Friday Week of Eats – Shake Week (not Shark Week)

week of eats

Hey guys, after several weekends of lots of eating out, Mike and I were craving some healthy shakes. So this week was Shake Week, not to be confused with Shark Week.  I think we’ll have to do the two together when Shark Week rolls around this summer!

blue-shark 015.jpg

All the shakes we ate reminded me of the summer we did the Abs Diet together.  I drank shakes on average twice a day, and after a few months, I never wanted to see another shake or smoothie.  Thankfully, I got over that aversion.

Breakfast this week was yogurt bowls with my homemade granola. I started with a base of plain Greek yogurt and added berries, chia seeds, and a scoop of nut butter.

Packed to go! I kept the granola separate and mixed it in before I ate to keep it crunchy.

My goal this week was to finish all the Lean Cuisines I stockpiled in the freezer. I’ve recently started to limit my consumption of processed foods, but during the wintertime, I relied on frozen meals at lunchtime and bought 10 boxes each time Lean Cuisine went on sale.  They are convenient and I’ll still probably eat them every once in a while, but I don’t find them very filling or nearly as tasty and nutritious as stuff I make for myself.

Thankfully, I’m down to one now:

I also finished the last of my quinoa patties.  I’ll be making these again for sure.

Quinoa patty with candied pecans, goat cheese and avocado with salad greens.  I microwave the patty at lunchtime and add a light vinaigrette to the salad.

Like I said, Shake Week!

Chocolate PB Shake: Almond Milk, dollop of Greek yogurt, a frozen banana, 2 tbs Chocolate PB 2
Chocolate Strawberry Banana Green Monster: Almond Milk, Greek yogurt, a frozen banana, lots of spinach, 4 large strawberries, some Chocolate PB2

These are the monstrous strawberries that I found at Harris Teeter this week.  Larger than a shot glass! Why this was the first thing I grabbed to compare the strawberry to, I have no idea.080

Fruity Green Smoothie made with almond milk, the frozen fruit mix below, an extra frozen banana, spinach, and some Greek yogurt.

Luckily, I was prepared with frozen bananas for shake week.  Every weekend I buy a bunch of bananas and freeze whatever I haven’t eaten at the end of the week.  Frozen bananas make a great base for smoothies/ shakes, and I love them in my overnight oats.


I am trying to convince Mike that we need to upgrade our old, crappy blender.  I set it on the “smoothie” setting for a few minutes, and there are still chunks of frozen banana left when I pour the smoothies.  I’m kind of a nut about texture so this bugs me to no end.


I stuck to graham cracker/almond butter and the seaweed rice cakes (with a hint of wasabi) for snacks at work.




But when I came home, I turned into a snacking MONSTER.

006 (2)
Graham cracker and chocolate chips with plain Greek yogurt and Chocolate PB2 Frosting on Saturday night.
Popcorn with nutritional yeast another night.
Random crisps grabbed at the check out at Harris Teeter.  Surprisingly good and relatively low in calories, with a texture and crunch similar to Popchips.

chia pudding
Chia pudding.

TCBY Greek Blueberry Pomegranate frozen yogurt with a chocolate donut hole and Chocolate PB Frosting on top

I was feeling dessert this week!

What’s your favorite snack right now?

Do you ever have a shake for a meal? What do you put in your shakes?

Have a great weekend everyone. I’ve already pinned a bunch of recipes to try for the next Week of Eats post!


4 thoughts on “Friday Week of Eats – Shake Week (not Shark Week)

  1. Sister J

    wow, you really do eat like me now!! lol, i love seeing all the fun food you’re eating :). there’s been LOTS of arugula and quinoa around my dhall lately, which I love, but I definitely miss my green smoothies.

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