Our Trip to Atlanta: Part 2

Part 1 of our trip is here.


This was our last day in Atlanta, and we made the most of the sunny day by starting out at the zoo! But first, breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe.  Their decor was very cute and home-y.  I got the Cheesy Grits, and enjoyed it despite the very spicy jalapenos.  Mike’s dish, biscuits and gravy, was even better.

148 151
Mike’s biscuits and gravy. I stole a lot of his food.
My cheesy grits. The grits, while good, didn’t hold a candle to the grits at the Flying Biscuit Cafe.

I was quite stuffed and ready to do some exploring.  We got to the zoo right at opening time, and were happily surprised by the free coffee and pastries laid out! I think it was a special event day at the zoo.


We were grateful for the hot chocolate though, because the day was slightly chilly.  After the revitalizing warmth, we set off!

We wanted to feed a panda, but that cost over $100. So we fed a parakeet for a $1 instead :)
169 176 188
My favorite animal, the red panda. Unfortunately nocturnal…
But lots of animals were sleeping.
204 206
Just like our cats at home!

It took us about two and a half hours to see the whole zoo, and then we met up with our friend Adam for lunch at Mary Mac’s Tea Room We knew this place would be good when we saw how packed the parking lot was! The food was great, and very reasonably priced.  For about $11, I got fried chicken and two sides, with a great bread basket (yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls, and corn muffins) and a free sample of Pot Likker.

214 215
You write down your order, which I think is a great idea. My obsession with grits continues!
All first time guests get a free sample of Pot Likker, which is a pork-based broth with greens. Yum.
I got chicken fried chicken with grits and sweet potato mash. Everything was Ah-Mazing.
Mike got fried chicken with collard greens and fried green tomatoes.  I finished my dish, but Mike packed up some of his and ate it for breakfast the next day.  Smart guy.

After lunch, I fell into a food coma so we went back to the hotel and took a nap.  I had intended to go running in a nearby park, but decided to use the fantastic hotel gym instead!


I watched Dukes of Hazzard and ran a little over six miles and did some weights afterwards.  It felt good to run after all that food! I love exercising on vacation.

We had intended to go to a fancy place for dinner, but we were both still pretty full, so we decided to have a semi-light dinner of sushi instead at Sushi Huku.221 223 219
Mike made me a tiny crane from his chopstick wrapper.

After dinner, we got some froyo from FroZyogo.  I was a HUGE fan of their chocolate and mint chocolate flavors!


We headed over to Whole Foods to get some breakfast for the next day, and went back to the hotel. We rented Argo, and both really liked the movie. Sort of similar to Zero Dark Thirty – military operations, suspense, all that good stuff.

Tasty yogurt for breakfast. We both got yogurts that we don’t have at the Harris Teeter back home.

The next day, we left Atlanta behind and came back to DC. I loved Atlanta and would love to go back again and explore all the great parks in the city next time around – like Piedmont Park and Grant Park.

I’ll be back later today with my workout log from last week and a review of Flywheel!

Where’s the last place you went on vacation, or where are you planning to go?  Our next trip will be Boston for Sister J’s graduation!

Do you ever go to the supermarket while on vacation?Yes, all the time!  My family started out doing this because it was cheaper than eating out, and now Mike and I do it because we find it fun to explore and like picking up healthy breakfasts and snacks.


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