My First Kinvaras


I got a few packages in the mail yesterday!

I guess I’ve been in the mood for shoes :) Actually, one pair of my beloved Cortanas is starting to get high in mileage, so I figured it was time to get another pair of sneakers.  I ordered a pair of Saucony Kinvara 3s from Running Warehouse (they’re on sale all over the place since the Kinvara 4s came out on May 1st) because I like the fit of my other Saucony sneakers, and the Kinvaras have quite the cult following! My plan is to keep my other pair of Cortanas for my mid-week and weekend long runs, and use these Kinvaras for my Tuesday/ Thursday short sessions. You guys know to rotate shoes between runs, right?


How awesome are those colors? I love the trend of bright colored sneakers :) I’ll post an in-depth review later after I run a few miles in them, but these shoes are crazy light compared to the Cortanas, which I think will be great for my speedwork.

I also got a pair of Michael Kors sandals (also on sale) from Nordstrom, for those few occasions where I can’t wear my running shoes.  It is unlikely I would wear them with my “at home clothes” in public.  Unless that becomes a trend.  I found these shoes to be extremely comfortable, for the 30 seconds I wore them.

michael kors michael kors

What I’ve Been Reading

It didn’t take me long to finish Born to Run, and if you’re a runner and  haven’t read it already, what are you waiting for? borntorun

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (non-fiction)

I feel like I shouldn’t need to write a review of this book, but I’ll just jot down some thoughts anyway (in case I’m really not the last runner to have read this book!).  This book fueled, if not launched, the barefoot running trend.  The author is a runner, who in the beginning of the book, was constantly getting injured and being told by doctors that he needed orthotics, better shoes, or to stop running altogether, since “the human body wasn’t made to run”.  The book follows his journey to find the Tarahumaras, a tribe in Mexico rumored to have near-mythical running powers (think 48 hour races, ultra distance runners).  Along the way, he comes across rock star ultra runners, crazy personalities in the running world, and hears stories of amazing races.  He becomes a much better runner with a lot of coaching and eventually runs in a race with the Tarahumaras and other ultra runners.

What the writer comes to believe through his journey is that the human body IS made to run, and that humans are actually the best long distance runners on the planet.  The problem with the way we run comes from our heavily padded shoes, which prevent our feet, which are fine-tuned running machines, from being able to do their job.  His claim is that our sneakers allow us to run incorrectly, which results in injury over time.

After I read the book, I was really excited to (a) go run! and (b) go buy a pair of minimalist shoes.  After a lot of research, I decided that the minimalist movement might not be for me (I’ll go into that another time).  I like the idea that we are made to run, all the way down to the fine-tuned tendons and muscles in our feet, but after a lifetime of wearing shoes, it is easy to go into minimalist shoes too quickly and get injured.  I do recommend this book highly though! It is an extremely interesting read with stories of epic races and runners, and it definitely reminded me of how wonderful running is.

The other book I read over the last few weeks was this one:


Girl Walks into a Bar Rachel Dratch (auto-biography/ memoir)

I really liked Rachel’s writing and the behind-the-scenes look into the SNL and comedy world.  I found her writing a little too self-deprecating at times, similar to Tina Fey’s Bossypants, but I think comedians often poke fun at themselves, don’t they? This was a super-quick read; I think I finished it in a day or two!

What am I reading next? These books:


The Botany of Desire (non-fiction), If You Ask Me (memoir – I’m loving comedic memoirs lately!), The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (fiction), Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (fiction), and The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag (mystery).

Have a great Thursday, guys! I’ll be back tomorrow with a KlutchClub review.

Read any good books lately?

Do you wear minimalist shoes? No – I think the Kinvaras are as close as I’ll get!


3 thoughts on “My First Kinvaras

  1. Sister J

    Hah, I love that the comment button is at the bottom of posts now! And your Michael Kors sandals are absolutely gorgeous. My only pair of sandals broke while I was walking in Boston last week, and my walking shoes are in a state of total disrepair. Looks like I too will be in the market for shoes once I get a job :)

    1. Dawn H.

      Yup, I picked out a new theme; I liked the clean yet bold layout of this one; didn’t notice where the comment button was, but I’m glad it’s better! oh no about your shoes :( haven’t picked out a grad gift yet…how about we go shoe shopping in june when we’re in ny for T’s graduation?

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