Coupon Code for Rock ‘n’ Roll and WTH is Nutritional Yeast??

Happy Saturday! I recently got back on Twitter and finally discovered why its amazing, lol. I made my Twitter account a few years and pretty much never used it.  But now that I’m blogging and following bloggers and have an interest in racing and fitness companies, I realized how great it is for getting all the up-to-date news and participating in all sorts of conversations and contests!


And as a result, I have another coupon code to share with you all. The Rock’n’Roll Marathon series has a coupon code good on the 13th of every month of this year – LUCKY13 will save you $13 (of course) on most of their half or full marathons! Click here to see the exceptions. 

And today’s the 13th! So go sign up for a race =) And you can follow me on Twitter now (see the sidebar).  How connected am I?? Ridiculous.

Speaking of which, I’ve already signed up for a Rock’n’Roll this year, but I’m starting to look at what races I want to sign up for 2014! My goal is to keep it local (only 1 travel race, probably Cali somewhere) and fit in 2 marathons for the first time!

Potential 2014 Races (marathons bolded)

– Rock’n’Roll USA (DC) – March 15
– Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (DC) – early April
– SLO Marathon (CA) – early April
– Nike Women’s Half Marathon (DC) – late April
– Iron Girl Columbia Half (MD) – late April
– Alexandria Half Marathon (VA) – late May
– Zooma Half Marathon (MD) – early June
– Navy-Air Force Half Marathon (DC) – mid September
– Baltimore Marathon (MD) – mid October OR
– Marine Corps Marathon (DC) – late October

I don’t think I will (or can!) run all these races – some may end up being the same day or weekend and some are lotteried.  But there are so many awesome races in this area! I’m starting to get excited for next year already lol.

And I have another new (to me) food! I’ve been adventurous lately =)

NTMNTY nutritional yeast

What is nutritional yeast? It’s deactivated yeast, mostly sold as flakes or powder.  It’s a great source of proteins and vitamins – it’s a complete protein, which makes it great for vegetarians and vegans.  BTW, this type of yeast does not contribute to candida infections (and it’s deactivated – means it can’t grow).

What does it taste like? Here’s the cool part – it tastes like cheese! I’d compare it most closely to Cheese Nips in terms of flavor. It’s often used as a cheese substitute by vegetarians/vegans, and since it contains no dairy, the lactose-intolerant (like me).

How do I use it? We’ve only used it as a popcorn topping (amazing, btw). But it would be great in mashed potatoes or casseroles, I’m sure. There’s even recipes for “cheese” sauce, and here’s 20 ways to use nutritional yeast.

Yes, I love my label maker.  Gift from my father-in-law!How does my family know me so well? lol.
We have the flakey kind
Our love affair with popcorn continues…it’s a rare week in the H-household that we don’t have popcorn at least once!

Have you discovered nutritional yeast yet? What’s your favorite use for it?

Anyone running a Rock’n’Roll this year? I’ll be running Pittsburgh in August!


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