My Eating Habits and How to Break the Post-Race Slump


– 40 min on reclining bike on hill program in the morning (sort of an active recovery workout.  does it still work two days after a race? lol)

– 6 mile run in the evening (3.1 with my running club!)

Ugh.  I’ve been feeling a little sluggish for the last two days and I think it’s all the food I’ve been eating.  Last night, I ate pretty much everything in the refrigerator (leftover pizza, ice cream, a granola bar, hash leftovers from Rustico and umm probably other stuff).  So I told Mike last night that I’ll go back to eating clean tomorrow and he asked what on earth that meant.  I realize that clean eating means different things to different people, so without googling to find out the “official” answer, here’s what it means to me: less processed foods, eating in moderation, choosing protein/produce over straight-up carbs. For me, these are eating habits that I can maintain in the long term, and I find that eating this way gives me a lot more energy during the day and makes my body feel ready to go!

So now I’m curious: What does clean eating (or similar phrase) mean to you? What are some guidelines you use when it comes to what you eat?

While we’re on the topic of eating, I’ve been noshing on Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls these last few weeks! Inspired, of course, by The Fitnessista’s Amazeballz.  Here’s the version I’ve been making.


My version is pretty low cal, and makes for a great pre-workout shot of energy, a post-workout refuel or anytime tasty snack! It only requires four ingredients!
The ingredients

Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls


– 4 tb oats
– 0.8 scoop protein powder (about 2 tb, I think)
– 2 tb PB2 mixed with about 1 tb water (thick, drippy consistency)
– 1 tb honey


Place all ingredients in food processor and pulse until it clumps together. Roll into five balls. If too sticky, either add a little more oats or put into fridge for 30 min.

It will look like this in the food processor after pulsing:


How easy is that? My recipe makes five balls for only 45 calories each!

I LOVE my lunch this week too.  Can’t wait to share this with you guys on my Friday “Week of Eats” post!


I’ve been feeling a little down since Sunday, and I figured out that I’ve been immersed in the post-race blues.  Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Sometimes after I finish a big goal (a race, a project, whatever) and the elation wears off, I feel a little depressed that goal is gone.  But I’ve learned that the best cure for the post-race blues is…to sign up for another race! lol.

I added in the Springfield 15K on June 1 to my pre-marathon training schedule (schedule here is a strong word).  My marathon training starts on June 10, and to that schedule, I added in my first trail run Friends of the W&OD 10K (a trail near me) and another half marathon in September – the returning Navy-Air Force Half Marathon! (use coupon code 13Ebird or PT365 to get $5 off right now through April 20).  I’m happy to have a few new races to look forward to this year :)

I’ve also started looking at 2014 races…more on that another time!


6 thoughts on “My Eating Habits and How to Break the Post-Race Slump

  1. Good luck on your upcoming races! I have my first marathon in October with a half in June.

    Clean eating (to me) means no processed foods. What I put into my body has to be something I can recognize. More fruits/veggies, no red meat, no refined sugars, and a balance of protein and carbs. Those protein balls look fantastic! I have a few recipes on my blog that reflect these clean eating strategies.

    1. Dawn H.

      Good luck on your first marathon! Which one are you running? I’ll be stopping by your blog to see your recipes!

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