Memorial Day Weekend

Hey guys, hope you had a Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hug a service member and thank them for their service and for guarding our freedom.  My dad served for three years in the Army and I work for the military, so I’m a huge supporter of our troops and I honor the sacrifices they make to protect our nation.

Mike’s dad was in town this weekend, so we had a great time doing what our family does best…eating :) Don’t worry, I got a few workouts in too.  I always plan to work out early in the morning when we have visitors, so I can get my fun on during the day!


For Friday’s dinner, Mike went to Whole Foods and got an amazing selection of seafood.  We buy all our groceries at Harris Teeter and we love most of their stuff, but their seafood counter is pretty sad and the seafood guys often won’t sell stuff to me because they know how long the seafood has been sitting there…not a good sign, lol.  Mike’s dad arrived in the evening and Mike’s brother S came over after work.


Appetizers! Corn tortilla chips left over from last week’s fajita night and my favorite, cocktail shrimp.


My contribution to the table was this salad composed of basil from the garden, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little salt.

I’m very blessed to have a husband who cooks well! He made scallops, steak, roasted asparagus, and lobster tails.

mike in kitchen

Mike hard at work in the kitchen!


scallops and asparagus



The meal was delicious, and we finished everything except one of the salads.


I woke up early Saturday morning to go for a run outside…only to discover that it was COLD outside, thanks in part to 22 mph winds! I didn’t feel like pulling out my cold weather running gear, so I took off my hydration belt and headed for the gym.  It wasn’t easy getting 8 miles done on the treadmill, but I managed by changing the speed and/or incline every two miles to mix things up.  Battlestar Galactica on the ipad served as additional entertainment and helped the time go by.

After a great run, it was time for some breakfast! Thanks to Mike’s obsession, we always have tons of boxes of Special K Red Berries in the house at any given time.  He orders them from Amazon in cases of three.  He’s been eating this cereal for breakfast since 1999.


We hung around the condo for a while, then headed out to lunch at Ray’s to the Third (the new Ray’s Hell Burger).  These burgers are pretty famous around the DC area.  I used to work near the restaurant, and I once saw a motorcade headed towards the burger joint.  Turns out President Obama is a fan, and decided to get some burgers with VP Biden!

019 021

Mike with his burger and mac and cheese.


Me and Dad

I tried a bison burger and loved it.  Afterwards, we headed to S’s apartment to visit with his cats.  He got them as kittens and each time we see them, it seems they’ve doubled in size.


Afterwards, it was off to the movie theater! We watched Star Trek: Into the Darkness and we all loved it.  To me, a great villain can really make or break a movie, and this villain was quite scary and compelling to watch.

star trek

We headed back to our condo for some games and later, dinner.  Dinner was a light affair – hwe dop bap, aka Korean chirashi. Chirashi and hwe dop bap are both rice bowls mixed with some greens and raw fish.  Chirashi, the Japanese version, is mixed with soy sauce, while hwe dop bap, the Korean version, is mixed with a sauce made from red pepper paste – it’s both sweet and spicy! This bowl had some crab meat and avocado in there as well – sooo good.

hwe dop bap

The guys stuck around to watch the basketball game and play some poker – I married into a family of poker sharkz :)


I tried to wake up Sunday morning to catch a Body Pump class, and ended up shutting off the alarm for an extra hour of sleep.  Glorious.  We went to church, then went to Honey Pig (Korean BBQ) for lunch! I completely forgot to take pictures, but I’ve covered this amazing place pretty thoroughly in this post.  That was our Memorial Day BBQ, lol.  Unfortunately, we can’t grill on our balcony – for good reason, since it is dangerous – so we didn’t have a real BBQ this weekend.  Someday, when we have a house, we’ll do burgers and hot dogs for realz.

After I roused from the BBQ induced food coma, I staggered over to the gym and dragged my butt onto the stairmaster.  After not visiting with this friend for a few weeks, it was a tough 45 min! I was definitely hanging onto the side handrails by the end.

Dinner was Huong Viet, our new favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Falls Church.  Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that this is not our go-to pho place (it was the one dish nobody liked).  But we loved the other dishes – fried soft shell crab, fried pork cutlet, and the stand out of the night – tilapia! The spring rolls were as excellent as we remembered from our last visit.

029 033

I got to pick dessert; guess what it was??


Of course ;)


I managed to wake up at 6 AM and got to the gym for 30 min of interval training on the treadmill.  It really is easier doing any kind of speed work with my crazy light Kinvaras! I got up to 7.9 for my max speed.  Given that it was Memorial Day, I was one of about 3 people in the gym at the time – nice.

I came back, showered, and then it was time to drive Mike’s dad to the airport.  I miss him already! With my own dad gone, I’m more grateful than ever that I have such a good relationship with Mike’s family, especially his parents.

After dropping him off at Dulles, we headed to the Leesburg Outlets.  Mike and I have a tradition of going to the outlets on Memorial Day and Labor Day every year.  We get all our shopping done, and don’t have to buy clothes or go to the mall the rest of the year.  It’s wonderful.  If I find myself needing something during the year, I just order it online or wait till the next Memorial/ Labor Day.  We got to the outlets about an hour early, so we headed to Panera for some breakfast!

panera oatmeal

Fuel for a few hours of shopping.  I bought a few dresses and workout clothes.  My favorite store was Reebok.  I’d seen pictures all over the blogosphere about the Reebok Crossfit gear, and I wanted to see if I agreed with the glowing reviews.  And I have to say, these clothes are my favorite workout clothes ever.  I’m not a Cross-fitter, but these clothes are soft and look stylish and cool.  If my wallet was bigger, I would have bought the whole line! I settled for two tops and a pair of capris.  Their sports bras were great too, but at $40 a pop, a little rich for my taste.  I headed to Champion and picked up their bras instead.

reebok 006 champion bras

After a few hours of carrying bags and pushing through the crowds and lines, we were done.  Back to Panera for lunch! I love this place, can you tell? Their sandwiches were delicious!!

panera sandwiches


And with that, we checked off another year of our Memorial Day tradition.

Do you have any Memorial Day traditions? Outlet shopping, anyone?

Did you have some BBQ this weekend? What was on your grill?


8 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

    1. Dawn H.

      Mmm that sounds delicious! I can’t wait to have a grill – hopefully at our next place! Glad you had a great weekend :)

  1. wickedhealthywashingtonian33

    So jealous of those scallops! I am waiting for someone somewhere to have a sale or deal on them so that I can stock up.

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