Friday Week of Eats and an Eden Center Adventure

Morning Workout:
– 30 min on spin bike, interval program
Arms and Core Workout from PopSugar

My week off from running continues SADNESS. My left foot feels 100% better, but just to be on the safe side, I’m continuing to ice and stick to the elliptical and bike for my cardio until next week. I’m ITCHING to go for a run, but at least this came in the mail yesterday!



My Cherry Blossom 10 Mile medal! It’s a pretty one, don’t you think?  Ignore my sweaty face, lol.  I didn’t get one after the race because back when I signed up for the race, I apparently didn’t think I’d want one.  WHEN WOULD I EVER NOT WANT A MEDAL? After I saw everyone walking around with one after the race, I raced to my computer and ordered myself my shiny hardware =)

We had a small adventure last night! Mike asked me if I wanted to go out to eat, and I decided I was craving some Vietnamese grilled meat with vermicelli.  I hopped onto Yelp to see what was around, and came across Huong Viet in Eden Center.  25 Zagat rating? Score! So we got in the car and endured the crazy traffic on the 7, mouth watering at the thought of some crispy spring rolls.  Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. 019

The sky was dark and the air was heavy with the promise of the coming rain. We were very hungry at this point, so Mike saw this restaurant’s sign and started a mad dash moving towards it:
I stopped him and pointed out that we were looking for Huong Viet, not Viet Bistro. So we started looking around for the restaurant. Guys, my first picture doesn’t begin to convey how many restaurants and shops are in this little block. Eden Center is Virginia’s Little Vietnam. We relied on Google at this point to find the restaurant quickly:


…only to wander AROUND AND AROUND that little block without seeing the restaurant.  Mike at this point was grumpy-hungry, so we decided just to find a restaurant that looked good and stuff some food into our bodies.  But then I saw it!


Totally not where Google said it would be! It beckoned us inside, where we quickly ordered and devoured the amazing food. We got the highly Yelped spring rolls to start with, and then I ordered the Lemongrass Grilled Beef with Rice Crepes, which were like very thin rice cakes to wrap the meat and veggies. A-Ma-Zing.

024 026 027
The awards on the wall are always a good sign.

In case you’re in the area or visiting and want to find this restaurant (H Family approved), here’s my update to Google.veit2

This post is getting crazy long, so I’ll do a mostly-pictures Week of Eats!

week of eats

This week was HOT and sunny in DC and all I wanted to eat were salads and yogurt!


More overnight oats with my Tuesday post-run reward buy – Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter.  About 300 calories, as long as I can keep the PB under control ;)


pb cinnamon raisin


Sweet Potato and Quinoa Patties from a GenYFoodie recipe on salad greens with goat cheese, avocado, and a light vinaigrette.  OMG these patties are amazing! Even my quinoa-hating hubby liked it and said I should make more.  And they’re so EASY to make and keep their shape in the refrigerator! Okay, enough exclamation points.  But also, they are only 164 calories and are very filling.  Mine had less because I didn’t have enough quinoa, but they still made six HUGE patties.

030 029 031

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, but used panko instead of bread crumbs, only about 1/2 the quinoa since I didn’t have enough, and I left out the celery (celery and squid are two items that are never in our fridge).  The 30 min baking time was perfect.

Here it is packed up for lunch with the salad greens, goat cheese and avocado:


And another day with some strawberries, goat cheese and dried cranberries:


This will definitely make some re-appearances this summer!


Dinner was mostly leftovers, and also some of Mike’s giant pot of lentil and squash stew.  He’s still working on this recipe, but it was very flavorful and spicy!


I’ll post a better picture next time he makes it :)


Ooo I had some great snacks this week.  Some carrots and hummus, same as last week, my new Chobani Bites that I’m obsessed with.013
I also ordered these Tupperware Smidget containers from Amazon – they’re airtight and perfect for holding about 2 TB of hummus, nut butter, and probably even dressing. And look at the cute colors!
009 011
Lucy offered to pose for size context, but then I caught her mid-yawn. Awkward.
Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter and a graham cracker

That’s it for this week! What have you been eating lately?

Feel free to link to your “eats” posts in the comments below – I’ll definitely check them out for inspiration!


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