I’m Running The Peace Marathon

My heart aches at the sight of the devastation in Oklahoma.  I have never lived in tornado country, and can’t imagine the terror during the disaster.  My prayers are especially with the parents of the children at Plaza Towers Elementary School.

Monday’s Workout:

60 min spin class at gym

Spin was a great time last night – our instructor pumped up the music and it felt like a club.  Surprisingly, I LOVED the sprints! I find that the instructor makes a huge difference because a great one can get me to focus and put my best effort into every song.  I definitely gave it my all yesterday.

After class, I devoured some Mexican Lasagna from the freezer (warmed it up first! I’m no barbarian).  Pretty sure I made this three or four weeks ago, but anything in the freezer lasts roughly forever, right? #whatdoesn’tkillyoumakesyoustronger

And then some stovetop popcorn with kettlecorn seasoning.popcorn

Whole30 Teaser

I’m trying to eat up all the stuff in the house that is not Whole30 compliant, because after much thought and deliberation, I have decided to do a Whole30 “cleanse” in June.  I’ll go into more detail in another post as to why I’m doing Whole30 and what it is, but Ashley also has a great post (and a whole blog) about this same subject! We’ve been talking on Twitter and her great experience with Whole30 has inspired me to try it for myself.  Anyway, more on this later, I promise!


My Workouts Last Week + The Peace Marathon

I stuck pretty closely to my intended workout plan, only skipping hot yoga on Friday.  I also skipped my golf lesson this week, since we ended up pulling weeds for two hours on Saturday.

workoutlog1I was really happy with all the running I got in this week, especially since I am participating in the (virtual) Peace Marathon! It works like this:

The Peace Marathon officially kicks off Monday, April 29th 2013.  You can run, walk or waddle your 26.2 miles at home, at the gym, with a group or in a race.  Every mile will honor Boston, raise funds for the children and begin our journey towards healing.

I paid my “registration fee” (really a donation to One Step Ahead Foundation, who are providing prosthetics, rehabilitation and support for the children affected by the Boston bombings) on May 6 and have logged 35 miles so far for the Peace Marathon.  I post the miles I’ve run each week on Twitter using #peacemarathon and also post on The Peace Marathon’s Facebook page.  “Run for those who can’t” takes on a new meaning when you’re running to donate prosthetics!

It’s not too late to sign up! If you think you can log 26.2 miles by May 31, sign up here and run the Peace Marathon with me.

What I Have Planned This Week

Sunday – hot yoga (done)
Monday – PM spin class at gym
Tuesday – PM 5 mile run (3 with club) and core work
Wednesday – AM 4 mile run, PM hot yoga
Thursday – AM 3 mile run and circuit workout
Friday – AM Boot Camp class or rest
Saturday – AM 8 mile run

My goals this week are to get in 4 days of running (marathon training begins in two weeks, and that will be 5 days of running so I need to maintain a good running base) and to make good use of my MYBO monthly pass before it expires in mid-June.  I might also try out the Boot Camp class held at my gym on Friday mornings – I’ve seen them meet and it looks intense/fun!


5 thoughts on “I’m Running The Peace Marathon

  1. WOO WHOOO! You are going to love love love it! Good job! I am so proud of you! Feel free to tweet, email or blog me anytime you wana complain, have questions or need some support. I am here for you! :)

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