Maintaining Running Fitness and Interest Between Races

Now that my 10 miler is over, I don’t have a specific goal to train for until I start training around the first week of June for the Long Beach Marathon in October. My goals until then are to maintain a running base of about 20 miles a week, mix in small race or two for fun, and focus on cross training to keep my body and core strong.

Overall, my workout plan each week incorporates 3-4 running days, 2 strength training sessions, 1 stretch/ yoga day, and 1 cross training day. For the running days, I’ll try to do 1 tempo run, 1 interval training run, and one long run at ~9:15 pace each week. The mid-week long runs will be done at whatever pace feels good that day. It’s actually not too different from how I’ve been working out so far.  In the last week, I added an additional running day to prepare to go to 5 running days a week under my fall marathon training plan! To be revealed in June…it’s going to be intense! I’m looking forward to it already :)

pre-marathon training

I’m going to flex my schedule so that I can do fun activities on the weekends, like learning to golf (less fun than mandated by my husband, lol), taking barre and hot yoga classes with friends, finally using my Groupons for the rock climbing gym and trampoline gym, etc. Just to name a few of the fun things I’d like to do :)

My Weekly Workout Logs

April 7-13 – Lots of Cross Training and Weights

April 14-20 – How to Workout on Vacation

April 21-27 – Some Great Outdoor Runs

April 28-May 4 – Hot Yoga at Mind Your Body Oasis

May 5-11 – Fun Les Mills Classes!

May 12-18 – Miles for the Peace Marathon

May 26-June 1 – Springfield 5K Recap!

What activities do you do in your “off” running season (if you have one)?

How do you stay motivated to run without training for a goal?

Feel free to link to your training plan blog posts in the comments section – I love reading other people’s workout plans!


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