3 Mile Treadmill Interval Workout

Tuesday’s Workout

– PM – Body Combat class and 3 mile interval workout on T/M

Pre-workout snack:

Cherry Pie Lara bar

I did not get up at 5:40 AM as intended yesterday because I didn’t fall asleep till about 3, thanks to my insomnia :( I don’t know what’s keeping me awake at night! So instead of Body Combat in the morning and a run in the evening, I did it back to back after work. My run wasn’t easy since my body was pretty tired, but I got it done! It looked like this:

3 Mile Interval Workout on Treadmill
(each lap is .25 mile, incline at 1.5 the whole workout)

2 laps @ 6.2 (warm-up)
1 lap @ 6.8
1 lap @ 6.2
1.5 laps @ 7.0
.5 lap @ 6.2
1 lap @ 7.2
1.5 lap @ 6.2 (walked .5 lap)
1 lap @ 7.2
1.5 lap @ 6.2
1 lap @ 7.5
Walk to cool down

I wanted to walk a lot more during the recovery intervals, but I kept thinking about the endurance runners I’ve been reading about in Born to Run.  These guys know how to embrace fatigue and keep going, even when their bodies want to stop.  I figured if Scott Jurek could lie down in the middle of the Badwater Ultra, want to quit, then get up to not only WIN but set the record for the course, I could push through my discomfort and keep running when I wanted to stop!

After my workout, I went over to Harris Teeter to pick up some more spinach and fruit for my smoothies! Last night’s smoothie was a Tropical Green Smoothie – pictured below with the key ingredient – Earth Balance’s Coconut and Peanut Spread. I blended almond milk, a frozen banana, a mix of frozen strawberries and peaches, 1 Tb of the coconut peanut butter, and spinach for the win. tropical green smoothie

I think I’m becoming more of a coconut lover, and this spread has tons of coconut flavor! I used it in this week’s batch of Spicy Peanut Sauce, which I used to top roasted veggies and quinoa (recipe to come soon).

When I was rummaging for a snack an hour later, I had a stroke of genius; cherry tomatoes dipped in BBQ sauce. I LOVED this! It satisfied my craving for something salty, sweet and juicy.

tomatoes and bbq

I had a second night of insomnia, so I ended up munching on a Chocolate Puffed Millet Treat at 3 AM.  BTW in case you’ve been wondering, I’ve started posting about what I eat when I get home, because that tends to be the time that I go snack crazy and eat a thousand calories (hence the weight gain, I think).  I figured that I would be more successful in limiting my at-home snacking if I posted what I ate and was accountable on my blog.  But my apologies in advance if it seems boring or repetitive!

Supplements I Take

SkinnyRunner had a post on the vitamins that she takes a few weeks ago, and it jogged my memory that I had a post on the same topic in the works.  My strategy is to eat nutritious foods and take supplements for specific needs.  So here’s what I’m taking now:

Biotin (the Hair, Skin & Nails has other vitamins as well, and I figure that can’t hurt) – for hair growth.  I started taking these a few months ago when my hair stylist told me it looked like my hair was THINNING.  Thank goodness, I think the biotin is helping a little.  I take 2-3 a day at mealtimes.

Digestive Enzymes – I started trying these out recently because I’ve been having regular stomach pain and bloat during the weekdays, and it doesn’t appear to be any one food.  I’m been alternating Doctor’s Best and Jarrow-zymes, and I take one pill before lunch.  I’ll give it another few weeks and let you know if I notice any changes. vitaminsI  digestive enzymes

Probiotics – I usually take one in the morning to aid with digestion, although I probably eat enough yogurt that I don’t need this.  It’s great on vacation though, when I’m not eating healthy foods and can use some digestive help, if you know what I mean…probiotics

Zinc and Vitamin C – I take these whenever I’m getting sick or fighting sickness; they act as immune system boosters.  I don’t how effective they are, but I’m fine with the placebo effect!


What nutritional supplements do you take, if any?

What unusual food combinations have you come up with? I really liked my cherry tomatoes in BBQ sauce! I bet carrots would be great dipped in BBQ too..


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