Hotlanta Mini-Vacation!

We got back yesterday from a fun trip to Atlanta! We had been planning this trip on Google Docs for a few weeks.  It looked something like this:atlanta plan

We always plan out our trips, because the research and anticipation are half the fun :) In fact, I’m starting a spreadsheet today for our trip to Boston in a month and for our big trip to Singapore in October.  I love researching places to eat and things to do by reading other travelers’ reviews.

Finding things to Atlanta was very easy; since we weren’t going to be there very long, we decided to focus on seeing all the major sights by getting an Atlanta CityPass for $72 each.  I think this was a great idea and saved us some money since we went to almost all the attractions (skipped the CNN Studio Tour).  You can see the cost of each attraction on the CityPass website to see if this package would be worth it for you.


It was raining when we left DC in the late morning, but the rain couldn’t put a damper on our excitement (besides, we knew it would be sunny in Georgia).004


Mike is very talented at camera self portraits.  It’s one of the reasons I married him.

Our first stop in Atlanta after landing and picking up the car was Pit Boss BBQ, picked mostly because it was midway between the city and the airport (read: convenient).

010  014 016
Vinegar, maybe?

Guys, these ribs were amazing.  Possibly the best ribs I’ve had (although growing up in a Korean household in NY didn’t put me in the way of ribs very often).  I loved that they weren’t drenched in sauce, but still very moist and flavorful.  I couldn’t get enough of their mild BBQ sauce either! We split a rack of ribs and a basket of fries.

Next stop was the Fernbank Natural History Museum To be honest, I wasn’t impressed.  There weren’t that many exhibits, and there wasn’t a lot of information conveyed in the exhibits they had.  I think I might be spoiled by my proximity to the Smithsonians in DC, but I wouldn’t pay an entrance fee for this museum.  I liked the IMAX movie we saw though: Titans of the Ice Age!  It’s fascinating to read about where we’ve found pre-historic animal skeletons and fossils and what we’ve been able to infer.

019 023 022

We then drove to our hotel to get checked in.  Our hotel was a Priceline “Name Your Price” find, which is where you enter in how much you’re willing to pay and it books a hotel for you.  The whole thing makes me nervous because you don’t get to pick your own hotel, but Mike has used it before and we got great deals on nice hotels.  This time, I was apprehensive because our hotel was really cheap.  As in “maybe the neighborhood has a gang problem?” cheap.

The Marriott Perimeter Center turned out to be just fine! Actually, they had one of the best gyms I’ve seen in a hotel, complete with state-of-the-art treadmills and free weights.  Love.

052 057 026 027 028
Free headphones and fruit in the gym!

If you’re visiting Atlanta and have a car, I highly recommend this hotel. It’s about 20 min away from the heart of the city, but we found the savings to be well worth it!

Dinner was oysters and beer at Tin Can Fish House in the nearby Sandy Springs neighborhood.  Yum.  It was a sunny day, so we chose to sit outside on the patio. 

040 031 041

We also ordered a mussel pot, bang bang shrimp, and a salad for me! I tried to eat some greens every day and was more or less successful.

045 044 046

One of our favorite things to do on vacation is to visit supermarkets, lol.  Weird, right? But we go to a tiny Harris Teeter for all our food shopping, so it’s fun to see what other supermarkets carry! So that’s why we visited Kroger’s after dinner.048 061
Mike’s buys: Water and Gatorade gels for FlyWheel the next day, and a yogurt for breakfast.
My buys: Stonyfield frozen yogurt for after dinner, and some chocolate almond milk for after my Saturday run.

We went back to the hotel room to finish unpacking, ate some froyo and went to bed early in preparation for an early start the next day.


One of the highlights of our trip was our Flywheel class on Friday morning.  This was so fun and I took so many pictures that I’m going to post about it separately in my Workout Log post later this week!

After Flywheel we went back to the hotel to shower and then headed over to the Flying Biscuit Cafe, where I had some amazing grits! Haven’t found good grits in DC yet.  Their biscuits and jam were also pretty legit.


I was glad that we had fortuitously scheduled mostly indoor activities for Friday, since it was the one rainy day of our trip.  First stop was the World of Coca Cola!

079 084
I’m helping John Pemberton, the man who created Coke. The drink.
089 090

There were four or five fun and informative exhibits, but by far the best part of our tour was the Tasting Room.  We each took a cup and got to taste a bunch of Coca Cola’s drinks around the world, and drink as much soda as we wanted.  Each soda was labeled with the country where it was sold.  My favorite was Apple Kiwi Fanta from Thailand.

091 092 093 094

At the end of our visit, we got our very own souvenir bottle of Coca Cola!


Our next stop was the Georgia Aquarium, across the street. It is the second largest aquarium in the world (Singapore has the largest, I believe).  Well worth seeing! It was just insanely crowded when we were there.

096 098 126122

I don’t buy stuff from museum gift shops, but I could have made an exception for this shirt:


After our late breakfast, we weren’t really hungry when lunch time rolled around. So we ended up skipping lunch and instead of Murphy’s for dinner, we decided to go to Nori Nori, a Japanese sushi buffet.  I forgot to take pictures but the food was good and the service was amazing.  Our server, Jesse, was very attentive and was constantly refilling our water and clearing our table.  If we lived in the area, we’d definitely be back!

After dinner, we made a trip to Whole Foods for some more froyo.  This is the first time I’ve stepped inside a Whole Foods, and I have to say, not all the prices are as crazy as I was led to believe! Yes, they do have $100 caviar, but their bulk bin quinoa was $3.99 a pound, same as MOMs.141 144
I liked this one even better than Stonyfield’s!

We enjoyed our froyo back at the hotel room, and watched Django: Unchained (rented it from Redbox).  Another Tarantino classic!

Yikes, this post is getting long, so I think Hotlanta’s gonna be a two-parter.  Part two coming soon!

Have you ever tried Priceline’s “Name Your Price”? Was it a good experience?

Do you shop at Whole Foods? What do you like to buy there?I might be hitting up the bulk bins soon, and I saw they carry even more flavors of my favorite rice cakes!


2 thoughts on “Hotlanta Mini-Vacation!

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  2. Sister J

    “Mike is very talented at camera self portraits. It’s one of the reasons I married him.” lol.
    fruit & headphones in the gym sounds awesome!!

    “One of our favorite things to do on vacation is to visit supermarkets.” AGREED!!!! i probably remember the supermarkets in sweden better than anything else haha…

    let’s not forget that coke (the drink) once contained coke (the drug).

    LOVE the exercise/some motivation required shirt!!!!

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