Hot Yoga at The Studio DC

I finally got to use my birthday pass for a free yoga class at The Studio DC yesterday. I really wanted to use it before it expired the next day, because losing free stuff is like burning $$ to me.

I fueled up after work on a mini Larabar, the last of my Cherry Blossom post-race-food haul. I’m usually not hungry right after running, so I hoard saved the food I picked up to use as snacks later that day and during the week.

larabarPerfect pre-yoga snack to keep my growling stomach at bay

I got to the studio with plenty of time to spare.  It’s less than two blocks from the Dupont Circle metro station.  And look what I found on the way!


I’ll have to make a detour here next time. I haven’t tried Yogi Castle yet, and obviously I’m on a mission to try every froyo place in the DC/MD/VA area.


There wasn’t anybody at the front desk when I arrived, so I quickly changed into my yoga clothes and snapped a few pictures.  The place is so warm (about 88 degrees inside the studio) and serene; it felt wonderful to step into the studio after the slight chill outside.
The front desk. If there’s no one here when you arrive, don’t worry. Just sign in on a clipboard and come back after you change and stuff.
studiodc cookies
Cookies at the front desk are just one reason why I love this place.
They sell yoga mats, coconut water, towels and things like that. You can also rent a yoga mat and a towel for $2 each (I didn’t feel like hauling a mat to work, so I did just that).
A small studio space where you can study or relax before your class.
Mat storage in the changing room.007
The changing room has two stalls and plenty of cubby space. There are more cubbies in the main studio too.

About 15 minutes before class, I signed in, rented my mat and towel, and walked into the main studio to set up my mat.  I had picked a hot yoga class (they have a few non-heated classes on their schedule as well) and the room was heated already (maybe around 95 degrees?), so within minutes I was starting to sweat. 


My class was an intermediate level Vinyasa class with Katya.  I LOVED the instructor.  She had lots of great tips and corrections – I’d been going from a straight arm high plank right into low plank, and she explained that you need to tilt forward a few inches so that you can go into low plank with your elbows close to your body, rather than flaring out.  Not only is she an amazing yogi, she’s also several months pregnant!

I was uncomfortable with the heat and the buckets of sweat pouring out of me, but it was bearable and I treated it as training and preparation for running this summer in DC!  The heat definitely helped loosen my body and I was able to go deeper in the poses.  I held crow pose for several breaths, and did my first headstand in years! I got down pretty quickly though :)

The only deterrence to my buying a 5 class or 10 class pass is that it takes me a while to get to Dupont Circle and get home.  The class ended at 7:30 PM (it’s an hour and 15 min), and 2 subways + bus got me home around 8:45.  I was starving, so I had the healthiest dinner of my life.071 010

Yup.  I ate lentil crisps and TCBY frozen yogurt for dinner.  But I topped the froyo with some walnuts and chocolate chips to up the protein and uh, fat.011
I loved the TCBY Greek frozen yogurt – it was creamy and not too sweet.  And it’s only 100 calories for 1/2 a cup, so you could eat the whole pint for 400 calories! The protein content is pretty decent too, since it’s made with Greek yogurt.  The lentil chips were equally amazing, and replenished the sodium I lost by sweating during class.

I also got ~$400 refunded back to me yesterday (that story here), and I used part of my refund to FINALLY sign up for the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in September. I was really surprised that I was able to use both coupon codes for a total of $10 off! If you want to run a September race in the DC area, this one’s a great deal at $65 (with both codes – valid through April 20).

As I type that, I realize that I will never take crossing a finish line for granted again. I intend to keep running and keep racing and keep living in defiance of those that would have us live our lives in fear. My life is in God’s hands and no one else’s.


I also wanted to pass on some of the moving posts on Boston I read today.  They all affirm how deeply we feel the loss and pain, whether we know someone affected or not, and they all speak about the collective strength of spirit in the running community.

From Brian at Pavement Runner, Katie at Peace Love & Oats, and Heather at Run Faster Mommy. Ericka also has a great list on her blog.

Read one, read them all.  And then go for a run.


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