Believing Again + KLUTCHclub Review!

DC Sisterhood

I had a great time last night at DC Sisterhood, which is a monthly event that my church holds for women – sort of like a church service, but really casual, fun and just for us girls!  It’s a night of fellowship, praise, and a great, applicable message.  I just started going last year, and I always try to make it out on the third Thurday of each month.

Each month, DC Sisterhood supports a organization and asks us to bring material donations for that cause on the night that we meet.  I really like doing this because I love shopping and giving :)  This month they partnered with the USO for Operation Belvoir Babies to provide baby supplies for expecting military families at Fort Belvoir (in Alexandria).  So right before Sisterhood, I stopped by Target to pick up baby stuff! Um, buying little bitty clothing is addicting.  I pretty much couldn’t stop adding stuff to my cart.

target baby stuff

BTW? News to me that diapers came in different sizes (although it totally makes sense, now that I think about it).  I bought a couple packs of newborn diapers to donate. I also picked up some gardening gloves because Mike and I are volunteering with the church at a park spring cleanup on Saturday! Crossing our fingers that we don’t get poison ivy ;)

gardening gloves

After wandering around Target, I headed over to the church. I didn’t intend to stop by the snacks, but I’m glad I did! They had laid out the cutest spread of healthy snacks – fruit cups, chips with salsa, and little bags of cookies (unpictured).

dc sisterhood food

After a great worship session, we had a strong message from Pastor David Stine on trusting God (usually his wife, Pastor Taryn, gives the message, but she was away at a conference – the same one Julie was at!). The sermon was particularly powerful for me because it was centered on the story of Lazarus (John 11, if you’re interested)- the man that Jesus brings back from the dead – and Pastor David asked us, “What is is that you’ve stopped trusting or believing God for?”

I realized that I’ve had a really hard time praying for any kind of healing since my dad died – after praying for over half a year that God would heal my dad and wake him up from his coma and seeing it not happen day after day, I think I got either burnt out from praying for healing or I figured that God doesn’t listen to those kinds of prayers from me.  So the message was a real challenge to me to start believing that God DOES hear prayers for healing, and that He DOES hear me when I pray!

It was a great evening, and since I have to skip next month because I’ll be in NY for my brother’s graduation, I’ll be back in July! Let me know if you’re in the DC area and interested in coming with me :)

KLUTCHclub Box Review

I’ve been tempted to try one of the subscription box services everyone’s been raving about (KLUTCHclub, BirchBox, Bulu Box to name a few), so when I saw a deal for a KLUTCHclub box on LivingSocial in April, I snatched it up! I paid $5 for the box through the deal (normally $17), and $8 for shipping. I was pretty excited when I saw this package in the mail this week:


The box was heavy for its size! I could tell there was a lot of stuff packed inside, and I lost no time in opening it.

PicMonkey klutchbox

I was so excited when I saw a pair of yurbuds inside!


My current pair of running earbuds – probably bought from Amazon or Target 5 years ago for $5 – are starting to fray, and their habit of slipping out of my ears during runs was starting to get annoying.  I was looking forward to trying out the yurbuds because they’re “guaranteed to never fall out”! I found this claim to be accurate on a sweaty 5 mile run; thanks to the special fit, they didn’t budge the whole time.  These alone were worth the cost of the box to me!

Here’s what else was inside my box:

King Arthur’s Whole Flax Meal (16 oz)- will be great for smoothies and flax eggs!

c. Booth Honey Almond Body Butter (full size) – I love their  products, and this body butter is no exception

Natural Vitality Calm Drink Powder – it’s a magnesium supplement supposed to decrease stress, but I found it to be too sour for me (although the carbonation helped it go down). This is what it looks like when it’s mixed up, if you’re curious:

vitality calm drink

gnuFoods Chocolate Brownie Bar (full size) – delicious, and contains nearly 50% of your daily fiber!


1st Step Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex (full size shot) – I plan to take this for a quick shot of energy before my next long run!

Guam Cellulite Seaweed Mud Wrap (sample) – Yikes, I can’t imagine the mess I’ll make trying to do this at home.  Skip!

Cremo Shaving Cream (sample) – Gave this one to Mike – I don’t use shaving cream much.

– $30 Daily Burn coupon, 1 free month subscription to Luminosity – can’t wait to use these when I have some free time!

– Random samples of face cleanser, Taylor’s tea

Overall, I found KLUTCHclub’s box to be worth the price I paid for the yurbuds alone.  I’m not planning to get a subscription because I prefer buying what I know I like rather than getting boxes of random stuff (although it WAS fun opening it up and finding the surprises inside).  If you like trying new samples on a regular basis or just getting surprises in the mail, I recommend KLUTCHclub to you! They have boxes for men, women, moms, and they’re now offering targeted boxes for Weight Loss, Snack and Tea, Gluten-Free and Beauty.

Have you tried a subscription box service? Did you think it was worth the money?

Well, that’s it from me tonight! My plan is to veg out with Mike :) Have a great Friday night, everyone!


7 thoughts on “Believing Again + KLUTCHclub Review!

  1. the subscription boxes are pretty fun. i’ve tried out konakase (nutritious snacks) and pv.body/ellie (fitness clothes) and would love to subscribe to both if i had the money! i’ve never been to dc metro church but it looks great! we go to national community christian church which also is contemporary with many locations

    1. Dawn H.

      oh i have heard of the ellie boxes – that does seem like fun! yea, we really feel at home at DC metro church, and i’m trying to get more involved this year. i have a friend who used to go to national before she moved overseas and liked it a lot. hope your vacation is going well!

  2. Sister J

    Love the product reviews!! Can you do a post on beauty products soon? My face has been so congested, dry and peel-y for the last six months, and I’m getting tired of trying to find something that will fix it!

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