A Restful Weekend


Mike and I still weren’t feeling well, so we spent another day at home.  I worked a little, napped a little, and somehow finished my jar of Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter….

empty pb

A truly terrible idea.  I immediately felt sick to my stomach and spent the rest of the weekend completely avoiding peanut butter.  Luckily, I think I’m over that aversion now :)

I did plenty of reading, since I couldn’t do much else.  I finished Jennifer Weiner’s Fly Away Home (review to come later this week), and am already halfway through Born to Run – it’s riveting!

fly away home borntorun

I was craving some spicy broth for dinner, so I turned to my old stand-by – ramen.  With some napa cabbage and an egg, of course.



Saturday morning I woke up nice and early to get a run in before we started our car trip to NY to attend Mike’s niece’s 100 day celebration.  I ran my slowest interval run ever, because my stomach was still bothering me.


It’s okay though, because the treadmill still thinks I’m awesome.

We loaded up the car with the baby gift and snacks from Trader Joe’s, but when we turned the car on, it was making a funny noise. Turned out that our water heater broke, so we took it over to the dealership to get it fixed! NY trip cancelled :( Thank God our warranty was 15 days from expiring.  What timing!

So instead, we went into DC and watched Iron Man 3.  We really enjoyed it, despite some confusion about the characters’ motives and development and why the bad guys chose to do what they did.  But hey, this isn’t Law and Order: Criminal Minds.  Plus, it’s just so fun to watch Tony Stark come up with awesome stuff :) Go watch it! Also, the Regal Cinemas in Chinatown is 100x better/ comfier than the one in Potomac Yards.

regal cinema

Afterwards, we were starving, and decided to eat lunch at Matchbox, which I’d been wanting to try for a while.

matchbox matchbox pizza matchbox cuban

Mike got the chicken pesto pizza, and I got a cuban sandwich with fries.  I don’t know if it was because my stomach still wasn’t feeling great or what, but I found the food okay, but not amazing.  It didn’t stop me from polishing off my fries, though.

We saw some funny cars in DC:

blackberry chick-fil-a

That was enough excitement for us.  We headed home for some more napping and reading.  Mike makes the best “sick food” – he used to make ginormous pots of chicken noodle soup from scratch with all sorts of veggies.  This time, he made chicken matzoh ball soup.  I’ve never had matzoh ball soup before, despite growing up in a very Jewish neighborhood, and I loved it.

matzoh ball soup


I was feeling a little better by Sunday morning, so I headed off to Body Pump! It was a great class, and I’m feeling sore from all the squats today.  Tip for making your squats really effective – push your feet out as you squat, as if you’re trying to split the floor in between your feet.  You’ll work all sorts of muscles doing that.

After class, I refueled with a quick protein shake.  Protein powder + milk in a jar and shake vigorously.

031 protein shake

Mike was finally awake, and we decided to watch a sermon online this Sunday.  Then, it was time for some lunch.  We headed to our favorite dimsum place – Mark’s Duck House, in Falls Church.

mark's duck house

Luckily, we arrived early enough to avoid the hour long wait! You don’t want to show up starving around noon, because the wait + delicious food smell might kill you.

For those of you who haven’t been to dim sum before, it’s a really fun dining experience where waiters push carts of food around, and you order what you want a la carte, tapas style.  They’ll give you what you ask for, and mark your tab to indicate how much it cost.  They’ll add it up for you at the end.  dimsum1

Some of the carts you’ll see:
034 037 042

We ordered our usual shumai and dumplings, shrimp rice noodles, and turnip cake.  I got all adventurous and ordered something different – mini pork ribs, which were delicious.  And we ended our meal munching on pineapple custard buns.

035 038 039 040 041

Guys, it was not a huge surprise to me this morning to step on the scale and find that I’ve gained six pounds.  I’ll be drinking a lot of shakes for the next few weeks.  Totally worth it.

After dim sum, we went home and took care of a few chores, and before I knew it, it was time for my 5:15 hot Hatha class at Mind Your Body Oasis! I got the intro week for $30 and have been taking full advantage of the pass.  I’ll review the studio soon, but it’s safe to say that I’m a big fan of this new yoga studio.

I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a tropical smoothie – had I not been sick, I would have added a little rum in there to make it a real celebration :)

tropical shake

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo (if you did)?

Are you looking forward to any movies coming out this summer? Yes! I love summer blockbusters.  We’re looking forward to Man of Steel, the new Star Trek movie, Wolverine, and The Great Gatsby.  I’ll probably be watching the last one with my girlfriends since Mike doesn’t seem as excited for that one as I am…


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