set to go!


I left the house around 5:45 and I parked at the Pentagon City mall to take the metro over.  There were so many people! I was glad I got there with just enough time to drop off my bag at the bag check and use the port-a-john.

IMG_20130407_070804_722.jpg IMG_20130407_071225_968.jpg IMG_20130407_070253_188.jpg

Guys, it was pretty cold with all the wind! I was glad I ended up grabbing my wind-blocking jacket at the last minute, because it kept me warm with all the waiting around.  Funny story – we were assigned corrals from our estimated finishing time, and I must have made a mistake when I signed up, because I was in the last corral.  I’m not super fast, but I was about 50 feet in front of the sag wagon! So my corral started about 25 minutes after the start of the race.  The benefit was I didn’t feel pressured to run too fast, but I also had to do a lot of weaving to run the race at my pace.

The day was sunny (if a little cold), and the course was beautiful and flat! We ran around the Tidal Basin and down and up Hains Point.  I couldn’t have asked for a more scenic course near the water.


My left foot had been bothering me before the race, and I was worried because I couldn’t walk without pain.  But I decided to run anyway, because I’m that stubborn.  Probably in 95% of cases, this would have been a terrible call, but somehow when I started running, my foot didn’t hurt anymore! I’m going to credit the cold weather with numbing it and my PRO Compression socks with working their magic.  I’m NEVER running a race without compression socks again – those 10 miles were the easiest I’ve ever run. 


My final time was 1:30:35, a 10 mile first and automatic PR! Considering my goal back in the fall when I signed up was a 1:36 (and that seemed ambitious), I was really pleased with my time.  I can’t believe how much I’ve improved in just a year! I was struggling to run 10 minute miles this time last year.

And I’ll definitely be running more DC races – the course is gorgeous! So did we see cherry blossoms this year? About half and half:

 074.jpg 072.jpg

I liked all the post-race food! Plenty of muffins, bananas, and bars.  And water, of course.


Dawn’s Race Quick Notes

Course: Nice and flat.  Beautiful scenic route near the water and cherry blossoms (when they actually bloom in time!).

Course Support: Plenty of water and Gatorade stations.  They were well prepared for the volume of runners.  LOTS of port-a-johns before the race.

Size: Huge! 17,492 runners finished the 10 Mile.

Weather: This year, it was a little windy and slightly cold.

“Extras”: Cotton T-shirt, and you can order a medal (I didn’t).  Very decent post-race food.

Post Race Brunch and Fun

I came home to shower, and quickly made myself a chocolate, almond milk and soft tofu shake – the other tube that didn’t make it into my Korean tofu stew the other day.


That hit the spot until we made it to brunch at Rustico! I picked it off the review by Bitches who Brunch – they have great reviews of many (if not all) the brunches in the DC metro area.

016.jpg 019.jpg

I loved the fireplace in their foyer – so cozy looking.

Mike got a pannino with ham, bacon, egg and cheese, and I opted for the Corned Beef Hash with sunny side eggs on top! Both were very good.

022.jpg 023.jpg

And then, we spotted a froyo place down the street, and this happened:


Frozenyo is a self-serve place with a lot of fun flavors! I was happy to find my favorite – Mint Chocolate Chip.


Afterwards, we went home to rest and run some errands until dinner at Andrew’s.  We knew he’d be making pizza (how amazing is that?) but I didn’t know I’d be seeing this:


Yup, that’s a Happy Birthday pizza for me! Andrew found out through his girlfriend (my AWESOME friend Lexi) that it was my birthday on April 8.  I’ve never had a birthday pizza before! I didn’t eat the whole thing, although I tried.


It was a great birthday weekend.  And now, we have our Atlanta trip to look forward to, because these came in the mail!


Have an awesome week guys! Enjoy the beautiful weather, if you’re in DC :) I have some more “recipe” posts coming this week…


10 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom 10 Mile: Racing in Compression Socks is the Best

  1. Sister J

    Can you move the “Leave a Reply” button to the bottom of the posts? I read this post and then almost ended up commenting on the next post, because I was confused about the button placement lol :)

  2. Sister J

    Also, it might just be my computer, but I can only see the first two pictures and then the granola bars! Loved reading about the race and your bday celebrations though!!

    1. Dawn H.

      Ooo thanks for the heads up! I fixed it. I think I deleted a bunch of pics while trying to clean out my media files last night.

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