Lucy’s Canned Pumpkin Addiction and a Few Book Reviews

Thursday Workout

– AM – 5 mi outside

– PM – Hot Yoga class at Mind Your Body Oasis (to be recapped later)

I was really proud of myself for getting my 5 miles in this morning; my stomach was not happy today and I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to run at all.  I ended up feeling mostly okay during the run, but I had to stop to walk during miles 3 and 4.  Nine times out of ten when I have stomach problems (I think I have mild food poisoning?) I’ll skip the run, but I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to run this weekend and I wanted to get a few more miles in this week! It was a beautiful morning to be outside.


Do you guys think I’ll run faster with my pink new shoelaces? #sweatpink  I got five pairs from Fit Approach in the mail this week! It’s awesome being a Sweat Pink Ambassador :)



I normally don’t post pics of my food throughout the week because I generally eat the same thing every day.  But today I was at home sick, so I departed from the routine and ate some Heritage Crunch with blueberries:

cereal with blueberries

And then attempted to make myself a microwave muffin, which unfortunately I did not like.  I haven’t had any luck with microwave muffins! It looks pretty impressive though, don’t you think? I managed to eat about half of it with Chocolate PB frosting before I gave up.

microwave muffin

But in the process of making the muffin, I learned something new! Did you know that cats like canned pumpkin?


At least, Lucy likes canned pumpkin.  She came running over as soon as she heard the can opening, and I figured she thought it was canned tuna so I put the can on the floor to teach her a lesson: it’s not always canned tuna.  But to my surprise, she started licking the can like crazy! She even knocked it over and pushed it across the floor in her attempt to get every last bit out of it.

cat pumpkin 2

Kitty just watched in bemusement.  She only recognizes kibble and occasionally canned tuna as food.  I did a quick Google search (as Lucy was going at the pumpkin) to make sure it wasn’t harmful to cats, and apparently people feed their cats canned pumpkin all the time to  treat constipation.  Fellow cat or dog owners, have you ever fed your pet canned pumpkin?

I finished up my breakfast with some flowering green tea, a Christmas gift from Lexi.

007 (2) flowering tea

After breakfast, it was time for some work until lunchtime.


Guys, I wasn’t expecting much this lunch, because I’m not a huge fan of broccoli.  But oh my goodness, this Roasted Buddha Bowl inspired by Oh She Glows was amazing.  I can’t wait to post my version of the dish on my Friday Week of Eats! I devoured the bowl fast.

roasted buddha bowl

What I’m Reading

I’ve been a reading machine this week! I finished both The Ghost Map and Public Enemies:


The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson (non-fiction)

This book tells the story of the 1850s cholera epidemic in London, which killed tens of thousands of people until the mystery of how it was spreading was solved by an anesthesiologist, Dr. John Snow, and a local curate, Reverend Henry Whitehead.  It was interesting to read about how they used their knowledge of the neighborhoods and sociological/ epidemiological techniques to map out the epidemic and figure out that the cholera was being transmitted through the water (without knowing it was a bacterium!).  I really enjoyed reading about these two brilliant and forward-thinking men, and the author had some interesting ideas about how we could use our more advanced knowledge of medicine and biology today to set up infrastructure to prevent epidemics (i.e. strategically placed sites to mass-produce and distribute vaccines in response to every major emerging virus/ bacterial strain).

But some of his ideas and arguments were not fully fleshed out – he tried to frame the story in the beginning as a “man vs. bacterium” war, but the real story ended up being about Dr. Snow’s efforts to convince other scientists and doctors that the cholera was water-transmitted (rather than through the air).  He also tried to discuss major threats to cities today, but he didn’t offer any solutions to the nuclear/ terrorist threat after bringing it up.  I felt his ending was overly optimistic about the bright future of cities and how we’ll be able to prevent all epidemiological disease on the spot by developing and distributing vaccines immediately by 2050- I don’t think our science is that fast, or that we’ll have that kind of infrastructure in place for a very long time.

All in all, it was an interesting story and contained great background about how we came to make city living stable and safe (relatively), and the book had valuable insight into changes we need to make in the future to continue to combat major threats to city living.  While I found it to be slow going at times when the author shifted focus from the story to analysis of and background behind the mindset of the time, that’s often my experience with science non-fiction.

Public Enemies by John Walsh

Like I said before, I picked up this book by accident; I had planned to get a different book by the same name (the one by Bryan Burrough), but I decided to read this one anyway.  John Walsh, the host of “America’s Most Wanted” is extremely passionate about putting criminals behind bars, and is unapologetic in his hatred for those who hurt innocent people.  I found this attitude at times refreshing – it’s so simple to him, bad guys should go to jail for a long time – and a little troubling – I don’t believe that anyone is born straight-up evil, so I feel compassion for those who have ruined their lives and completely lost their way.  There were some great stories about how cold cases were broken and criminals were brought to justice. This was a really fast read and it left me fired up to go and hunt down a bad guy.

Next up – Rachel Dratch’s very entertaining autobiography!

girl walks into a bar


4 thoughts on “Lucy’s Canned Pumpkin Addiction and a Few Book Reviews

  1. Sister J

    oh, did you celebrate May Day? the people from my house had strawberries and champagne in formal dress on week’s footbridge at 6 AM, and then we wished all the local pagans/druids merry may haha. :)

    1. Dawn H.

      No, I was unfamiliar with the tradition of celebrating the 1st of May, but that sounds like fun! Gotta find some Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo though…

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