Mental Spring Cleaning and a Change Around Here

Guys, my insomnia last week was the worst it’s been in years. I slept 3-4 restless hours every night (if at all) and if I hadn’t been eating well, I would have had no energy at all. Mike asked me one night if I was worrying about something, and I realized that while I wasn’t worrying, my thoughts were consumed with all these ideas from different blogs and Pinterest and the internet on what to cook, workouts, what to blog about, races to run, and on and on.  No wonder I couldn’t sleep.

So I decided it was time to redefine my priorities (just in time for my birthday today), and make a few changes this month:

1. Observe a Sabbath by not blogging/ watching TV/ minimal internet time on Sunday.  This one’s a tough one.

2. Volunteer twice a month.

3. Join a running group!

I’m really excited about #2 – I was talking to a lady at the bus stop the other day, and she mentioned how she was looking for volunteer opportunities because she’s always volunteered wherever she lived.  That she couldn’t imagine just “taking” and not giving back to the community.  That really resonated with me and re-started my volunteering search.  I haven’t found the right long term service opportunity for me in the past, but my church is dedicated to serving the community around them so they started a website with tons of outreach opportunities! I signed up to play bingo with some seniors at a senior home :)

I’m also excited about #3!  I already joined a running group through Meetup, and I’m going to my first group run this week.  I think it’ll be fun to meet new friends and run in a group with fast people!

I’m less excited about #1.  But I know it’s necessary.  I’m so plugged in all the time (I had my laptop, desktop, and ipad all in the front of me the other day and was working on all three) that it’s no wonder I lost sight of my priorities and got too distracted to sleep.  I also feel so busy all the time, so I’m looking forward to having one “slow” day a week, where I can take my time reading the Bible, hang out with Mike and the cats, and maybe take a leisurely walk (I’ve never done that, but it sounds nice).  I’m looking forward to not feeling busy for a day.

I know it just got deep up in here, but maybe there’s something in what I wrote that you can relate to.  If so, why not try changing or re-prioritizing one or two things this month, and seeing if it frees up your time/ headspace/ enriches your life?

Now for something lighter – I’ll be back later today with a post on my Cherry Blossom 10 Miler :)


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