Some Pics from the Weekend

Friday night – end of the week celebration with Peruvian chicken (Edy’s Chicken and Steak in Falls Church is our favorite right now).  Mike likes the mayo and cilantro sauces, and I prefer ketchup for my french fries and ketchup+tobasco for my chicken.  Do you spy the cat paw in the picture below?

peruvian chicken peruvian chicken

We may or may not have had froyo for dessert (I had a LOT of froyo this weekend).


Saturday began with an amazing run with the I Run, You Run club that I found through  I was a little nervous because the forecast indicated rain, but it ended up being perfect running weather – overcast and dry.  My pre-run fuel consisted of a Trader Joe’s Chocolate Brownie & Oat Bar and half of the Vitamin B12 shot I got from my KlutchClub box.  The taste of the Liquid B12 was meh, but look at how awake I look for 6:30AM on a weekend!

chocolate chip brownie & oat bar liquid vitamin b12

The group met at 7:30AM in the Roosevelt Island parking lot; I found it much easier to talk with people in the group of 7-8 runners vs. the 50+ at Shirlington Running Club that I run with on Tuesdays! I’m not a shy person, but I do find larger groups/ networking situations a little stressful when I don’t know anyone.

We did a leisurely ~10 mile run down the Mt. Vernon Trail and around Hains Point.  I only had 7 miles down on my “workout plan”, but I had such a great time chatting and running with another runner that I ended up finishing the whole course! My Garmin recorded 9.55 miles at an average 9:24 pace (great negative split).

garmin map

After that, I rushed home (of course I got lost and somehow ended up in DC) because we were volunteering with the church at 10 AM for a park cleanup as part of Blitz Weekend, where the church sets up lots of volunteer events around the DC metro area so we can show God’s love to the city. They hold it a few times a year, and there’s volunteer opportunities outside of Blitz Weekend year-round! Anyway, my smoothie for the road (frozen mango+ frozen banana+yogurt+almond milk +spinach):


I pulled on my Brooks LSD Lite Jacket because now it really WAS going to rain, and long sleeve pants and sneakers to avoid poison ivy in the woods. Mike was just getting back from a cycling class, so we both rushed around the house to get to the park in time!

So, I thought we were going to be weeding a garden or something.  Turns out we were pulling ivy from the ground (English ivy is a non-native species that is killing the trees in the park).  We pulled and piled tons of English ivy, avoided spray-painted patches of poison ivy, and it was basically a 2 hour Cross-Fit workout.  Below is just one of the piles of ivy we made!

(Photo Credit: DC Metro Church)

I’m happy to say that my $3 gloves from Target protected my hands successfully – no blisters or poison ivy the next day.  Seriously, we had a blast hanging out with some of the fun people at our church, and we can’t wait for the next DC Blitz event!

After all that hard work, we needed to refuel our bodies. Five Guys style, of course :)

five guys

I completely forgot that their regular burgers come with two patties! I saved a patty from my burger and ate it with salad the next day :)

After lunch, we vegged out a little and got some errands done. Then, we headed over to Curious Grape in Shirlington for dinner (they had a coupon running on Amazon Local).  We’ve eaten there a few times, and it’s one of my favorite low-key gourmet restaurants – no stink-eye for jeans! It’s also one of the few places I order wine, because they offer 3 oz glasses.  Because Curious Grape is first and foremost a wine shop, across from each entree on the menu they suggest what wine to pair with the dish.

curious grape menu

They always have the most delicious bread baskets. Some kind of olive foccacia was on the rotation the night we were there. We also got a ham appetizer, which I didn’t much care for (I’m not a ham lover).
curious grape curious grape

Mike ordered the tagliatelle with beef cheek ragu, and I opted for the much-Yelped grenache-braised beef short rib. Both were out of this world!

curious grape curious grape

When the waiter asked if we would like dessert, I amused him by explaining we were going to head around the corner to get some froyo from Yogiberry. I got the biggest bowl ever and forgot to take pictures of that taro/tart flavored goodness.

Sunday morning was a skip for Body Pump, because I was pretty sore from pulling weeds.  We made it to early service at church! I tried to recover from all the froyo and eating out this weekend with a healthy salad.


I think all my food pictures look much prettier with the placemats I got at Target. What comes next, a lightbox? Craziness.

I spent the afternoon working on a project that all started with this:


After I proved to myself that I could keep the dill alive for a few weeks, my garden grew to this:

Dill on the left, basil in the middle, some flower that starts with a C on the right.

My little plants had a tough time with all the windy weather we’ve had, so after finding a pot flipped over for the 10th time last week, I decided it was time to give these guys a real home.  With the help of 1 bag of soil+a few pots (some more Target acquisitions – these guys should really take out an ad on my site), I made this!

garden herbs

That’s the dill, basil, and now parsley seeds in the third pot.  No parsley plant yet, but the package said I should see sprouts in 20 days.  Here’s hoping.  My dad would have been so proud (I think)! He was a big time gardener – we’re talking vegetable plots, people – no dinky balcony garden for him.

I also got my lazy butt to a hot hatha class at Mind Your Body Oasis (can I start abbreviating this as MYBO now?), and loved my class with Nina.  She’s my favorite instructor, and she can do things with her body that I didn’t know were physically possible.  She also came over and corrected my pose a few times, and as a result, my waist and arms are sore like none other today.  I need to go a thousand more times before my monthly pass expires in June.

Things that I bring to hot yoga:

– a mat

– a beach towel to put on the mat – with all the sweating you do in hot yoga, you want something on top of the mat so that it doesn’t get slippery.  Some people invest in a hot yoga mat towel ($20+); I find that my beach towel works fine

– a small towel to mop my face

– a water bottle – a must! you should hydrate with small sips during class

hot yoga stuff

It was a great weekend, except that I felt tired ALL THE TIME.  But I think I found the culprit:

vitamelt sleep

I’ve been taking this stuff every night, and it’s helped me sleep like a baby (amazing, since melatonin has done not a thing for me in the past).  But obviously the side effect of any sleeping medication is drowsiness during the day, so I think it’s time to take a few days off! I felt much better today after skipping it last night.


5 thoughts on “Some Pics from the Weekend

  1. oh, i’ve seen that running group before! TR island is my favorite running spot in the area. my running group meets just a bit farther away at Iwo Jima memorial, Saturday mornings too! looks like a busy weekend!

    1. Dawn H.

      We didn’t loop around TR island, although I hope next time we do! Looked like a beautiful spot to run.

  2. Sister J

    I was just going to say that Dad would have been so proud of your plants!! Also, did you look up the dosage of your melatonin? According to my doc: 1. most people only need 1.5-2 mg of melatonin, 3 mg max, and 2. taking melatonin earlier in the night (~7 pm, although maybe ~4 pm for you since you go to sleep so early lol) can help with daytime drowsiness.

    1. Dawn H.

      Ah, thanks for the tip J! I was taking it right before bedtime, so I’ll try taking it with dinner instead :) Hopefully I keep the plants alive through the summer…

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