Mind Your Body Oasis Hot Yoga

Last Week’s Workouts

I got in a lot of fun cross training last week in the form of my first Body Combat class this year, and more hot yoga! Give me sum mo’, give me sum mo’.  I’m definitely addicted.

workout log 8

Unfortunately, despite all this working out, I’ve managed to gain a few pounds, so I’ll be cutting down on my after dinner snacking this week :( Which means maybe I should stop reading Kristin’s blog to avoid seeing her crazy tempting dessert creations for a while. Just kidding. That’s not happening. And now, my Mind Your Body Oasis recap!

Mind Your Body Oasis

I was really excited when I found out there was a hot yoga studio in Virginia, because as much as I love The Studio DC, if I go to a 6:00 class after work, I’m home by 9-9:30 PM using public transportation.  That’s a big time commitment for me! So when I heard about MYBO, it was a no brainer to sign up for the $30 intro week.

hot yoga outfit
Top – Athleta.  Capris – Kohls.

First off, the studio is so easy to get to from our condo.  It’s in the Crystal City Underground, so I parked in the 1750 Crystal Drive parking lot (for free! on weekends and after 4 PM on weekdays)…aaand got lost lol.  Ah, so typical.  I had to call the studio to figure out where it was located in the underground.  For your benefit, it is in a new food court past the Mexican place, near Subway.  But really, once I figured out where it was, it was easy to get to.055
It’s the glass doors, straight ahead.  Ta da, I found it!!

I got checked in at the desk, where they had mats, some snacks, and other random things for sale.  They carry the sunscreen I use (eltaMD) of all things, so I might have to stock up, since drugstore.com stopped selling my go-to everyday facial sunscreen.


Directly inside, they have some more snacks and drinks on sale, a rack to place your shoes, and a big non-heated yoga room.post modern food 058

Down the hallway, there were two massage rooms on the left, the hot yoga studio on the right, and the changing rooms at the end.  I only went into the ladies’ changing room, no pics of the mens’ ;)

Sauna inside the changing room – fee for use.
Plenty of cubbies!
Beauty products galore. Too bad I like myself stanky =P
Showers. Communal?

After taking plenty of pics, I got my mat and wandered over to the hot yoga studio.  There are mats for rental outside the door in case you don’t feel like toting yours around.


I didn’t take any pictures inside, but it’s like a dark, warm warehouse.  While The Studio DC had a huge window and lots of light, but not much floor space, MYBO is huge – it can fit about 60 people, but there are no windows, being underground.  I found the dark space to be relaxing, especially in the evening.

The room started out warm, and got hotter once the teacher entered and adjusted the temperature.  I think it might have been cooler than The Studio DC (the only other place I’ve gone to for hot yoga, so that’s why I keep comparing them), but it was more humid, so I was quickly sweating.  Despite the humid, hot air, the room smells really good, like essential oils.

My Thursday evening class was a Hot Flow 1-2 with Debbie.  I loved that there were only three students there, so we got lots of attention – whenever I felt like, “oh, that correction feels like it could be directed at me”, it usually was! The 1 hour 15 min class went by so quickly as we changed postures each breath, but none of the poses were too challenging.  Debbie played some non-typical yoga music in the background – more energizing music – which was a really nice change.  I also liked the wonderful scent of the mat cleaning spray provided in the studio for the end of class.

I signed up for another class on Sunday evening – this one was an All Levels Hatha class with Michelle, which was a very different experience! There were more students at this class, but at seven people, there was still tons of room to spread out.  Michelle led her class without any music, and I did notice once or twice that you could hear people talking in the food court outside.  I don’t think this is a problem on weekends or evenings when the Underground is pretty empty, but it’s probably a little distracting during the weekdays.  Michelle had us practice and focus on our breath for the first ten minutes of class, so I thought the class would be pretty easy.  An hour later, I was breathing hard, sweating like crazy as she brought us into yet another plank! Hatha yoga involves holding poses longer than I’m used to, and throw in some reverse triangles, reverse half moons and warrior three and my legs were turning to jelly.  LOVED it!

This Week’s Workout Plan

I’m planning to incorporate plenty of cross training this week, same as last week – I love having a fun gym class to look forward to :)

SundayBody Pump and hot yoga – done
Monday – Spin class at gym
Tuesday – Body Combat at gym, 5K with running club
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 3 miles interval run, hot yoga in evening at MYBO (and then my intro week is up! I think I might have to get a package right away)
Friday – Body Pump at gym or rest
Saturday – 7 miles in DC, golf with Mike

I leave you with this insanely cute thought – how much pumpkin do I have to feed Lucy before she starts to turn orange?

lucy pumpkin

Do you plan out your workouts for the week? If you do, feel free to link to your plan below – I love finding inspiration in other people’s plans! Happy Monday!

What are you planning to get your mom for Mother’s Day? I was going to just send a card, and then I had a lightning strike of brilliance.  My mom is always on her feet and has trouble with her ankles, so I will be buying PROs for yet another person in my life (this makes 3!).

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