Wednesday Running Advice – Join a Running Club!

I meant to make it to hot yoga after work today, but I was feeling pretty tired and the weather was so nice…so I ended up going home and heading to the balcony to clean the lawn chair off.  

On the chair: ice pack (for my foot), water, and my book.
Yep. This is slouchy me.

I’ve been staying away from running this week to let my right foot heal – I think I have some form of posterior tibialis tendonitis? I used this website to self-diagnose myself, lol.  BTW, I strongly recommend going to a doctor if you’re having severe or persistent pain.  For my minor injuries though, I find that with a few days of rest, anti-inflammatories, and regular icing, my body is fine.

Yesterday was the exception to staying away from running, because the weather was so nice and I wanted to meet up with my new running group! One of the great things about being a new runner is that well, there are so many “firsts” to experience.  I’d never run in a group before (well, I did cross country in seventh grade), so I was really looking forward to meeting some new runner friends and going for a fun run.  First, I had to go looking for my running shorts (it was 80+ yesterday!)… 008
I’m wearing a Moving Comfort cap, Under Armour tee, and my new Nike running shorts that I found at T.J. Maxx for $12. My sister had to persuade me that they weren’t too crazy bright.  Oh, that’s my Nathan’s Gel Belt around my waist to carry my phone, ID, keys, and a few dollars.

I popped a Peanut Butter Chocolate ball into my mouth for some energy, and ran over to the meetup location (the friendly Bungalow Billiards hosts the group), wondering if I’d be able to find the group.  I had no trouble, thanks to the banner..

..and the huge crowd. There were over 50 runners there – I had been expecting 20 at the most!

It was a gorgeous day for a run, and the 3 miles went by so quickly with the group. I kept an easy pace and chatted with a girl next to me for most of the time. Afterwards, we went back to Bungalow Billiards for cold water and happy hour. I needed to get home for dinner, so just I grabbed some water, and stopped by Harris Teeter to pick up a treat:

pb cinnamon raisin
From my Instagram

Yup, that made its way into my overnight oats this morning.  #Amazing.

I was STARVING when I got home, so I heated up some of Mike’s lentil stew with a little rice, and then enjoyed this sweet treat afterwards!


Do yourself a favor and go buy a Chobani Bite Cup now! I think I was subconsciously pressured into buying it when I saw Kristin of STUFTMama raving about it.  Wow, this stuff is good.  As in if-Mike-takes-my-last-Chobani-Bite-I-will-make-him-go-to-the-store-immediately good.  The little bits of chocolate make this such a decadent treat for just 100 calories!

After dessert and a little blogging, I went to sleep.  I was tired after the hot run!

I LOVED running with a group of people – it made the time go by so quickly.  I’ll definitely be there every Tuesday, and I’m looking for a Saturday group that does long runs for marathon training.  So maybe now you’re thinking, “I’d like to run with a running group – how do I find one?” I found my running group on and searching for “running DC” and “running Arlington”.  Meetup is great! It has tons of groups and activities for every day of the week.  I’m part of a local blogging group and a few running groups.  Whenever I feel bored, I go to Meetup to see what’s going on.

Okay, I was going to blog about my tofu dessert disaster, but this post is longer than I expected so I’ll save that for another time.

Are you part of a running group? Do you like running alone or with other people?


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