Friday Week of Eats and my Simple Greek Orzo


– Morning 3 mi interval workout on treadmill (max speed: 7.6)
– Evening BodyFlow class

I finally got my Garmin footpod properly calibrated! Over a three mile treadmill run, it was only off by 1/100s of a mile.  Not bad at all.

Of course, I forgot to press Stop when I stopped running. I’d been stretching for a good 5 minutes before I realized my watch was still running, lol.
My final calibration factor – not that far off from the original setting. I’ve been playing with it in the range of 96 to 101, and I think this setting works best for me on my regular treadmill with the footpod on my left foot.

Dealing with Stress

Last night, I had a call with my mom that left me a little stressed.  My dad passed away in January, and as hard as his loss was to cope with emotionally, all of the little issues we have to deal with now are just as hard to manage.  What do I mean? Well, (1) my mom’s medical insurance coverage was through my dad’s work, since mom is self-employed.  When that insurance runs out in June, we have to find an affordable medical plan (hah!) to replace it.  (2) We have three cars at home all registered under my dad’s name, and under NY law, only one car automatically passes to the surviving spouse and the rest go to the “estate”.  What estate? My dad didn’t even set up a will since he was only 54 when the aneurysm happened. (3) We’re learning to file FAFSAs (Brother T’s going to COLLEGE!) and taxes.  Which by the way, are insanely complicated because my mom is self-employed, and we don’t know how to report life insurance, and the FAFSA says to report only the income of the surviving spouse, but our 2012 tax return included my dad’s income.  Fun.  Oh, there’s more but I won’t bore you. 

But I’m not complaining, because God really took care of us during dad’s hospitalization – emotionally and financially – and I know that when I feel like my limit is reached, that’s when He can step in.  If I could handle everything in life by myself, I would never have to rely on God!

When I feel stressed, I deal with it by:

1. Getting organized.  I make prioritized To-Do lists with any applicable due dates, and cross stuff off as I finish tasks.

2. I RUN! That’s why my blog is named Sneaker Therapy, because running helps me to solve my problems and deal with the physical effects of stress.

3. I pray.  I cry out to God for help, and I put my problems and the difficult situations into His hands.

And… I cook (and eat, and blog about it).

week of eats

I worked on cleaning out the freezer some more this week, so we ended up eating more Korean food than we usually do.  Yum!


I went back to my overnight oats this week, and it was amazing.  I just love some good peanut/other nut butter in the morning.



When the weather starts getting warmer, Mike always asks me to make some orzo.  We had Greek style orzo on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago, and he loved it so much that it’s become a spring/summer staple for us.  I made a big bowl of orzo earlier this week, and we ate it for lunches and dinners.  Lucky for you, I’m sharing my recipe!

Simple Greek Orzo

017 025 020 026 027

– 1.5 c of dry orzo
– 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 small red onion
– 1/2 c kalamata olives, pitted
– good quality olive oil (I used garlic flavored)
– lemon juice, salt and pepper
– goat cheese or feta cheese (optional)

1. Cook the orzo according to the directions on the package. Drain, and mix with 2T of olive oil, 1/2T lemon, and salt and pepper to taste.
2. Dice all vegetables and slice olives.
3. Mix vegetables with orzo; season to taste
4. Add cheese of choice (if desired) and serve hot or chilled.

Easy peasy! I think the key to this dish is a good quality olive oil, because its flavor really comes out in this simple recipe. You could easily modify this recipe to add artichokes, grilled chicken, or whatever else you’d like (I mixed in some roasted corn for my lunches). Enjoy!

Here’s what my lunchbox looked like this week:

Overnight oats, orzo, hard boiled egg and a Chobani Bite. There were also hummus and baby carrots waiting in the work fridge for my 3 o’clock munching hour.


We ate orzo some nights, we had Jja jang myun (Korean black bean noodles) a few nights, and one night, we polished off the last of our winter stockpile of homemade dumplings (we pan fried them).  Goodbye dumplings! See you again in the fall.jja jang myun dumplings

I’ll post a recipe on the dumplings sometime; this batch turned out really well.


I was a dessert monster this week!

010 (5) tcby peach
Peach TCBY Greek frozen yogurt with blackberries and chocolate chips
002 (2)
Banana Chobani with unsweetened coconut flakes and a graham cracker
Toasted Coconut Vanilla greek yogurt with homemade granola

What was the best thing you ate this week?

How do you deal with stress?


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