Friday Week of Eats + a New PR

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Thursday’s Workout

I broke my 5K record yesterday! I set out in the morning to do an easy 5 mile run since I did a tempo run the day before, but when I looked down at my watch after the first mile and saw that I had run an 8:00 pace almost effortlessly, I decided to see if I could break my February 5K record of 26:30 (8:32 pace).  And I did!

My splits went like this:

Split 1 (1 mile): 8:07

Split 2 (1 mile): 8:40

Split 3 (1 mile): 7:38!!

Split 4 (0.1 mile): 0:56

My new 5K PR (unofficial) is now 25:22, for an average pace of 8:11.  I also had no idea that I could run a 7:38 mile, lol.  I could do faster than this, I think – my second split was pretty slow, and I practically walked that last 0.1 mile.  I’ll have a chance to break this at the Springfield 5K on June 1.

I like to keep track of my PRs (especially 5Ks) because (1) they show me how much I’ve improved as a runner over the last year and (2)they’re what I base my training runs off of.  For example, I try to do my tempo runs at about 30 seconds faster than my 5K pace, so now I know that I can run and should be running a much faster tempo.

I jogged it out for two miles and then headed back home for my well earned shower.  I’m wondering if it’s a coincidence that I was wearing new Thorlo socks for the run…

thorlo socks

Lucky socks??

This is my last “normal” Week of Eats post for a while – I’m going to Boston next week and then starting my Whole30 the week after.  Farewell, oatmeal and Greek yogurt :(

Week of Eats


I’ve been using my Scottish oats from to make crockpot oats – my favorite way to cook oats right now! It couldn’t be easier – mix everything in the crockpot and turn it on low for 5-7 hours.

scottish oatmeal

Last week was Pumpkin Slow Cooker Oats from The Yummy Life.  I know it’s not autumn and normal people don’t eat pumpkin in the spring, but DANG these oats were good!

pumpkin slow cooker oats pumpkin slow cooker oats

Crockpot clean up was a breeze, since I sprayed the pot with Pam before adding everything in.

This week, slow cooker oatmeal had an encore in the form of Apple Cinnamon Slow Cooker Oats, another fantastic recipe from The Yummy Life.

apple cinnamon oatmeal apple cinnamon oatmeal

I added the ground flax seed I got in my Klutchclub box.  I eat breakfast at work, so as soon as the oatmeal was done cooking, I doled it out into 5 Tupperware bowls to put in my lunchbox during the week.  I assemble breakfast and often lunch this way on Sunday, and it makes packing lunch a 1 min chore.


Last week, I made wraps with leftover Trader Joe’s pulled BBQ chicken and avocado.  My wraps were small, so I packed lettuce on the side and ate it like a small salad alongside the wrap at lunchtime.

wrap with pulled pork

This week’s lunch was a Cobb-like salad: kale salad mix (on sale at Harris Teeter) with sliced hard boiled egg and Maple Bacon Tempeh (this is terrible stuff and tastes nothing like bacon, btw).  I would have loved some avocado, but there was only one left at Harris Teeter and it was beyond mushy.

kale mix maple bacon tempeh cobb salad


I have no idea what I ate for dinner this week, lol.  I think I had some shakes, ramen once, leftovers.  I haven’t really been in the mood to cook! Sorry Mike :( That’s gonna change with the Whole30.


I’ve been eating everything this week in an attempt to “cleanse” the house of all the stuff I can’t eat when I start the Whole 30.

bbq and hummus
Mix these two together. You’re welcome.
muller greek yogurt
Tasty, but 200+ Calories? I’ll stick to regular Greek yogurt.
trader joe's potato chips
Good, but not as life changing as the cashier made them out to be. My favorite chips are still PopChips or Cape Cod.

Gonna miss you guys.

I also made these honey coconut roasted almonds.  Fantastic.  Even my coconut-hating husband liked these. 
nuts coconut nuts

What’s the best thing you made or ate this week?

What PRs are you looking to beat this year?


11 thoughts on “Friday Week of Eats + a New PR

    1. Dawn H.

      Good luck! And you’ll get there before you know it : ) thanks for stopping by my blog – I checked yours out too and love your writing! What a great idea to think of new firsts you can accomplish. I have one from tonight – prepping a lobster tail for the first time lol

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