Why I Love the Running Community

Guys, Boston is still very much on my heart.  All I have to say is that right now, I feel extra close to runners everywhere.  Do you guys know what I mean?  We’re an amazing community and I was really touched to read about runners who ran past the finish line and went straight to the blood donation centers for the victims.  I’d be right there too (after hydrating like crazy).  As always, please feel free to let me know of prayer requests in the comments section.

Yesterday’s Workout:
– 30 min StairMaster
– Hot yoga in evening (review coming later today)

The Stairmaster may look easy, but looks are deceiving.  These behemoths of the cardio floor caught my eye yesterday in my search for more non-running cardio.  The sweat was dripping down my face within minutes.  And my buns were burning at the end of my 30 min workout.  I’ll be adding this machine into my regular cross-training rotation for sure.


Last Week’s Workoutsworkout log 5

I focused on lots of cross training and weights this week and my arms have definitely added some muscle (well, any muscle is more than no muscle).  I’ve been Pinning tons of workouts on my Workouts to Try board, and in the morning, I pick one on my phone and download the image so I can access it in the wifi deadzone in the gym.

On Sunday, after our friends left, I made another trip to my favorite grocery storeMOM’s Organic Market.

Some Reasons I love MOMs:
1. I always find fun foods to try here!
2. Bulk bins are awesome.
3. They have samples throughout the store.  Yesterday, I ate Pirate’s Booty, some vegan chocolate (I couldn’t tell the difference), and a slice of whole grain bread with butter.

It’s always such a struggle not to buy everything in the store. I managed to limit myself to:

My staples from the bulk bins
Some snacks for the week. I already tried the Seaweed rice cakes and am in love. The hint of wasabi is awesome! The package on the right are dried chickpeas, chili and lime flavored.  I’ll let you know how they are.

The coconut oil is for my latest cooking adventure – a foray into the world of homemade granola.  I did some Googling and decided to follow this recipe from Frantically Simple.  What a great recipe – I’ll be spending some more time on Heidi’s website! I liked that it didn’t have too many ingredients and the sugar/ oil content looked low.  I calculated my granola to be about 108 calories per 1/4 cup serving. And my granola came out to be about 16 servings (I halved the recipe on the website). Here’s what I used:

Random mixture of nuts, dried fruits. I ended up finishing the Archer Farms Sunny Cranberry Trail Mix, and added coconut flakes, almonds, and some more cranberries.
The non-nut/fruit ingredients. I bought egg whites for the first time!

This recipe is so easy! Prep took less time than photographing the ingredients and steps :) And no mixing or stirring required during baking.  Just set a timer for 30 min or so, and then let it cool for 15 min.

078 083 084

And here it is, packed to go for breakfast. I kept the granola separate from my yogurt/berries/chia seed/almond butter and mixed it all together at work.


I loved this recipe – the egg whites do help the granola to clump well, and I like the crispiness to the clusters.  If you want a moister, chewier granola, this might not be for you (or try adding more coconut oil/ honey).  I’ll be experimenting with adding different extracts and mixtures of nuts/dried fruits – this recipe is so adaptable.

I’ll be back later today with a proper review of The Studio DC and its hot yoga classes.

In the meantime, the Lucy and Kitty say hi!


Yes, I have the laziest cats in the world. And the two of them somehow manage to take up all the space on a king sized bed.


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