A Week of Celebration

Hey guys,

Mike and I were in Boston all week for my sister’s graduation! We had a great time – big congrats to sister J!


I arrived at Logan Airport in the evening, just in time for the family buffet dinner.  You’ll see Brother T wearing his William and Mary shirt – he’ll be entering as a freshman in the fall! Congrats T!

007 008 005 009


J, mom, and T

It was a lovely dinner and we got to meet several of J’s close friends.  We hung out with J a while in her dorm, then headed into Boston to check into our hotel.  I managed to score a big room with a fold-out couch at the Omni Parker House in Boston at a great price! It comfortably slept the four of us (me, Mike, mom and T) and was just a block or two away from the Park Street T stop.  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a hotel during graduation week.  Just be sure to book early.

omni parker house



I woke up early Wednesday morning intending to work out, but we ended up lounging around and getting breakfast instead.  I really enjoyed the new blueberry oatmeal from Starbucks – fresh blueberries!

starbucks blueberry oatmeal


Then it was onto the T to head into Cambridge for a day of graduation activities with J.  A note here – our graduation was a single event and one day, while Harvard had three days of events planned for us.  We felt that ours was too short, while Harvard’s was a little long.  Perhaps two days of pomp and circumstance would be a happy medium?

Lunch was a picnic affair with these delicious lunch boxes – ours to keep! I got the vegetarian wrap with hummus.  Later, we hung out in J’s dorm room to avoid the rain.  J showed me her superfood drink powder, and I had to try it! It doesn’t mix very well with water, but the gritty mixture was slightly sweet and earthy and overall very tasty.

014 015 017 021 022

After the rain dried up, the girls went on a search for shoes, while the guys went for some froyo.  This was quite the trial for me, but I got my froyo fix on Friday :) We were hungry afterwards, and ready for the plethora of munchies at the House Masters’ Tea back at Lowell (J’s dorm).

anthropologie 024 028



I DID manage to wake up early on Thursday to get a run in! It was only 4 miles, but it felt good to work up a sweat before breakfast.  Omni has a great gym with 5 treadmills, other cardio machines, and maybe some weights.  Okay, I only remember the treadmills, lol.  I tried to be subtle about my picture taking ;)

IMG_20130530_075244_271 IMG_20130530_075046_942 IMG_20130530_075055_578

Breakfast was more oatmeal, this time from McDonald’s.  Guys, this was so good! I liked it even better than Starbucks.  I’m guessing it was pre-mixed with sugar – Mickey Ds knows how to do it right.  Then it was back to Cambridge for the commencement ceremony! I totally forgot to take a picture of Oprah, but she gave a very inspiring speech about how to come back from failure, the importance of gun control, and a few other things.  I don’t really remember it all; I was just in awe because…Oprah.

mcdonald's oatmeal

032 033 042


J has friends in high places, so she got to hold one of the three banners for Lowell House and walk at the front of the procession.  Isn’t she so cute/ pretty in her gown?

046 059 089And she’s officially a college graduate! Diploma and all. We celebrated that night with a fantastic dinner at Sandrine’s Bistro, a French restaurant a few blocks away.  The lobster cocktail appetizer was J’s favorite, and I really enjoyed my scallops.

110 112 115 122


We were all bushed after the long day, especially J, who had to wear the black robe in 90 degree weather.  It was back to the hotel for our last night.


Mom and I woke up early to pick up the car at a nearby train station and drive to J’s dorm room to move her out! By the time we got there, the guys had already arrived by T and moved everything down to the ground floor.  It’s so great having men in the family :) J was all moved out by 10 AM, so we had an early lunch at Clover Food Lab, a local vegetarian restaurant that began as a food truck and has expanded its operations thanks to its popularity.  The flavors were delicious and fresh! Mom and I shared a chickpea plate with warm pita bread.

134 137 144 146


J asked if we wanted to try a local froyo place called Berryline afterwards.  I could be persuaded, I suppose…

149 152 froyo instagram

I’m so glad we could be there for J’s big event and celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in her life.

So now I’m curious:

Did your school have lots of events planned around graduation, or was it just the commencement ceremony? Ours was just the ceremony, but it was LONG.  They called all the graduating grads (Ph.Ds, masters) and undergrads.  The procession took hours.

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you when you graduated? Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing – where they got into grad school or what jobs they got.  Focus on your path and the opportunities in front of you, because that’s your life.  No one’s life is perfect – high powered jobs can mean a big paycheck but far more stress and frankly, the temptations of arrogance and constant impatience with those around you.  Others may be more connected than you, but they may deal with insecurities, wondering if they got where they are on their own merit.  Focus on living your life the best that you can, and bring your anxieties and stresses to God.



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