Workout Log May 5 – 11

My Workouts Last Week

Hey guys, I had a great week of workouts – lots of fun cross training like the Les Mills classes (Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Flow) and cycling/ spin.  Mind Your Body Oasis graciously converted my intro week to an intro month, so I’ll be continuing to go to hot yoga once or twice a week!

workout log 9

The only planned workout that I skipped was a 7 miler on Saturday.  I just could not get my butt out the door that morning, even though I laid out my clothes and water the night before.  I felt completely exhausted, although I’m not sure why! I’m hoping that after a weekend of rest, I’ll be able to get some good runs in this week.  Oh yea, and I’m way overdue for another golf lesson with Mike! Hopefully I haven’t forgotten everything from two weeks ago :P

What I Have Planned This Week

Sunday – Cross Training (did 40 min on the stair master and 20 on the stationary bike)
Monday – PM spin class at gym
Tuesday – AM Body Combat at gym, PM 3 mile run
Wednesday – AM 5 mile run
Thursday – AM Body Pump
Friday – PM hot yoga
Saturday – AM 10 mile run, golf with Mike

My only goal this week is to avoid exhaustion and get quality workouts in.  I’ve reduced my runs to three, but I want to get a long run in on Saturday for sure! Hopefully the weather cooperates :)

My Weekend In Pictures

An “ice cream” smoothie Friday night
ice cream smoothie

The first of many breakfasts Saturday morning (granola mixed with Greek yogurt and a little honey).
granola with yogurt

I watered my tiny garden at least once this weekend!

We tried out a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Falls Church:
la caraquena

We got the tequenones (fried cheese sticks) and yuca frita to start, and I got the Carne Mechada (slow cooked shredded beef) arepa while Mike got the Sifrina (chicken salad with cheese).
appetizers arepas arepas

Some new books from the library:

Thai from T.H.A.I in Shirlington for lunch on Sunday! I got Pad Thai, Mike got his usual Beef Pad See Ew and proceeded to pick out all the bean sprouts.

Homemade fajita feast Sunday night. It’s been so long since we had fajitas!

What’s on your workout schedule this week (if you make one)?

Have you tried a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or other TV show? Did it live up to the hype? We’ve tried La Caraquena and another Latin American restaurant in Connecticut featured on the show.  La Caraquena was definitely tasty, but we felt it was a little over-priced (maybe they changed their prices after getting publicity on the show?) for the food we got.  We found the other restaurant (also arepas) disappointingly bland.  I’m looking forward to trying out some diners though! I love diner breakfasts :)


5 thoughts on “Workout Log May 5 – 11

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  3. Dawn,

    I love your blog! Love everything about it. I actually think it’s great that you are (semi) new to the running community! I have never ran a marathon myself so kudos goes out to you. You and your hubby seem like you get out a lot to enjoy the beautiful city and are enjoying it. BTW, love the idea of a chemistry themed wedding. Hilarious!


    1. Dawn H.

      Hey Janina, thanks for the kind comment! Yea, we wanted something unique, and we had a lot of fun with the theme (chemical unity ceremony, table cards were Elements, etc). I love your blog too and the wonderful recipes you create!

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