How to Workout on Vacation and #BetheElephant

How to Workout While On Vacation

I wanted to do a post about exercising on vacation, because I’m a fan. I know lots of people prefer to just take a break when they’re on a break (see what I just did there?) and that’s great too. But for me, working out makes me feel great and helps me to eat all that delicious vacation FOOD without feeling too guilty!

So here are some tips:

1. Figure out what’s nearby! Find out if there are jogging paths near where you’re staying, and look at the hotel’s website to see if they have a gym and/or pool.


2. Make it fun! It’s fun to try a new class at an exercise studio or a local gym.  You can call or look them up online to see if they have a free day pass or free class for newcomers. Bonus :) That’s what we did with Flywheel in Atlanta, and now we’re hooked!


3. Make a plan for each day, and look up the weather if you’re planning to run/bike outside so you know what to pack.  You’re more likely to go if you plan for it, right?

4. If you don’t go, fuh-get about it! You can always try again the next day.  But the whole point about vacation is to RELAX!

We Fly! at Flywheel

I’ve heard about all these amazing cycling studios like SoulCycle and Flywheel in NY and other cities, and felt a little sad that DC didn’t have one (we have other cycling studios, just not one of these mega-popular two).  So when I found out that Atlanta had a Flywheel studio, we made it a priority to sign up for a class.  The bonus? First class is free!

We signed up for an 8:30 AM class and planned to eat breakfast after, so I ate a microwaved Quest Bar before class for some energy:


Mmm.  My first one, and every bit as good as STUFT Mama made it sound.  I might have to order a box of these!

We got dressed and drove to Buckhead.  Such a pretty neighborhood! The studio was easy to find with a big parking lot.065

Inside, there were laptops to sign in for class. We had already registered online and reserved bikes for class, so this was a snap. The staff had also placed cycling shoes in our shoe sizes (free for use!) in the cubbies below corresponding to our bike number. These guys thought of everything.

066 067

They also had towels (again, no fee to rent), water, and plenty of lockers. I consider this stuff to be basic amenities, so it was nice to go to a studio where it was all free.

068 069

After stashing our stuff and changing our shoes, we headed into the cycling room. I have to say, it was a little smaller than I was expecting it to be, since Flywheel calls their set-up stadium style seating. But I think that refers to the bike arrangement (in large half circles), not the number of bikes.  We had no trouble adjusting our bikes and we started warming up before the instructor arrived.

071 072

I have to say, these seats were much more comfortable than the ones on the bikes at our gym, and I had gotten used to those so these felt like the Cadillac of bike seats to me!  And we liked being able to see our stats on the meter, like cadence (how fast you’re cycling), torque (the resistance level), and power output (combo of the two, I think).  It was a nice change to be told what the bike’s resistance should be at by torque number, instead of just feel, and I think it made me work quite a bit harder! We also liked the heart-pumping music and being able to “compete” against other bikes when the Torqboard went up.  Mike ROCKED the dudes’ side of Torqboard – #1 of 3, lol! I managed to stay in the top 10 on my side…barely.

There was also a weighted portion at the end, which was a welcome break from the intense cycling (you take out ~5lb bars from the side of each bike and do some arm exercises with them).  I thought that the 45 min class would be too short, but I was definitely happy and sweaty at the end.  The combo of the dark room, intense music, and being told how fast to pedal and where my resistance should be made me push myself harder than in a normal 1 hour spin class.

We’ll definitely be paying a visit to Flywheel again, either in LA or NY.  I hope we get one in DC! Rumor has it that a SoulCycle is coming to DC this summer, so we’ll be sure to check that out :)

Last Week’s Workout Log

I had a pretty great running week last week, and I think my minor tendonitis injury is finally gone, hooray! The weather was so nice that I skipped the treadmill on Wednesday and went outside again.  I was also happy to get two workouts in while on vacation – Flywheel, and a great treadmill run.   I’m looking forward to increasing my weekly mileage to about 20-25 by June in preparation for marathon training!

workout log 6

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone! Not feeling happy? This video made me smile: #BetheElephant


15 thoughts on “How to Workout on Vacation and #BetheElephant

  1. These are awesome tips! I follow basically all the same guidelines when exercising on vacation. I just tried a couple studio cycling classes and I think they totally rock. I cannot WAIT for SoulCycle to come to DC, although I’m worried it would become a very expensive habit :D

    1. Dawn H.

      Oh my goodness, I know. It looks like it’s $30+ a class? It would be a once in a while “workout treat” for me and Mike :) Kind of like my occasional Hot Yoga classes right now.

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  4. districtsweats

    Hey! Question on the Flywheel first class: I’m heading up to NY this weekend and hoping to try a class there. You mentioned that Flywheel in Atlanta had a free first class. Did you find that info online or call to arrange it? I’m not seeing any info about a free first class for the NY locations, sadly.

    1. Dawn H.

      On the Atlanta website, there’s a button in the middle that says “First Class is Free, Sign Up” – I didn’t see that button on the NYC website, but I would call the location you’re interested in and check anyway! Thanks for checking out my blog :)

    2. districtsweats

      Gotcha, thanks! I suspect NY may just not offer a free class due to demand, but I’ll have to call and check.

      Love the blog. See you around the running paths! : )

    3. Dawn H.

      Definitely could be. NYC is a whole different workout world. Thanks for the encouragement, and yes, I’m sure I’ll see you around!

    4. districtsweats

      Right? Never thought I’d consider D.C.’s workout scene to be reasonably priced, but compared to New York, it seems that way. But seriously considering shelling out $35 in New York for an “aqua cycle” class (spinning on a bike in a pool) — just for the novelty of it!

    5. Dawn H.

      Aqua cycle? That sounds interesting. I’ll look forward to the review in your blog! We’re in NYC often too, so I’d love to see what classes you try!

  5. Sister J

    cadillac of seats! love it. there was a girl i knew at music camp who bragged about having the “cadillac of violin cases” haha.

    1. Dawn H.

      And apparently I own the cadillac of shoes – Brooks Glycerin, although I’m starting to prefer the Sauc Cortanas…

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