DC Foodies and Sightseeing!

Weekend Workouts:

Saturday: lots of walking around DC – I think that counts, lol
Sunday: morning BodyPump class

Hey guys, I didn’t get a chance to post this weekend! We had friends that we hadn’t seen in a while visiting us, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and played tour guide around DC.  Turned out Lexi used to actually give tours, back when she worked in the area, so we ended up learning a ton of interesting facts from her instead, lol.

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we drove into DC in the morning with the intent of seeing all the major monuments and what was left of the cherry blossoms.  But first stop, Starbucks!

013 014
Caramel macchiato – mmm haven’t had coffee in a while!

The day was slightly windy, but warmed up quickly as we walked and the sun came out to play :)

Lexi and Alex, and Mike closing his eyes lol.
Me and Mike in front of the Capitol – meeting place of Congress!

A statue across the street from the Capitol. I’m sure this is a very important statue, but I’m too lazy to look it up.

The best part about sightseeing with friends is getting lots of couple pictures! Bonus: Alex is a great photographer.  See the picturesque photo below.


After snapping away with our cameras, we headed down the Mall.  We were surprised at the lack of crowds everywhere!

The inappropriately named National Museum of the American Indian – we only stopped here to use the restrooms, lol. But it looked interesting inside and apparently the cafe has some unusual foods
A random duck on the pond in front of the American Indian museum. You’ve already seen tons of pictures of the monuments anyway, right? ;) I like taking pictures of animals.

031 032
Alex was having fun doing the “asian tourist” pose :)
Us with Lincoln. What a great man! I teared up a little reading the Gettysburg Address.

At this point, I was starting to get hungry, having fueled in the morning with a small yogurt bowl. I stopped by a refreshments stand and grabbed a delicious Naked smoothie. Haven’t had one of these in a while – I forgot how good they are!

Most of the spectacular cherry blossoms had already bloomed and were starting to lose petals and grow leaves. But we still got a few shots of the beautiful flowers! They bloomed late this year, due to the cold weather in March and early April.

I had to take a picture of the forsynthia bushes (the yellow flowers) – these were my dad’s favorite. There’s a cute story behind it – I was born on Long Island, and my dad at the time commuted every day on the Long Island Expressway. Every year, right around my birthday, all the forsynthias along the highway came into bloom. He loved celebrating my birthday with the riot of bright yellow in the spring.
The Washington Monument is currently under construction, due to damage from the earthquake in 2011.
After we got to the Jefferson Monument, our feet were definitely tired. Even with our sensible footwear!


So we decided to go home and rest up before dinner. Our friends are from West Virginia, from a town without a lot of Asian food, so they were craving ramen. Coincidentally, we know an amazing ramen place. Did you miss my rave on Toki Underground? Then you might want to read this post. Yea, we LOVE this place. We showed up at 4 PM and were the first ones in line! Which is good, because the line formed FAST. This place is still crazy popular. Let me show you a few reasons why.

#1: Amazing ramen. I had the Toki Classic and added on pork cheek. Seriously the best bowl of ramen I’ve ever eaten.

#2: Really good cocktails. I had the Blackened Gold (again – I love this drink), and Mike got the Toki Monster. See the garnish on top? That is a piece of marinated pork belly grilled over an open flame. Yea. We’ve loved every cocktail we’ve gotten here, but these two are freakin’ fantastic.

#3: Very cool decor – they put a lot of detail and love into this place!
Lexi and Alex with the Toki symbol in the background. BTW, we didn’t realize until Lexi pointed out that Toki’s symbol is made of the letters T-O-K-I! Yea we felt a little dumb for not seeing it even though we’ve been here a bazillion times.

We ended the day happily full and tired from all the walking. The next day, I woke up early and started my day off with some yogurt and cereal.
Banana Chobani is pretty tasty.

My favorite instant coffee might have been involved too.

We went to church, and then headed over to Honeypig to satisfy their Korean BBQ cravings. I’ve written about Honeypig before in this post.

My absolute favorite part of the weekend took place in Honeypig’s parking lot, where Lexi showed us in like 5 seconds how to replace our car’s wiper blades. Two MIT grads + hours of Youtube: 0, Lexi: 1.

And that wrapped up their short visit! Can’t wait till we get to hang out again!

What fun thing did you do this weekend? Or what fun thing did you eat?

Have you ever changed the wiper blades on a car?


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