Workout Log and Pittsburgh Rock’n’Roll Cancelled :(

Today’s Workout

– Ran 3 miles on T/M, did my fastest tempo run yet! Started at 6.2 (.75 miles), went up to 6.6 (1 mile), then up to 6.9 (1.25 miles)
– Did 3 supersets from Peanut Butter Fingers’ Total Body Circuit Workout

watch 3

I might have to push my wake-up time to 5:30 AM if I want to have enough time to complete a circuit workout – I usually get about 50-70% through and then have to rush home and shower to catch the bus. My goal this week is to incorporate more strength training – I weirdly love it when my arms are sore! –  and a yoga session, since I got no mat time last week.

A Cancelled Race

Hey guys, I had a bummer moment this weekend when I saw a message from RnR in my inbox that the Pittsburgh Marathon had been cancelled. I had been looking forward to running my first RnR, but they were unable to get a permit for the race because the officials felt an August 4th race could be dangerously hot. At least the company is being very proactive about issuing refunds or race transfers; I opted to get a refund since I’m not signing up for any new 2013 half marathons (at the moment, anyway). I guess my first RnR will be Washington D.C. in March next year! I think I’ll run a small race or two in August instead of trying to find another half marathon around then.

Workout Log

workout log 7

I got a good number of miles in this week and enjoyed the beautiful weather with two outside runs.  I wanted to provide a map of my Saturday run in DC, in case you’re interested in doing that same run. 


run map
I started at the Rosslyn metro, ran up Fort Myer Dr, made an (unintentional) right turn to visit the Arlington National Cemetery, and then turned around to cross the Memorial Bridge into DC.  Then I ran to the Lincoln Memorial and along the Reflecting Pool, and crossed over to go around the Tidal Basin.  On my way back, I decided not to go back to Rosslyn, so I added another mile by looping along the other side of the Reflecting Pool.  I ended my run at the Arlington National Cemetery metro stop.

run splits

You can see how lost I was for that first mile, lol.  I’m proud of my solid negative split.

And I’m crossing off one of my 2013 goals by learning how to golf! The first lesson wasn’t TOO bad. I’ll start taking pictures when my swing actually looks like something. Until then, you get pictures like these.

View from the upper deck of the Hains Point Golf Course driving range.


3 thoughts on “Workout Log and Pittsburgh Rock’n’Roll Cancelled :(

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    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Christina! I’m really looking forward to RnR USA now :) I heard they have great on-course support!

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