Healthy Chia Pudding

Yesterday’s Workout

I am officially back to running, even though the tendinitis in my left foot is still lingering.  I’m going to give it another week of icing and ibuprofen, and if it hasn’t improved, I’ll go see the doctor.  Yesterday, I did the same route as I did with the Shirlington Running Club on Tuesday + two more miles.

My goal was to keep a sub 9 pace average for four miles and to continue testing my CW-X Stabilyx compression shorts.


I ran with the Nathan’s Gel Belt again, and this time I wore it over my clothes and tightened it a bit.  I also tucked in the long loose strap so it wouldn’t hit me while running, like so:


The run went really well.  I’m starting to get used to the shorts, and I like the support they provide.  They aren’t magical, but they do keep my hips aligned and provide support to my IT band.  I only had to adjust my belt 5-6 times during the 5 miles.  I’ll probably tighten it some more, wear it higher up and see if that helps.

5 mile splits

I met my sub-9 average pace for 4 miles, and then used mile 5 as a cool-down.  Then I headed over the gym for some weights.  I went at the right time because there weren’t any classes on the schedule, so the studio rooms were empty.  So much mirror real estate to watch my form!


And all the dumbbells I could want.  Sorry for the super blurry shot.


I quickly finished an Upper Body Supersets workout and went home to shower and eat lunch.  We’re in the process of cleaning out the freezer from our winter stockpiling, so lunch was a Chicken and Cheese Tamale with salsa and Greek yogurt and a salad on the side.




And a Chobani Bite cup for dessert. I like this flavor, but the Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips is still my favorite.



Now for the title of the post!

Chia Seeds and How to Make Easy Chia Pudding

Hey guys, I’ve been eating chia seeds for a few weeks now, and you might have seen them mentioned in passing in a few of my posts, but I decided that they deserve a NTMNTY (New to Me, New To You?) post all of their own.

I started eating flax seeds a few years ago, because they were mentioned as a superfood in the Abs Diet that Mike and I were following at the time.  I dutifully mixed them into shakes and added them to burgers to boost vitamin and omega-3 content.  Then earlier this year, I read that I was supposed to be grinding them all this time.  What??

I got out my little food processor (I don’t have a spice grinder, maybe that would have worked better) and after a few minutes of pulsing, I got a mix of partially ground flax seeds and powder.  But now I had 30 days to use the partially ground flax seed before it started to go rancid.  I felt like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.  Talk about the pressure!!

I have enough stress in my life without being on a countdown to eat my ground flax seeds.  So…I finally got on the chia seeds bandwagon!


I know y’all are a million times smarter than me, so you’ve been eating chia since 1995.  But if you haven’t tried them yet, GET SOME NOW.  There’s a million reasons on the Internet as to why they’re amazing, but here’s my short summary.

What are chia seeds? They are the seeds of a plant related to mint, believe it or not.  The plant is native to Mexico and Guatemala, according to Wikipedia, and chia seeds have been used for human consumption since the Aztecs were around.

Why should I eat it? They are a great source of omega-3s, a fatty acid important for metabolism, and also contain a lot of fiber, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus.  The nutritional profile is similar to that of flax seeds, but you don’t have to grind them up to obtain the nutrients and therefore they have a longer shelf life.  They also absorb water in your stomach to form a gelatinous paste (they’re hydrophilic) – that and their high fiber content help you feel fuller longer.  Just a warning: don’t eat more than about an ounce of chia seeds a day.  You can get digestive issues because of all that fiber.

How do I eat it? Oh, the ways! You can mix them into smoothies/ shakes, yogurt bowls, overnight or regular oats, and anything you can think of.  You can add them to patties or granola or baked goods.  But my favorite way to eat chia seeds right now is Chia Pudding!

chia pudding

I followed the recipe here and used Thai Kitchen coconut milk and almond milk as my base.  Next time, I’ll be using Lite coconut milk or all almond milk because the calories in the Thai Kitchen regular coconut milk is no joke.


I stirred everything together but the chia seeds did get clumpy. I left it in the fridge for two days and stirred it every morning, and after 48 hours, the chia seeds had worked their magic and the whole bowl was pudding-like!

I think the chia seeds would have gotten gelatinous faster if I had used a blender to thoroughly mix everything instead of a spoon.  I’ll give that a shot next time.  So, how was it?


Um, this is the best thing since sliced bread.  I’m calling it.  It’s sweet, filling, and I love the texture.  Although I don’t like looking at it while I eat it, because it does look like mini eyeballs.  Don’t let it deter you, because this pudding is tasty, easy to make, and pretty darn good for you!  I’m looking forward to trying Chocolate Chia Pudding and Mango Coconut Chia Pudding next. I’m thinking there’s going to be a lot of chia pudding gelling (like a fellin’) in the fridge for a while.

Have you made chia pudding yet? If you have a favorite recipe, please share!

What’s your favorite way to eat chia? The pudding, of course.  I also like the crunch of chia in a yogurt bowl.


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